The Stars This Week: How Much Scorpio Is Too Much Scorpio?

"new moon in scorpio"
I say this because of tomorrow’s Venus Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio
. It’s a beautiful aspect (Venus Jupiter) but it’s in, well, Scorpio. Don’t get me wrong. Y’all know I love Scorpio. My mother, whose birthday is/was today, was a mega Scorpio. This energy is MY energy (Moon Pluto conjunction First House here).

But how much is too much? Too determined? Too focused? Too brooding? Too obsessed? Too fearless? Too willing to sting yourself to death, dear Scorpio? 

So I’m gonna ask it – of the Scorpios reading this – my favorite question of all: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

This is your time.

Sun is still in Scorpio. Venus Jupiter in Scorpio tomorrow. Moon in Scorpio this week leading to a NEW MOON IN SCORPIO leading to a Mars Pluto square (Mars and Pluto are Scorpio’s ruling planets). This isn’t just your time, this is you, your life, your death, your rebirth, over a week’s time.

The Mars Pluto square gets a warning of course. It’s a notoriously bad aspect. And with Mars in the sign of Libra, it’s your relationship that get heated up — which can be good or not so good. I would avoid dark abandoned places this weekend. Seriously.

But I don’t want to focus on that. Instead I want to think about you, Scorpio Sun or Moon or Rising reading this and how this week is YOUR week. New Moon in your sign? What do you want? Because, realize, you can get it. More than anyone YOU can get it.

And that’s not me blowing smoke up your ass (no clue who taught me that phrase but someone did. My sincere apologies!). Think about it. SET YOUR GODDAMN NEW MOON INTENTIONS AND GO GET THAT THING.

"new moon in scorpio"

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THE INTENSITY: Which Crossroads Are You At?

I want to write about the INTENSITY of Scorpio Season with Venus in Scorpio and Jupiter in Scorpio THE INTENSITY and yesterday although I don’t want to go into detail just the words THE INTENSITY because that’s exactly what it was and it was…


One day. It was just ONE. DAY.

And a few hours ago I tried to post about the Nodes but the post disappeared. Just like that. (It’s almost the Mercury retrograde shadow. Almost.)

"venus in scorpio"


The other day Papa Lega approached me and I don’t want to talk about that either :)

so I’m dropping these little phrases clues keys here and there, just enough to let you know I’m not completely avoiding my 12th House North Node transit. Something’s cooking.

"mercury in sagittarius"
o you know the way? What map is in your hands? I SWEAR this Scorpio Season has me like THE INTENSITY. That’s all I can say THE INTENSITY. 

Curious what you’re feeling. Tell me on my Facebook. Let me know.

"moon conjunct pluto"

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Astrology Can Be Ugly: Venus In Scorpio & Welcome New Subscribers To The Blog

"uranus in taurus"
Every sign and planetary energy has an ugly side. I’m always surprised when people are surprised that I talk about it. That I don’t always present signs and planets with halos. And that I have preferences and favorites. Of course I do. You do too – unless you are that inauthentic and afraid to have an opinion or thought of your own. Well, that probably describes many many many many.

So lately I’m writing about Scorpio. It’s still Scorpio Season, Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus just entered Scorpio and I’ve been writing about the “usual” sexy Scorpio stuff we are inundated with but of course that’s only part of the story as with EVERY SIGN.

Venus in Scorpio and next week’s Venus Jupiter conjunction may not be a mad hot love or sex affair but instead the lower vibration, the stinging scorpion version of the sign rather than the eagle or phoenix.

More Scorpio in the sky = more good Scorpio and more bad Scorpio. More emotional depth but more emotional blackmail. More support but more betrayal. 

If you are looking for halo astrology, you won’t find it here. What will you find? Help. Stories. Truth. Someone real at the other end of this keyboard talking to you about your life and my life and how to survive the most difficult transits. I get the hard cases. I don’t mean this in any minimizing way. I get the hard cases and believe me I know astrologers and psychics who have clients who just want to chat. My clients talk but they talk because they HAVE TO. I get grief, trauma, loss, destruction, despair, paralysis, torment. I don’t mind. This is what I’m built for. Just like I love lifting weights. My body is strong. What I’m built for.

I’m telling you this in case you are new to my blog (I have new subscribers yay!) and are wondering where the sprinkles are and the whipped cream. Believe me I have my sprinkle and chocolate curl and whipped cream blog posts too but then there’s this: astrology can be ugly. WE can be ugly. But we can also be good. It’s both.


You get to decide. That’s the key here. You get to decide who stays in your life.

Am I in your life? Is that friend who let you down in your life? What about your ex? Your family? Do you get to choose?  You get to choose.


A little offer to new subscribers or folks who have never purchased a reading from me. My usual 60 minute rate is $125. The rest of this week, take $25 off so it’s an even $100 and let’s get talking xoxo

I Love You This Much Darkly: Venus Conjunct Jupiter In Scorpio (Nov 13th)

In my last blog post I told you that your love life was about to get interesting and it’s still true. In fact, it’s even more true because now it’s here. Venus entered the sign of sexy charismatic intense Scorpio this morning.

Who is this prediction true for? Everyone generally, but especially for the FIXED signs (Scorpio, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius) and I also want to say for the water signs (Cancer Pisces Scorpio) as well. And by interesting I mean just that: interesting.

AND next week we’ll have that Venus (love) Jupiter (big) conjunction and I wouldn’t be making a big deal of this if it wasn’t a big deal. I think this is a bigger deal than that Venus Mars conjunction we had in Virgo that everyone was talking about.

Will everyone experience a shot of romantic love or reconciliation or find THE ONE?


But that only means you have to widen your idea of Venus. See through her — to other meanings.

Because she isn’t just about love between you and him or you and her but SELF LOVE. Valuing YOU. Valuing your own desire, your own passion, your own survival, your own ENERGY.

How do you feel about Scorpio and do you know why you feel that way?

"venus conjunct jupiter in scorpio"

It’s okay if you don’t know where Scorpio is in your chart but at the same time it’s not okay. I want you to know this stuff. I want you to know your chart because knowing your chart is knowing YOU. The transits still happen even if you don’t know where precisely this will align for you. You’ll feel a shot of love and desire AND POWER somewhere in your life so I hope you will be paying attention. Scorpio rules death and rebirth. Transformation, yes. 

