Better Bones: Enter Saturn In Pisces

What is moderation anyway?

Well, we do have a Temperance card. The Tarot gods created a Temperance card. And a Devil card. There’s a card for everyone and everything if you look close enough.

But I was thinking about this topic — moderation — as I started to ponder my schedule over the next couple of days and the reading I need to do for school and the upcoming client sessions and my tarot students and… am I forgetting something? Laundry? Did somebody say LAUNDRY? No. No one said laundry. I can do laundry in the spring (said someone i.e. me).

In other news, the agent-querying continues. In other news, it’s spring semester, my second semester studying psychoanalysis and… Saturn enters Pisces in March. That’s the news about you. And me. And moderation.

Pisces (ruled by Neptune or Jupiter or both, depending) has no boundaries, no moderation. Pisces is wild. Pisces is the dark night of the soul and the everlasting dawn. And when Saturn enters Pisces what is the lesson? What is the commitment? What is the duty? Saturn is always bringing a lesson. Or two. Or three.

Saturn is plans and rules. Pisces is no plans, no rules. Pisces is, in the words of George Michael: FREEDOM.

And you might be thinking: how can this be good? Well, let’s talk about it.

Exhibit A: Maybe you need better bones. 

To be continued…

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