Here Comes The King: Solar Eclipse In Leo


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"when is the solar eclipse in leo"
What you have to do is be strong.

Sometimes I advocate kindness and compassion. Well, I’m not NOT advocating kindness and compassion, but today I’m advocating “be strong” because I keep seeing this guy.

The question is: strong for what?

And I feel my age truly. Turned a year older not long ago and everything is different now.

The eclipse is well-aspected, trine both Saturn and Uranus.
Why this King of Swords warning?

Because such strength and maturity is asked of you at this time, as it always is during the eclipses and not just because it’s a lot of churning energy in the air. You’re being asked to step up. Do you want to step up? I don’t want to step up. I want to nap. But I step up. Trying!!!

Whatever you’ve avoided you cannot keep avoiding. Eclipses have this way of removing any veils or hiding places and this goes for the Lunar AND the Solar.

It’s a changing of the guard. Breakthrough. Endings and beginnings.
Say so long to what was.

For some it may be scary. For others, exhilarating. You are flung from one end to the other. Think about it. Think back to recent eclipses. You’ll see. Where you were. Where you are.

And maybe for you there is SO MUCH that needs to change that you welcome such energies. I like that. I like that a lot. I wish you smooth passage.

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"when is the solar eclipse in leo"