"Venus in scorpio"

My story:

I can’t get away from Scorpio. My mother was a Scorpio. I’ll never be able to get away from Scorpio and nor do I want to. I’ve fallen in love with at least two of them. One of my favorite psychics, a dear friend, is Scorpio. I probably shouldn’t feel “safe” among them (I know better) and yet I need them and I help them. I’ve have plenty of Scorpio clients and I’ve seen the scorpion, eagle, and phoenix in action. I’ve also been on the receiving end of their ruthlessness. I’ve passed and failed the various Scorpio tests over the years. And I’m still here. Mostly :)

So your love life is about to get interesting, my friends, somewhere in your chart. As always, we can talk about this (and other important matters!). I’m not a Scorpio, but that First House Moon Pluto conjunction of mine gives me more than a touch of understanding of the emotionally intense, driven, determined, passionate, and sexual Scorpio.

Are you ready for this transit?
Are you in touch with your desire?
Are you obsessed with your desire?

You will be by the end of this transit :)


"venus conjunct jupiter"
A quick one: from my Facebook timeline: 

I know you are gonna like this, SOME OF YOU are gonna LOVE this astrology so listen up:

VENUS ENTERS SCORPIO next week, Tuesday.

Many astrologers will say that Venus is “not happy” in Scorpio and there are traditional reasons for this but let’s keep it simple:

Scorpio is MARS ruled and concerned with force and control and WAR
(hi Mars!) and that’s not really Venus is it? IS IT?

Isn’t Venus supposed to be… beautiful? Charming? Is war charming?

So you see it’s a contradiction for many and yet some folks absolutely adore Venus in Scorpio because PASSION and because DESIRE and because SEX and because INTENSITY

And remember that Jupiter (abundance) is in Scorpio too so soon we will have a VENUS JUPITER CONJUNCTION IN SCORPIO which is big sex and a lot of sex and abundant insatiable sex

so I suggest you do a BEDROOM SPELL (or whatever location you choose) if you want to amp up your seduction skills and thrills and chills.

Any questions?

The Stars This Weekend & Part Three Of The Spiritual Transformation Blog Posts

"chiron in the 8th house"


Friday, Saturday, Sunday I am doing Mini-Moon Readings.
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New group started today and it’s a Tarot party :) if you want to join up just message me for details but here is the link.

The Stars This Weekend: 
So the Moon enters Cancer in the wee hours. It is Libra Season now. The Sun is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Sun square. Jupiter is in Libra. We’ll have a Moon Jupiter square. There is resistance in the air. Indecision. Ultimately though it feels creative to me. Don’t get stuck.

See, you may want to hide away and eat cookies but Libra is requiring your social graces. Feel how you feel without hiding the essential you. Show your face.

AND Venus enters Scorpio.  She’s in a darker dress and more concerned with sex and depth and death. Less intellectual and more guttural.

Venus tends to bless whatever house she is transiting. Which house is your Scorpio house? Blessings that penetrate. What (or who) are you obsessed with? It comes alive while Venus is in Scorpio and no doubt is related to your Scorpio house :) It’s our first planet into Scorpio.

Intensity! Emotional vulnerable crabby Moon in Cancer aspecting Pluto, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus. Talk about the passion. Say it.

Moon in Leo square Venus in Scorpio and then happy sextiles to Sun and Jupiter. This day is *mostly* fun. Evening dates are better than afternoon ones. Venus in Scorpio has little patience for Leo Moon me-me-me. Once that square is done, all is well (on the micro level).

It’s a mellow weekend to me. Unless your chart is ALL AIR. Because it’s an emotional weekend (although less so on Sunday). Your work, the job to get done is at the feeling level. Emotional processing. And then kick back on Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead: Pluto goes direct on Monday. Mars enters Capricorn on Tuesday. New Moon on Friday. BIG WEEK. 


So I posted this on my Facebook timeline yesterday:

So I spend a large portion of each day lately in spiritual ecstasy and i think I haven’t been eating enough so to compensate this evening after taking an Uber home from Publix (cat food emergency) I ordered dinner and ate more than half of it.
I’m still full and probably shouldn’t lay down yet but really have had enough spiritual ecstasy for one week. I’d like a day off so meditation okay but no prayers, no liturgical music, no seeking the face of the Divine, no no no.
Start again tomorrow. First, rest.

I do tend to share details from my daily life on my Facebook page – always have and I am going through a major spiritual transformation at this time –

the Eclipse was on my Vesta which is conjunct my Ascendent AND 12th house South Node — and I am not telling the whole story anywhere – yet

just bits and pieces here and there. There are more transits as well…. I had Jupiter sextile my Neptune. Was funny because some people predicted this as a love transit because Neptune rules my 7th but it wasn’t the human kind of love – it was/is a dip/dive deeper into spiritual.

So I wrote that on my timeline and a gal posted this:

As someone who has the Progressed Moon in the 8th house and will soon have Jupiter through the 12th, I am fascinated by this post and would love to ask a question or 2 if I may. Are you reciting prayers from a book written by someone or creating them from your own heart? And what are some of the methods you are using to seek the face of the Divine?

I am not writing my own prayers, no. They are prayers from prayer books. I am in the process now of establishing a new prayer practice for myself. One of my practices is recitation of the Psalms, sometimes in English only, sometimes English and Hebrew (language of prayer learned in childhood) with the goal being to say the entire book of psalms every week. Different traditions divide it up differently and also there are usually options, like psalms for Thursday or whatever. But I would like to read the whole thing each week. But the saying of Psalms is just one thing I am working with.

As for the face of the Divine – you know what? I may have said that too fast. It was poetry in this instance. Turn of phrase.

Prayer. Meditation. Contemplation. Learning (books, youtube videos). And working on (it’s not perfect yet lol) the ideal daily schedule for myself that I can (most of the time) stick to.

One thing I have noticed is that lack of balance is not a good thing. One should not only pray. One must eat. Sleep. Exercise. Get fresh air. Talk to people. Work. Clean house etc etc and for a few days this week and last week it was like this… extended spiritual state and I really needed to sleep. One needs energy FOR prayer and meditation. So I’m trying to calm down and integrate the spiritual transformations. They have to be integrated into the life.

So that becomes a question really – a question through the ages – how do you get close to the Divine without going crazy. I suppose this is why monks and nuns break up the spiritual stuff with the hands on work stuff :) obvious I know but I’ve been living it lately.

The face of God is many faces. They are everywhere.

To be continued….


The Stars This Week: You Really Won’t Get Lost

"jupiter in libra"

Thank you for your patience my beautiful friends.
Let us talk about the week ahead even though it’s Monday as I write.

And stay tuned for the blog post after this one which will have more details about the Tarot group that begins on Thursday.

