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"uranus in taurus"

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Tarot For The Summer Solstice + Burning Brambles

"moon conjunct pluto"
Wednesday morning

Try this: 

Card One: Last summer
Card Two: Right now (this minute!)
Card Three: This summer
Card Four: Set THIS intention
Card Five: Nurture yourself with THIS
Card Six: Your summer Helping Spirit

Let me know what you discover! 

"new moon in cancer"
Our Lady

Who should they have been. Your parents. To have been better. For you. These are Cancer thoughts. Cancer questions.

The Sun’s in Cancer now. Mercury too. And maybe they were just fine. Maybe they were perfect. And maybe they weren’t. It’s okay to think about this. It’s okay to think about what went wrong and what Baby You would have liked. And it’s okay to get it now. “They” say we have to give it to ourselves now. Not put that pressure on anyone else. Whatever it is that didn’t reach us, what they couldn’t give. Safety, security, perfection. Milk.

This week in class I started some Tree of Life teaching (Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism – and I feel guided, not sure why it’s happening now)

and started to talk about the sefira (sphere/sefer/book/portal) of Tiferet which is often translated as beauty and may very well refer to “balance”

but I like this definition that I heard today: perfection. Tiferet is associated with the Tarot Sixes.

What does perfection have to do with Cancer Season? Because mother. What she did, what she didn’t do, how we manage our lives now. How we don’t. Milk.

I was telling a friend last night who also has her Mercury and Mars in Cancer (although hers are square her Saturn whereas mine sextile my Saturn) that the older I get the more I see the full dysfunction of my growing up. Whereas earlier I could see the good and I could see the bad, very polarized, but now I see this wider perspective-y picture. I wonder how it will shift when I’m a little older and a little older and a little older, until the end, until I see her again, coming out of the shadows to greet me.

Isn’t that heaven? Perfection. When the earthly claims and karma have dissolved. Today my priest told us that heaven is right now, all around us.

"moon conjunct pluto"
Ace of Wands

And today in that class (the one I’m in, not the one I’m teaching) we were talking about fire. How it cleanses, purifies, destroys, prepares us. And suddenly I remembered the image of the burning brambles from the Torah, the voice from the fire, God’s voice, and how the bush was not consumed.

I haven’t reviewed the text yet, but am remembering:

doesn’t God say: Moses, Moses (so often the name said twice), and then asks Moses to remove his sandals? I’ll have to check. Because he’s standing on holy ground. Teaching even one drop of wisdom from the holy Kabbalah is holy ground.

The burning bramble story is part of the Exodus story. God is about to tell Moses to lead the oppressed Israelites out of Egypt (this is the abridged version of course). Moses gets his wings, so to speak.

Why am I telling you this? Because I think this summer, this Sun in Cancer season, will be a time of miracles for you, a time of courage, a time where you are asked the impossible (impossible to you or scary) and like the Six of Swords (which I kept drawing today in different decks) you cross the water, you get there.

"mercury mars in cancer"
Crossing the water

Happy Solstice xoxo 

That I Woke Up Thinking About The Three of Swords

"three of swords"

Well, it wasn’t the first thing I thought about but I did my morning card draws – started with three and now I add a couple more with specific card positions and then asked a tangential question and BOOM Three of Swords. 

What? Huh? Why? And I thought to myself: Girl? You need to explore the Three of Swords outside the usual sorrow somber interpretations so I took my Yoav Ben-Dov down off the shelf to explore and discover. Let’s take a look! (His book is called The Open Reading. Sadly, he recently left his earthly form. I say sadly because I wish he had written more books, alas.)

“Interpretation: a victory or breakthrough achieved without much difficulty. Pure intentions and righteous conduct win the day. Cutting through a dilemma or quandary.”

And that its INVERTED meaning is “defeat.”

So what do you think, Tarot lovers? For you, when is the Three of Swords defeat or sorrow and when it is BREAKTHROUGH and victory? How good are you at getting away from the Rider Waite heart pierced image?

Well, I think it may depend on the deck you use. Definitely harder to move into victory when you are starting at a broken heart, a deck that uses the pierced heart image, but for the Marseille deck, much easier although you may need to retrain your brain.

Another thought (of mine): the breakthrough idea is always present, no matter the deck. I mean, it’s always in my mind too BUT with clients it doesn’t reign supreme. It’s usually an “alternate” interpretation. Just as the Queen of Swords for **me** is often grief or mourning not the writer/editor/manager of words although for other readers they see WRITER EDITOR MANAGER OF WORDS first. Sharp thinker, she!

We cannot argue with other people’s systems of interpretation especially if they have a good track record of accurate fortune telling!

“In the 3 of Swords, the single sword is decorated with branches, and does not seem to be hindered by the pair of arches it passes through. This can indicate an easy victory. Alternatively, it can signify a new phase in which the protecting barriers are no longer needed. 

I love this and I know you do too.

Question: but if Three of Swords is not sorrow and heartbreak, then what? Do you feel you *need* the Three of Swords for this purpose? Or will you go case by case and use your intuition to divine the meaning in every situation? Well, that’s what you “should” be doing anyway, as a reader of cards. Makes you want to see it again, doesn’t it? So you can take this car out for a drive ;)

Are you expecting a breakthrough? 


