Venus Retrograde in Aries: Hunter

"venus retrograde in aries"
The first full week of March is here. What do you think so far? What do you think of Venus gone retrograde so far? Venus in Aries at 13 degrees. 

I’ll tell you what I think:

this is a perfect time to… breathe.

Venus in Aries doesn’t stop to breathe. Venus in Aries retrograde can make room for that. You may need less busy, less coffee or tea, to do this slow, to do this Venus Aries reversal. Pause. Very Seven of Pentacles pause. Breathe. FULL STOP. You won’t lose anything that really needs to be yours. If you breathe, your thoughts will be more clear and then hopefully your actions more deliberate as well.

Doesn’t mean you stop dating or loving or making money (Venus ruling love and money) but you can go slow in the midst of whatever flurry you find yourself. Are you in a flurry?

I admit I have some thoughts about my own love and money life, and it’s not an “interruption” but a going inwards. Going deep in there. Eighth House transit for me.

What am I holding on to that keeps me back in Venus ways? And you? What about you? Something real old and worn out and a legacy from my family. And you? What about you? What house for you? 

This morning I did a bunch of work for an email client. He had oodles of hours “in the bank” and a lot of questions and I really took a bite out of it, stars and cards and the sun coming in through the window, beneath the bird feeder, and I kept telling him upon seeing this one transit heading for his 12th house: YOU WILL HAVE TO GO WITHIN.

I wasn’t yelling at him and yet I made this point a few times. I mean, how else do you tell a VIRGO SUN SATURN CONJUNCTION MAN that they will have to work less and go within? Saturn Sun conjunction in Virgo man knows mostly, only, a life of work and climbing the mountain of work. His life is about to change.

Review, my turtle doves, review but review in ways that feel like you’re “getting somewhere” and maybe you get somewhere by sitting still. Or by talking yourself off the ledge and going out or meeting that person or making that investment even though, at times, you doubt yourself and feel it will come to nothing. That “nothing” feeling is illusion but I can tell your thinking is rusty and needs some oil.

Do something differently during these Venus retrograde weeks and maybe that something different means having more FAITH in love and money and less worry. More passion for being YOURSELF. That’s pretty Aries, isn’t it? Uncompromising? Unabashedly you?

Are you okay with that? Love me, like me, hate me, BUT THIS IS ME.

Venus in Aries is a hunter and Venus retrograde in Aries is hunting within, right? Right.

You hunting you. You finding you. Perfect.