Something I posted on my Facebook: 

So I’m thinking about contraction and expansion.
And I’m thinking about suffering.
How certain acute suffering makes us expand.
The death of a loved one for example because it breaks our heart so profoundly – this is an expansion of the heart and the love nature. We feel the pain of the world then.
But it’s not long after that we then pick up the brick of suffering and put it on our back and we wonder where that tender expansion that tender brokenness went.
I’m telling you this because I want you to hold on to that moment of great pain before it goes. Because it will go.
And what I mean by that is:
be in it.
I remember when my mother died which was before my Saturn return, in my 20s.
This was a long time ago now but I remember feeling her around me in such a unique way, those days right after her death. That it wasn’t going to be this way forever and to savor it.

I wanted to put those sentences here on the blog too because we are heading towards another crossroads, a pivotal moment, my friends. The equinox. Change of seasons. Here we go. The equinox is a BREAK. It is a death and it is the minute after.


The exact Venus Mars sextile (Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius) has come and gone. This energy will still be felt for the next couple days as it separates and what I like about this aspect is its contentment. This is not disgruntled energy. This is peace.

Have you felt this today? That you got along with others? Air and Fire are compatible elements and the Moon was also in Taurus (on Monday) so I think there was much ease to be had.

(I know when I write these things there is always a crowd who will say no the day was awful but I would like you to ponder the idea that there is energy you can tap into pretty much no matter what else is going on -baring tragic circumstances of course but even then a good sky is better than a bad sky. And then there are some people who complain no matter what. So there is that. And if your day is always awful then perhaps you need to explore why that is, above and beyond whatever the immediate issue is. Expand your mind. I know Saturn is in Sagittarius and this means hope is harder to come by but also that we can work at it. Saturn requires our effort.)

I was tired today a bit but I went from one task to the next with Venusian grace. AND I had a good hair day. Venus focuses on her appearance and Venus sextile Mars shall be pleased.

More Moon in Taurus and all the major aspects are good. There is a Yod though and Yods are complex. A Yod between Taurus Moon and that Venus Mars sextile HMMMM.

Now this isn’t a Yod blog post (I should do one, right? It’s something I don’t write about much) but I’ll tell you what this Taurus/Libra/Sagittarius Yod makes me think of:

how we want to get on the road, how we want to expand (Sagittarius), how we want to hear the call of our right journey and how strong a pull is our comfort zone and security (Taurus). Comfort vs expansion. But we are dealing with three signs, three distinct energies. Venus in Libra is what stabilizes the Taurus/Sagittarius inconjunct. The problem with the inconjunct is that it is blind. You don’t know what the other part is doing. It’s dissociative. And then Venus in Libra walks in the room and smiles at you, tells you to fix your dress and hit the road.

WEDNESDAY MERCURY IN VIRGO GOES DIRECT under a Gemini Moon. Life speed up, much? Yeah. Expect that. Mercury goes direct at 14 degrees which is trine Pluto and this trine is exact exact on Friday. Don’t mind the wobble. This is a confident, powerful aspect and you are on task and on target despite a mostly crappy day for the Moon aspect-wise. Just keep going. Stay in the car. DO NOT STOP FOR SNACKS. You can stop for snacks over the weekend for the Cancer Moon.

Thursday is the equinox and the Sun enters Libra and then on Friday Venus enters Scorpio. ALREADY.
I think I’ll do a separate blog post for each of these. I just wanted to alert you to the shifts and to remind you that Jupiter is in Libra so we will have a Sun Jupiter conjunction and we will have a New Moon in Libra next week! OH and Pluto goes direct on Monday and OH Mars enters Capricorn next Tuesday (FINALLY) and are you feeling at all on track? That the slog of the summer season (in my hemisphere) is quite over with. We are MOVING again. I think this is shown in that Yod and shown in Mercury going direct and Pluto going direct and Mars entering CAPRICORN THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Here we go again says Pluto. Buckle up. What’s your Pluto story? Got planets at 14 degrees? 14 – 16? This is the Pluto range for the rest of this year.

On a personal note, I have all kinds of transformative stuff going on in my life that I have not been sharing on the blog or on social media publicly,  but eventually I may share some. Not sure yet how or when but suffice to say my beautiful friends that I’m doing well. Weird. I actually have a separation between my public and private life. Eh. Won’t last long I’m sure. I do post about transformation though. How transformation is something that happens to you. You cannot manufacture it. You cannot push for it. You cannot bend it to your will. What you can do is check your transits and see what you’re on time for. Know what I mean? Sometimes I tell people that: you’re right on time.


No specials going on at this time. Best “deal” are the reading or teaching bundles but single sessions (30 or 60 minutes) are also available. New Tarot group starting (details in next post).

Venus in Scorpio trine Nessus (in Pisces) – Part One

"venus trine nessus" I’ve written about Nessus before. From an earlier blog post: 

How to approach the NEW heavenly bodies for greater understanding? GOOGLE.

Google is simply the best resource for all of us. Research and then research some more. You can read different versions of a myth and what various astrologers have to say.

What’s on my mind is NESSUS so here I am adding to the body of centaur literature, my take on what this myth could mean for you — this relatively new addition to our natal charts (Nessus was discovered in 1993).

What struck me the most about the Nessus myth is the RAPE. Attempted rape.

Now, some versions of the story don’t use the word rape.

Some say “had sex with.”

Wikipedia says he tried to “steal away” Deianira (Heracles’ wife).

Does it matter if the attack was halted? Surely from HER point of view it does! But let’s leave that point alone for now. (And I speak as someone who was able to stop an attack — as a child.)

Nessus was ferrying her across the water and once they reached the other side (according to Zane Stein’s website) he did indeed try to rape her.

And the story continues: Nessus is shot then with Heracles’ poison arrow. And Nessus, pissed and vengeful and most likely in great pain, tells her that his blood-soaked cloak will act as a kind of magic love potion, bringing Heracles back to her if he is ever unfaithful.

Of course it’s a lie. But she remembers this lie and follows Nessus’ instructions (years later) and what happens is…

Well, you’ll just have to do your own research to get the end of the story ;) I’m wicked like that. I want you to dig these things out.

So what do we have so far?

An offer (to ferry the woman in the first place). A trust. She trusts him. A temptation (Nessus is a beast, can’t control himself). A terror (the woman raped/almost raped). Protection. Safety. Heracles saves her. And Nessus’ revenge. Verbal instruction is his revenge. He TELLS HER what to do. We can’t believe everything we hear.

