The Threshold, The Gate, The Key: Navigating Pluto in Aquarius

An Aquarius Season like no other this time around because Pluto will enter Aquarius the same day the Sun enters Aquarius (this weekend) and we should prepare for this, I mean internally, because… it matters? It’s a big deal? Yes yes yes.

Already I’ve heard from friends and clients of BIG NEWS (although check your charts for last year’s eclipses to know more) in advance of the advance of Pluto into Aquarius. Everybody’s talking about it and with good reason.

And Thursday’s message? (It’s Thursday as I type this.) What is there to say right now? I do. I think you should prepare yourself. For what? For the unknown. Sounds bananas, I know. How does one prepare for… a question mark? How does prepare for… space? How does one prepare for spring’s Jupiter Uranus conjunction? How does one prepare for a twenty year year transit (Pluto in Aquarius). How does one prepare for something as… NEW as a long long long long Aquarius transit.

Today I’m thinking okay I’m going to have to start my own literary press (for tarot and psychoanalytic books and novels?) to get my own damn books published since nobody wants ‘em. I know it makes no sense but I’ve got a 9th House (publishing) Saturn (restriction, limitation). Am I supposed to prepare for that? I don’t know, just a stray thought, but back to the original thought: how does one prepare for the unknown, for the future?

I’ve said it before. We’re at the threshold, the crossroad, the gate. We’re right there. WE’RE. RIGHT. THERE.

What do we do?

God I would love to pull a card right now but I’m in a semi-public place and I kinda don’t really want to call any attention to the Rider Waite Smith in my bag here so maybe I’ll just tune in which reminds me today a school acquaintance told me that the impromptu reading I did for her helped her SO MUCH and this made me feel so good, to get this feedback, as I felt such a pull to draw a single card for her and I did and it shifted something in her (so she said). She used more descriptive language. I wish I could remember now, what she said, but it was meaningful to me. And it made me smile when she said she talked about it in her personal analysis.

So. What do we do. As we stand or sit here, wait here, on the verge, on the edge, of this massively important generational transit (and yes I know Pluto will RX back one more time into Capricorn this year). What do we do. How do we do. What now. So many questions.

I started studying astrology when Pluto was in LATE Sagittarius. I’m not of these people who says they were doing astrology since they were six lol. I was in my thirties. And I remember when Pluto entered Capricorn and I remember the Pluto Uranus square with Uranus in Aries and I was living with the astrology and learning and Pluto Fifth-Housing and…

What now?
What are we SUPPOSED TO DO?

What occurs to me as I sit here, as I type here: magic.

You want to do a ritual for this.

This ain’t no New Moon, this ain’t no Full Moon, this ain’t no Eclipse. (This ain’t no disco.) This is an Aquarius Season like no other.

This magic (the magic you need to do) is to… acknowledge the unknown, acknowledge the awe, the enormity, the power of… what’s coming towards us and what’s pulling us towards IT. That’s all. Acknowledge it. You can do more if you want. You can wish for all kinds of things. Do your spells if you want, manifestation blah blah blah. But what I’m talking about is more… silent. It’s how you feel in the presence of a mountain. It’s how you feel when realize you love someone. It’s how you feel when all is quiet and you look around the room and you go huh.

We are all taking our first steps now into Pluto in Aquarius. We’ve never experienced this before. None of us who are alive have experienced this before. it’s brand new, all new.


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Book a Reading because you’re at the threshold, the gate and you need a key…

To be continued…