Live Without Hope Of Perfection: What To Do For Venus Retrograde

"venus retrograde"
It’s fine if you want to be beautiful
. Doesn’t really interest me, but you can do whatever you want. You be you, my love. That’s what Venus is about. What YOU value.

I’m more Mars than Venus. And no we don’t need to choose, but this is my blog and my voice and I am the voice of Mars 🙂

Passion. Energy. Rage. Blood.

You may have noticed that I’ve never given you a lipstick (Venus) tip or fashion (Venus) advice but I let my fans on Facebook know which days are optimum for crushing their enemies.

For you? Could be different. The opposite. The same.

Being more Mars than Venus doesn’t mean you/me/we don’t love or desire or want or connect. Both Mars and Venus love and desire and want and connect.

Love, for me, has never been about beauty anyway. You can be pretty all day long and I won’t notice. What I notice can’t be seen with the eyes.

So. You can have whatever kind of Venus retrograde you want. But I’m going to go deeper in.

My goal for this Venus retrograde is to live without hope of perfection.

No perfect face, no perfect body, no perfect health. No perfect money. No perfect LIFE. Freedom from the tyranny of Venusian perfection. I mean, I live there anyway. Not that much of a stretch but I’m going to intentionally go THERE.

The freedom of a Mars and a Venus without a care. And if it renders me ugly and unfuckable (by general Venus standards) well it wouldn’t be the first time. So be it. I never was very good at playing by the rules, gender rules included. I invent my own. If you’ve got a girl rule for me, I’ll surely break it once, twice, three times.

But as I wrote at the top. You be you. Your Venus retrograde might be examining your wardrobe or your furniture or your hair or your partner and making plans for renovating it all. I think it’s great. The key with Venus is authenticity. What YOU want, love, desire, value. Making YOUR Venus happy.

But do you know? Do you know your Venus? What she wants from you? Hmm?

I’ll tell you one thing my Venus wants and strives/struggles for. She wants to write and she wants to publish. This is reflected in the houses of my t-square which involve my Venus!

Do investigate the sign your Venus is in. The house your Venus is in. The aspects she makes. There’s a story there.