Nessus was shot for his crime. Justice was done. The bad guy gets his. But then so does the good guy. We have a story of trust, betrayal, violence, sexual violence, revenge, death… and this additional point about the WORDS. We can’t trust them.

So what the hell do we do with this?

Well, I think where your natal Nessus is… shows the likelihood for some dirty dealings in your life. Difficulties. Deception. Trauma. People you cannot trust. But you also get SAVED. It works both ways. Some centaur (half man, half animal) attacks you but your husband saves you. Or someone saves you. Maybe YOU save you. And the aspects to it will tell us more. The who, what, where. And I think those dirty dealings (those dirty dealing people) come out of that HOUSE in your life, like snakes from Medusa’s head. They originate there, emerge from there. Poison flowers thrust through the door.

Honestly I don’t know how to make a “good guy” out of a “bad guy” — how to redeem Nessus. Because, to me, someone who attacks is simply not going to be sympathetic. So we have to… decide who WE ARE in this myth. Are we the bad guy? Are we the victim? Are we both? It’s a complex story. Maybe we are Heracles in this story, the savior who gets burned in the end. Even though this heavenly body was named Nessus, we must confront the whole story’s web.

Where you have Nessus is where you were raped. And yes I know that’s a trigger word and trigger issue and I am using it as a metaphor here (or not, depending on your story). Where you have Nessus is where something was TAKEN from you, against your will (or the attempt was made). And lies were told. Lies. Maybe you survived. You got free. But then came the lies.

And the question becomes: CAN YOU GET IT BACK? Get back what was stolen. And how?

Transiting Uranus is currently sextile my natal Nessus. It’s not exact yet. I was searching my chart for SOMETHING (read the original post here) to shed some… light or ease on Uranus squaring my Sun. Another place to focus. What we focus on expands. This transit is really just beginning now and Uranus won’t trine my Venus for a few years and I was looking at this barren chaotic field and that’s when I found it. Transiting Uranus sextile Nessus the centaur.

But isn’t that BAD? Isn’t Nessus… bad? Well, sextiles are GOOD. They take a little elbow grease, a little effort, but then doors open. It’s not open sesame type magic like a trine, but positive yes. And one of my concerns is money and debt and the IRS and I saw the sextile from my 8th to my 10th and I knew: STAY THERE, FOCUS THERE. DON’T LET UP. Use the ugly to manifest the beautiful. Use the attack (the energy of the attack) to manifest healing.

I assume Nessus in his attack did not let up. I assume this. I assume that Heracles, attempting to stop Nessus did not let up, and thus killed him. And I can only, also, assume that Deianira did not let up — fending off her attacker, and, years later, trying to save her marriage.

Out of the darkness then. Out of the darkness then comes much light.

I’m not even sure when I wrote that blog post. A couple years ago.  I had a website makeover last year and the old posts… I can’t quite find the date some old posts were written but IRONIC to me that I having Uranus square Sun AND Uranus sextile Nessus AGAIN (need to check the degree of my natal Nessus).

Venus in Scorpio is trine transiting Nessus in Pisces. What could this possibly mean? I’ll address this in the next blog post.


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Defy Gravity: Sun Venus In Scorpio Trine Neptune In Pisces

"venus in scorpio" i was born into chaos. I think that’s why some of my early memories are…

I don’t know how to put it.

Putting up ancestor pictures in the chat room (inspired by another blogger) and I took a picture of a color copy of a photo (long chain of replication there) that I have of my parents.

I recognize them but I do not recognize them.

I’d like to make some peace with these memories. They are not here doing bad or good or neutral anymore, not in body.

They are not here doing mitzvot or not doing mitzvot.

Their sole function now is to protect. And be. They are energy.

When I was religious I remember thinking: okay, I shall keep Shabbos because my mother cannot and there was a time when she loved it. Not that that was the only reason, but it was a connection we shared.

I think… her marriage destroyed her. By the time she got out of it, she was destroyed. Or maybe her childhood destroyed her. I don’t know for sure.

We are under water trines today. We can do this — if we choose. We can transcend chaos and pain. We can defy gravity.  Float… no matter what weighs you down.

Sun and Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune. Neptune rules chaos. Neptune rules redemption.

Who are these people? Are these the parents I knew? Scorpio and Taurus. What happened? What happened to them? How did it go so wrong?

I… could ask my Uncle. He’d probably blame my father ;)

I have the original picture packed away. And you can see this color copy has some wear and tear. That’s no giant tear drop, but a drop of water.

So consider this one of your Scorpio Season assignments. Do something for the Ancestors.


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The Stars This Week And Mercury Retrograde Malfeasance

"new moon eclipse in scorpio" Note to Subscribers:

I sent out an email this morning with a URL for a Tumblr for the Private Blog — because Mercury Retrograde zapped me and my blog was off-line since Thursday.

AND THEN a couple hours after figuring out the Tumblr thing and all emails sent of its existence… I got word that my blog (the one you are looking at now) was on its way to being restored.


It had been down since Thursday night and had no clue when it would be back.

But I like the Tumblr.
And I feel kind of… jittery under this RETROGRADE and the Eclipse coming.

Everyone I know is reporting some kind of frazzle.
I almost don’t want to put the PRIVATE posts back here.

So let’s hang on the Tumblr for the time being. I feel safer there for the moment and HMMM isn’t this a Taurus/Scorpio topic. Safety. What makes you feel safe? I think of Taurus with oodles of stuff around them. My old roommate had MOUNTAINS of stuff.

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I don’t feel right if I’m not writing. It’s HOW I process my life. It’s like my blood supply got cut off. 

Whew. Glad we’re back up.

So everyone I know is reporting some kind of frazzle-feeling. I’m feeling it too. Let’s take a look at the week ahead. (More in depth writing will be available on the Tumblr.)

So exactly WHY is everyone feeling so tuned in and tuned up and

Think of it this way. Your frequency, antennae is picking up EXTRA and it’s not just frequency, buzz, it’s… Eclipse-a-coming monolith bread dough density. If you don’t want it? If it’s too much? Dump it. 

My blog problems coincided with my needing a weekend off – so that was actually GOOD. I decided to go to the park. I needed EARTH energy. I needed earth support. Mother Earth will support you and I heartily recommend this as a strategy. To take from her. It’s okay. She doesn’t run out of support for you. You can talk to her. You can take from her. IT’S OKAY. I don’t mean don’t recycle. I’m talking about WALKING ON THE EARTH. This reminds me again of my old Taurus roommate… fear of deprivation, fear of starvation. She COLLECTED. Even if you can’t get to the park — think about this — what can support you? Who can support you? COLLECT FROM MOTHER EARTH. Hoard. Store. Grumpy Cat says YES to this. Sometimes simple things work best.

