Venus Retrograde Is About Connection

"venus retrograde"
A client asked me to write about Venus retrograde
which starts this week and this is what I think: we already know the obvious, right?

Venus is love and money and possessions and social life and your appearance and your self-esteem and what you value, but I was walking to the coffee shop to catch up on some work, including drawing cards for my Patrons (the link is here to join us) and I thought to myself:

Venus retrograde is about connection

It’s about the lack of it. It’s about loneliness. Venus is what you love. If you don’t have who/what you love, then grief follows. Terrible terrible shaking grief.

I’m sitting here at my coffee shop, later than usual, and I’ve been inside all day, clients throughout the afternoon, and I sit down to write about Venus retrograde and touch my own terrible shaking grief.  There’s someone I miss and the Venus retrograde shadow period is alerting me to this fact of my heart here.

As with all things, transits, I advise you to be gentle with yourself which sounds dumb. Aren’t we already? No we’re not. Do we need this reminder? Yes we do.  And when I write it here, to you, I feel it. I feel myself s l o w down because the inner automatic chastisement is so strong: who has time for this sadness. This sadness is counter productive. This sadness has no life. It’s not forward moving, hopeful, expansive, or interesting. It’s ordinary. It’s painful. IT IS NOT CHIPPER.

What happens in my body is that I slow down, I exhale, I slow down my breathing when I type those words (being gentle). I stop hitting myself on the head with the brick of thou shalt not weep  and want.

So. Venus goes retrograde this Friday. October 5th. It goes retrograde in Scorpio and heads back to late Libra. Do the signs matter? Yes they do but they matter especially in regards to your chart, the houses. Scorpio is what house? Libra is what house? That’s where your revisioning will be.

Will secrets come out? Scorpio rules secrets. Probably. Will new partnerships be forged? Libra rules partnership. Probably. Will old loves come back? For some? Yes.

And you, too, may realize that a connection you knew was important, a connection you knew mattered, still matters.