And think about this sky: the lack of earth in the sky:

Sun in late Libra – it’s getting more intense the higher the degrees go. More passive aggressive peeps.
Moon in Virgo – helpful for small tasks and work, but probably adding to the worrying
Mercury in Libra retrograde :) how are you faring?
Venus in Libra, Mars in Sagittarius (in sextile today which is good but…)

NO WONDER. No wonder we are floating, fluctuating, and variable :) except for little Virgo keeping it real. 

Good news: Mars will enter CAPRICORN Sunday morning. The horny goat. But more about that in a minute…

Mercury goes direct on Saturday thus we are in EXTRA WOBBLE now, these days before the turn. 

And oh oh oh oh Moon in Libra (this Wednesday) is going to be a real PITA so do prepare your Rescue Remedy unless you want the full on effect of:
Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra square Pluto and opposing Uranus (Sorry Cancers!). Nice Moon Jupiter balloon but…

The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on Thursday — which is conjunct Venus (newly in Scorpio this day) and Pallas thus the GODDESS ENERGY that I’ve been writing about, but all Goddess Talk aside, you feel it right? Like an iceberg? Scorpio is FIXED water. Or an avalanche? The Yeti? I don’t know why I’m getting all this SNOW and ICE imagery (it’s not that cold here yet although I do have a new wonderful robe). Do you hug yourself? Wrap your arms around yourself. I sound super corny I know but I’m advising TOUCH and if no one is there, do it yourself. Pet your pets. Touch the earth. Walk around. Rub your feet. Kiss someone! Cook. Stomp around :)

You know something is coming but.. what is it? To quote Richard Thompson: it’s just the motion. But oy vey what motion it is!!!

Scorpio Season is the densest and most magical portal of all… 
And by DENSE I mean CRAMMED.

(I’m also hearing reports of depression, pessimism, dread, paranoia… Many of my peeps are having harsh Saturn Moon transits.)

So if you feel you have to get it all done, despite the floaty feeling, that’s the Virgo Moon. Let her be an assist, a list maker, rather than a taskmaster or critic. 

It’s a big week, my friends. A big week.

And you know I have to ask: HAVE YOU SET AN INTENTION?
For a new beginning. In your Scorpio House. Or perhaps a Scorpio matter near and dear to your heart like… sex? Or maybe… sex! Or perhaps SEX is on your mind ;) Did I mention sex? Scorpio rules your penis. Scorpio rules your vagina, my friends. That’s right. YOUR PENIS AND YOUR VAGINA. And if you have one of each, that’s fine too!

Yeah, I’m in a mood. Just glad the blog is back up :)

I’ll stop here. Much catching up to do…


The Stars This Week: The Divine Tit

First the NEWS: 

Matthew is doing a new class and although I’m not co-teaching it with him, I will be doing one to two “lectures” per week in the Discussion Room!

Have questions? Email me! Or Friend me on Facebook and message me there. And even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can still Follow me on Facebook. Most of my posts are public. I just made a little video about the class and posted it on FB.

He’ll be guided us through the 5th House, the 8th House, Venus, Mars, composite charts, YOUR charts, and more!

Name of the class: Astrology of Love & Compatibility: A Love Life Repair Workshop. It begins October 2nd. 



Moon in Gemini all day. Do a little of this, a little of that. No need to get overwhelmed. Just make a list! Or two? Three? Gemini is ruled by clever Mercury. Spend the day talking, writing, running around.

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to on the Interwebs had a stressful Pluto station and a stressful Full Moon in Pisces, me included, so we need a little light and fun about now. I know the Gemini Moon makes all kinds of aspects (including the “meh” ones) so I would just stay busy.


More Gemini Moon and the fun continues? Could be. FALL IS HERE IN THE BIG CITY. There’s a Sun Neptune inconjunct as well. Have you been paying attention? Yes THE SUN IS NOW IN LIBRA. We have shifted from health and practical matters to… THE OTHER. This Sun Neptune transit highlights that you aren’t always clear about how to make your loved ones happy. My advice? Listen and learn. Observe. Libra is master of the indirect, master (or mistress) of the GESTURE. You’ll figure it out though. Be patient.


Moon enters Cancer (and squares Uranus, opposes Pluto, conjoins Jupiter) and OH JOY Venus is trine Jupiter too. Big Love :) Venus is in Scorpio though. This is no moonlight starlight love. Okay, it IS that too. But it’s more than that. It’s not cheap; it’s deep. Obsessive compulsive now or never DO OR DIE LOVE. NO COMPROMISE.

Heh. Venus/Libra is ALL ABOUT THE COMPROMISE. Cooperation. Sharing. BEING FAIR. But Venus in Scorpio? Nah. The 8th House is NOT about equality. The 8th House is the crying baby in search of a tit to suck and only the Divine Tit can fill that particular hole.

Now I’m NOT saying that you shouldn’t look forward to Venus trine Jupiter. I think you should! I think it will feel good BUT… remember that Scorpio often feels good when stinging. Itself or others. Is it sadism? Masochism? A little of both methinks. Venus in Scorpio trine Jupiter LOVE IS NO LIE.


The Moon in Cancer continues to make the rounds, and Saturday morning Venus squares Mars in Leo. Someone’s not feeling appreciated. Venus wants to watch a slow movie with subtitles and Mars wants to go gambling.

Venus square Mars questions: are you ready to go all the way? Doesn’t have to be about love. This can be about anything you are choosing to PARTNER with. Or maybe you felt cajoled into partnering. The square here is the RESISTANCE TO WHAT IS.

Someone feels like they are getting the short end of the stick. Is it you? Do you feel appreciated?

Signing off for now. Sending love. Below are links to my Readings page, the YouTube Channel and the latest from our Wedding Registry :) THANK YOU, friends, for contributing your hard earned, and for your beautiful messages.


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The Stars This Week: Full Moon In Pisces & The Longest Note

The Moon enters Pisces Tuesday morning (in the Big City) and makes a series of lovely aspects to some of our water and earth sign friends (Venus, Saturn, Pluto) but already I’m sure you sense that… all is not as fairy dusty as it seems this week.

Or maybe it doesn’t seem that way to you at all, hmm?

The Moon in Pisces peeps that I know are tuned-in, sensitive to music and words, poetry, sometimes overwhelmed, and feel so much and cry so often.

The good aspects from Saturn and Pluto to the Pisces Moon create a structure for this zigging and weeping, and thus support any inspiration and creation and imagination on this day.

You can still go as deep as you enjoy (oh the joy of a Rilke poem!) but without the fear of getting lost. It’s like a windy day in the Big City and the skyscrapers and narrow streets (we do have some of those) protect you.

Wednesday, the 18th: Venus in Scorpio takes the stage, darkly, deeply, in her blood red and black while the Moon in Pisces continues to dazzle, aspect after aspect (including a Jupiter trine) and you may feel fragile one moment, in cahoots with Mother Mary the next, fainting couches for everyone.

Underneath that rapture is Venus seducing Saturn, Time himself, as well as Pluto in Capricorn, the horniest goat of all. She also conjoins the North Node and think of the North Node as the YOU ARE HERE mark on a map. Or… where you *should* be.

What to say about this combination? Who benefits?

It’s not about good or bad anymore. It’s about paying attention.

God, I say that all the time but how true it is now, more than ever.

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN YOUR LIFE, right under the nose. Take this moment. Right now. As you are reading my blog post. Exhale. I hear the trees and the wind. Oh and there goes a power tool. I listen. I listen again. I look around the room. I pay attention to the story being told now and compare that with what I want. With what was. With what is. Wake up wake up wake up!

Without Venus, we have no joy. We have comfort (Moon). We have ourselves (Sun). We have things to do (Mars). We have people to talk to (Mercury). But we need joy and we need love.

Venus in Scorpio says SHUT THE FUCK UP to all the wrong people, places, and things. (I know I know YOUR Venus in Scorpio may not say that but what I’m envisioning is the STARE. The Scorpio stare. No middle ground in that stare.)

And then it’s boom boom boom boom BOOM.

Thursday, the 19th: Full Moon in Pisces at 26 degrees: the ending is a beginning. One phase over. And that one phase may have been 25 years long so say GOODBYE and slam the door and Friday the 20th: Pluto stations direct HERE WE GO.

Can you see? How can you not see? What is happening here? OPEN YOUR EYES.

Saturday: an exact Saturn Pluto sextile, the finishing touch, problem solved, and Sunday the Sun enters Libra so we clean up our eyeliner streaked faces and smile. You survived. Yes, you survived. But did you learn? What did you learn?

This week, to me, is ONE. LONG. NOTE.

And that long note is about why you’re here and what the hell you’re doing with your one life NOW AT THIS TIME.

Okay, my loves, let me know how you’re doing in the comments or on Facebook.

Love, MP


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Venus In Scorpio: What Is Intimacy?


What is it? Do you have it? Do you want it? How hard is it for you?

I define intimacy (today) this way: letting someone see that part of you that you… cannot bear.

And yet you must bear it.

It comes out. In those “bad” ways.

So you better explain yourself then. What the hell it is. The triggers, the tears. Everything you find ugly about yourself, body and/or soul. Taboo. Our secret selves. That which we wish we could keep hidden.

And we do keep it hidden as best we can. Jealousy. Fear. Love.

Very Venus in Scorpio. How is this Venus in Scorpio? Because it is Pluto, feeling like damaged goods and telling the story of the damage. Not being judged for it. That is Venus in Scorpio heaven. Letting someone in.

This stuff is not Mars in Leo (which will square Venus in Scorpio brutality). This is not ego. This is not pride. There’s no glory here. There is shame. But Venus in Scorpio dives in to take your shame and tells you that IT WAS NOT YOUR FAULT. Your mother/father/brother/neighbor/boss/whoever IS A PIECE OF SHIT. Unconditional support.

I asked about intimacy in one of the chat rooms and I consider it BRAVE to admit your Pluto. One Scorpio ‘fessed up to something she gets jealous of. The fact that she knows this and can say it out loud. That earned my respect.

During Venus’ transit through Scorpio, during Mercury’s transit through Scorpio (and RETROGRADE), during Venus conjoining not only Saturn but also the North Node, can you make a promise to yourself and to your partner (pick one) to be HONEST about who you are. Be ruthless (there’s that word again) about who you are. Brave. Mars in Leo :)

I wrote this play once. Had a production last year. There is this strange sequence where one of the women is talking about getting her period and what it means to her and towards the end of the scene she is pretty much screaming about it. She’s in love with it. The ability to create. It gets ugly though. It gets mean. That’s the character. Because by the end she is SCREAMING about her rival who is TOO OLD TO BLEED.

I mention this because it’s an example of the things we don’t want to admit. Like… that we prefer funerals to weddings. That we aren’t always happy when the good guy wins. That we fear material loss more than our loved ones dying. That we put the cat to sleep because we couldn’t bear anyone else taking care of him and neither could we. That we lost everything. We were homeless. We wanted to die.

WHAT WE CANNOT BEAR. So we share. Because otherwise? Otherwise there is nothing. We are alone. We are alone with our neurosis which grows inch by inch, day by day. Until we are surrounded on all sides.

I’m saying any of those examples above is me. I’m not saying any of it is you. But we all have Pluto somewhere. We all have an 8th House. And we all have these Scorpio transits coming.

Your thoughts? 

Love, MP


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Transiting Mars Through The 12th And Other Slow Rides

When trust is broken, what choice do you have?

You can let it fester.

You can forgive and forget.

You can forgive and not forget.

There are some other choices too. There is always a choice.

Make one.

Venus enters Scorpio tonight and Scorpio, it is said, is ruthless, for better or worse.

I have known Scorpio to protect their loved ones beyond reason and beyond the law.

And I have known Scorpio to pray for their enemies to suffer.

And I know I know there may be some Scorpio out there who says oh no that’s not me. Funny. Have YOU ever come across a Scorpio who didn’t know they were a Scorpio? It really does exist ;)

WHATEVER you choose, says Venus in Scorpio, be ruthless. Commit to it. ‘Til death to you part from that choice.


Is Mars transiting my 12th House yet? Maybe. I need to check to be sure.

It must be. I am feeling it already. Dark. Darker. Darkest.

And I remembered just now as I was fighting my dark that no no no no no — better to embrace it. Make a friend there. Better to come here and write about it. Write about trust and betrayal and nausea.

If you are going through a difficult transit, match the energy with SOMETHING.

Something you can do with it, for it.

The other day I was writing about the value of just feeling it. Not doing anything. And I believe that has its place.

But some emotion-states NEED MORE.

Mars NEEDS MORE. Mars needs expression.

And through the 12th House, it’s time to meet your maker. Not die. I don’t mean die.

I mean… MAKE CONTACT. Ruthlessly and without limit. THAT, to me, is a 12th House Mars transit. Unlimited rage, yes. And possibly the unlimited dark.

But also the unlimited (12th House) Divine. VAST FIRMAMENT.

Whatever you are feeling: from elation to hate, USE IT.

Don’t reject yourself. That’s my main message here.

What transits are you under? 

Love, MP


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The Damned: Mars Square Saturn

“A concept of condemnation by God.” That’s what wikipedia said when I looked up the word “damned.” And if you have been feeling an ungodly sense of frustration this weekend, this could be why.

I keep forgetting we are under this energy but oh yes I have been feeling it.

Have you?

The Mars Saturn square is exact tomorrow in the Big City in the morning so consider this… maybe not a night to remember, but a night to get a good night’s sleep ;)

Mars is your drive, physical, aggression, and war. Mars ATTACKS. Mars in Leo needs an audience ;)

Now, Saturn, on a good day, is PATIENCE. The mountain goat who does not go higher until he feels stable and solid thus Saturn STOPS Mars during a square. Mars does not like being stopped. Saturn does not like being pushed. So they fight. Saturn in Scorpio has ZERO patience for bouncy Mars in Leo.

But imagine, for a moment, these heavenly bodies in good aspect. Saturn breaks are sometimes needed. Because sometimes we go (Mars) too far.

Imagine yourself turning that square (frustration, striving, angst) into a trine (peace like a river). What does a Mars Saturn trine feel like? Well, I have the sextile in my natal. Drive + discipline and traffic is light on the highway so we can go go go but there’s no crankiness, no flat tires, no road rage. We just keep going.


In other news, Mercury enters Libra tomorrow and Venus enters Scorpio the following day. Sign changes are always significant for the collective but especially in terms of your chart so I’m reminding you to find your Libra house and your Scorpio house. New tenants are coming!

I’m NOT crazy about anything entering Libra these days because it riles up the not-so-sleeping beast, the Uranus Pluto square, as well as squaring Jupiter in Cancer which leads to excess tears, defensiveness, and now with Mercury in Libra? Too much standing on one foot followed by too much standing on the other foot. Communication problems. Many languages and no interpreters. What will give us a sense of stability or understanding?

I know this will sound counterintuitive but I’m going to go for it. Consider Venus entering Scorpio to be your root. To be your cock. (Ha!) Because Venus will conjoin not only Saturn but also the North Node. Your destiny. Your discipline. Your patience. The root of your love. The root of your money. Your worth, your self-worth, what you value, and the necessary karma burning so you can move forward. How do you burn off more karma? By penetration. No more lies. Only truth. And this doesn’t have to involve anyone else by you. Your truth. Your Venus. What YOU value. This is damn hard. Harder than it seems.

Are you honoring it? Are you honoring your Venus? 

Love, MP


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The Stars This Month, Briefly

September is a complex month.

Why do I think this?

I was looking through the ephemeris and noticing Mercury entering Libra next week (indecision and revision) and Venus entering protective (and/or paranoid) Scorpio.

AND then remembering various outer bodies in water signs and how Venus will trine them (Neptune, Chiron, and Jupiter) AND conjoin Saturn and the North Node–

AND that Mercury will square Jupiter and Pluto and oppose Uranus–

AND Pluto going direct.

Busy enough for ya? 

Venus Saturn is SERIOUS deadly serious (and long lasting) and the NorthNode is fate, your destiny and the trines mean… it’s gonna FLOW TO YOU in your places of least resistance. Be careful what you wish for. You will get it. It will stick.

HOWEVER (yes there is a however) you may still waver, says Mercury in Libra. You may not be sure, says Mercury in Libra. Got to be fair. Got to be JUST. GOT TO BE REAL, says Venus Saturn.

Think: new information. Think: new puzzle pieces. Think: no resolution yet. Think: the plot thickens. But not in an ominous way. Throw ominous out the window.

I will take it week by week or day by day on the blog but consider the rest of this week and the weekend as your REST, as your easy-going, easy-does-it — because things will get INTERESTING this month.


I offered to write a blog post for someone on the topic of her choice and she mentioned free-will vs. fate and I do have thoughts on this but… no proof.

My South Node is in Virgo. I’m all about the scrutiny and the proof. But that’s not always TRUTH, right?

I believe in free-will to some degree.

You know what? It may be 80/20 for me. 80% fate. 20% free will.

I’m going to meditate more on this topic and return to it next blog post.

Without meditation, without silence, I can’t… discover anything at all.

“Meister Eckhart said that there is nothing in the world that resembles God so much as silence.” (quote from John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara). It’s a good place to look :)

If you have thoughts on this matter, please share them in the comments or on Facebook. Or Twitter!

Love, MP


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Sagittarius Sun, Venus In Scorpio (First Night of Chanukah)

"venus in scorpio"I was digging through a storage box, looking for my menorah, and I did find it but in the kitchen cupboard. In the storage box though I found perfectly preserved letters my mother wrote me in 1997, letters and postcards and I read them all.

Diary entries too written on sheets torn from a legal yellow pad. Scorpio secrets (she had her Sun and Venus in the sign) for Sagittarius Season: truth. And I’m still shocked. Whenever I read these letters. They have words in them that I cannot write here. Taboo (Scorpio) words.

The tradition is to watch the candles burn, not to work, so I sat and I watched with one of the cats who, yes, jumped up onto the counter, and sat close where he still is now and also from this storage box I found a bunch of crystals and laid them next to the menorah, each would charge the other I figure: candle to crystal and back again.

I took a picture and sent it to a Scorpio friend who’s going through a hard time these days. Seeking more light for us both.

A story within a story: after I lit the shamash, it went out. Or so I thought. Like a miracle it came right back. It’s still burning now. Which reminds me, one of my mother’s diary entries started with the words “What is a miracle?” and she went on to describe various miracles and synchonicites of one day in particular, including surviving a tax audit ;)

The moral of the story is that there is no moral. Just memories sometimes. And the facts. Cats sleep. Candles burn. Miracles happen.



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Of Desire And The Body (Venus In Scorpio)

"venus in scorpio"How it’s possible to love someone deeply but have no *emotional* passion for them. Ever experience this? And it’s not about the physical necessarily.

There is love, there is comfort, friendship, even romance, attraction. But there’s no emotional passion. I don’t know what else to call it.

Does this mask fear of intimacy? Does it mask sexual problems? Or is it… chemical? They just don’t… taste tasty to you.

And would the synastry show this and how… Something in the Mars…

These little blog posts are coming out of me, lots of questions, few answers, more philosophy than astrology (but it IS Sagittarius Season!) and I KNOW this is Venus in Scorpio territory, this dark goddess probing my 3rd House.

The heart doesn’t lie. The body doesn’t lie. The body responds. But it does not lie. And you either feel a red light for someone or a green light. No inbetween.

Do you agree? 


Venus In Scorpio Has Come To Purify You And Your Love

"saturn in scorpioA short play for your blog post:

Scene One:

The idea that synastry shows us just the topmost layer of a relationship and to get to the good stuff, you have to go underneath the synastry, which means go deeper into the relationship towards true understanding: who IS this person in your life? What are they about? What do they need? Do you want to make them happy. That’s how I know I love someone: when I want to make them happy. (And then I start sending presents….)

I was thinking about this as I compared my chart to another chart and saw all the hard aspects (and good ones too) and thought about what they used to mean and what they mean now and what they could mean. And that all those squares and inconjuncts have purpose.

Good synastry is no guarantee and “bad” synastry may not mean failure, although it surely means effort and patience, perhaps more than charts that easily relate.

I don’t know why, but some of us were blessed with young marriages, happy marriages, easy births, and then some of us have been blessed with years of searching and learning.

It’s almost 2013 and I’ll remember 2012 as a good year, a pivotal year for me, despite some synastric heartbreak and heartache.

Scene 2:

Venus is in Scorpio now, and my limited real-life experience with (the male) Venus in Scorpio has shown me the relentless, passionate, brutally honest nature of this placement.

Scorpio evaluates and eviscerates simultaneously. If they seek your help, and you aren’t helping? They will tell you. And they won’t let you hide behind your pattens, your bullshit. They won’t let you hide PERIOD.

Venus in Scorpio is not for liars or evasive lovers. Venus in Scorpio makes you rise to their level, IF they are interested in you. And it’s not often pretty, like Venus in Taurus. It doesn’t try to make you feel at home. Venus in Scorpio forces you to define your terms, who you are in love, for real, as you’re forced into acknowledging the games you don’t even realize you’re playing.


You can tell, right? I been thinking about this. I hope any Venus in Scorpios reading this realize and respect and love the awesome power and depth that they have because what you do is take us non Venus in Scorpio people on a deep journey into ourselves. You make us better. Every moment I spend with a Venus in Scorpio is a purification ritual and when I’m done with those phone calls or texts, I can cry from exhaustion.

The person I’m talking about here is a long distance friend, not a lover, but that’s the effect that Venus in Scorpio can have, even from across the miles.



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Venus In Scorpio: Love And Death

"venus in scorpio"Venus is on her own now, past an exact sextile to Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, today’s special sauce, and this morning, ladies in the private chat room were talking about old loves returning or loving old loves and unrequited love and this felt very Venus Pluto to me. Venus = love. Pluto = death.

And I started thinking about how I wasn’t thinking about him, which meant I was thinking about him. An old love.

I have Venus square Neptune in my natal (in a few years Saturn in Scorpio will conjunct that Neptune and square that Venus) and it’s an accomplishment when a thought is not a longing or a fear or wishing anything were different in this moment and that’s how it was when I thought of him and that I thought of him, and nothing more, no problem. Nothing needed fixing. Life is beautiful.

My point of this rambly blog post is to comfort those in a similar process of love and loving, confusion and joy, if you’re lucky. Venus is in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto. Scorpio has a sexy reputation, allure, but it’s also gross, death, crime, isolation, obsession, kidnapping. If you want a lighter, more careless love, wait for Venus in Sagittarius :) For now, you are the dark.



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The Stars Today: Venus Sextile Mars

"venus in scorpio"An enviable aspect in a chart: Venus sextile Mars. These natives, in my experience, attract potential partners with ease. No matter what they look like, they look good. They look happy.

And speaking of happiness: what is your experience of happiness? Does it sneak up on you? Do you cultivate it? Seek it out?

A good buddy of mine has a natal Venus Mars sextile and he’s been in a super good mood today. When transits echo our own natal stuff, we feel it. We express it. And I think we can all benefit from a little Venus sextile Mars today and tomorrow.

Venus is love and Mars is sex (to put it most simply). The sextile marries the two energies. You love who you have sex with and you have sex with who you love.

Who are you loving? What are you loving? Are you in love? How’s it going? Sextiles are smooth energy but supposedly you have to flip the switch to get them working on your behalf.

Bonus! Venus is also sextile Pluto. This love is changing you, for the better.



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The Stars Today: Thankful?

"alone on thanksgiving"Busy sky, folks!

Today the Sun enters Sagittarius and Venus enters Scorpio. I am happy for this shift. We are under the growing Mars Uranus Pluto t-square (i.e. it’s not exact yet but we often feel transits *more* when they are applying) which is stressful and Sagittarius is a fire sign, yummy warm, and wants to take you out instead of letting you brood at home (well, depending on the Sag). My life, for some ungodly reason, has always been filled with Sagittarius friends. They would chase me out of my crab shell-hell and eventually I’d give in.

Are you also a water/earth person who has fire in their life? Or vice versa? 

The Moon is in idealistic Pisces today and squares Jupiter this morning so you may actually eat more today than on Thanksgiving Day itself! Moon = food. Jupiter = a lot! On Thanksgiving the Moon is void of course (don’t make any promises!) until it enters Aries in the evening. This could cause some confusion, especially with Mercury retrograde. If you have new friends coming to visit you for a holiday meal, make sure you gave them the right address!

Overall it’s a sweet day, lots of trines, lots of Neptune :) and this will help balance out (will it? Maybe) the bombs going off in your life a.k.a. Mars conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. Try not to fight with your family or the food on your plate or your body.

In my astrology class, years ago, this woman used to talk about feeling Mars Pluto transits in her body and Mars Uranus is an “accident” aspect so just be careful. Wear your oven mitts. Dismantle any bombs you find. I’m not predicting doom and gloom for anyone reading here but Pac Man comes to mind.

And if you are alone on Thanksgiving, be thankful for that. Really. That you are free to choose and this is a freedom that few have. You can make yourself at home anywhere. Yes I know you may desire the binds and obligations like the neighbors have, but trust me, there’s enough pain to go around and they got plenty of it.

I shouldn’t end on such a somber note so let’s draw one card for the day AFTER Thanksgiving :)

The High Priestess. She doesn’t have all the answers but she can do magic.



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