PS I do not have any specials happening at this time. Folks are asking me. If you want a reading and are on a budget, just message me and we can see if there’s a number we are both happy with. 

Tarot for Trauma (#2)

"jupiter square saturn" Every step forward takes so much courage.

I am hard at work this morning and thinking about trauma and the Trauma Room which is not open yet and the tarot spreads I am creating.

These are simple spreads for DEEP thinking about the cards and how they can help, answers they can give.

Here is one I posted on Instagram and Facebook this morning.

‪#‎tarot‬ for ‪#‎trauma‬

How can things be good after being bad for so long? What to do with my body and mind so that I’m not always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Answer: practice dropping the shoe yourself. Take off your shoes as often as possible. Touch your ‪#‎heart‬ chakra. And this: three cards to give you the answer.

1 mind
2 body
3 spirit

All three cards are advice cards. All three answer what to do to help your ‪#‎PTSD‬

Here is the link to my Instagram post. 

And this for a one (or two or three) card draw:

This is the ‘Why bother” mindset. I think we have to NOT IGNORE the why bother mindset but actually ASK THE QUESTION. 

What is the point?
And the Tarot will give you an answer.

Thinking one of the most important things in trauma work is to ask the questions – to figure out the questions and to ask them – out loud – give the questions to the OPEN AIR –

Really asking the question that scares you is the hardest part!!!


Tarot For Trauma (#1)

"jupiter square saturn" The “Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop” Tarot Spread 

1. This is the root of the trauma

2. This is a SKILL you now have because of the trauma or a PURPOSE for it i.e. I have all this painful experience so now what do I do with it???

3. Do this when you feel afraid

Let me know how you like this one…
More to come.

The Trouble With Love (Tarot Reading In Real Life)

"venus in taurus" There’s only one right answer for the girl or guy who wants love and been denied — that it’s coming and coming soon. Happily ever after.

Truth is I have seen it. Confused clients barking up the wrong tree (mismatches, bad synastry) and then boom love walks in without warning. I have seen it.

Regarding my love life, I’ve had psychics be dead wrong or predict half truths. Yes he will call — but then the thing explodes a week later.

Even though questions of love are common, they are not simple and they are the most difficult because hearts hurt. Few among us actually want to be alone, and as I wrote above, there’s only one right answer.

With so many planets retrograde or about to go retrograde, where does that leave love? Venus enters Taurus on Friday. We have a New Moon in Taurus next week, May 6th. Something about this part of your chart, despite the Mercury retrograde, is calling you. Sun. Venus. New Moon. The question is whether you are listening.


Aliza’s THE KISS Tarot Spread

"moon conjunct pluto" So much passion I often feel about to burst.

I was always this way. This is who I am. It’s something that exists inside. Inside the body.

A person can have tremendous “sex appeal” or “charm” — and not have this type of energy coursing through them and vice versa.

You can see some nondescript man or woman, the plain Johns and Janes, and inside them is a furnace. They are waiting, hoping, to be lit. To find the match so they can live in this energy, push it back and forth, between them and another person. That’s what the kiss is.

*Do beware — you can actually be very sexually attracted to someone. You can find someone charming, handsome, beautiful, interesting, delightful — but the lover/love-making can be a dud i.e. not for you. If they cannot return your energy, it’s like making love to a corpse.

What helps me — in the absence of a partner or even when I have a partner:

moving the body, moving the emotions: exercise, making art, writing, singing.

One of the best case options is sex — if you can exchange your energy with another. You have yours. They have theirs. You give yours. They give theirs. Create a circuit of energy. Anything less isn’t worth it. It helps to be relaxed. No fear. Not easy, right? Those of you with Saturn or Chiron affecting your 7th and 8th Houses understand this!!! 

Here is a Tarot Spread to help you ponder :)

Aliza’s THE KISS Tarot Spread

This spread contains a technique that I am working on, inventing. For the time being I am calling it the “moveable card” — when cards move in and out of Tarot spreads. Like magic. If you are gifted in telekinesis, you can do this technique with your mind and not your hand :)

(I am getting more and more interested in Tarot spreads that don’t contain outcomes or outcome cards… also intricate spreads with instructions. See here on Beliefnet my most recent one. I’m also using another technique here – asking the same question more than once.)

For THE KISS I want you to create a circle pattern, but with a tail, like this, using only upright (no reversed) cards.

The first card you lay down is the bottom one, the tail. Then go counter clockwise until you have laid out 4 more cards thus 5 cards total.

Five is the number of change and instability. Let’s accept that for a moment. That things change. That the future has not yet been written. The Moveable cards represent STRONGER energy which is poised to DEVOUR the present energy. This could be good or not so good… 

*"full moon in pisces"

Card One: the lover you are

Card Two: the lover you need

Card Three: the lover you are

Card Four: the lover you need

Card Five: the identity of your true love/lover/beloved (which may or may not be a person…)


Remove cards three and five and replace them with two new cards. Or just put the two new cards on top of the originals neatly.

Note: there are NOT clarifying cards. These are what I am calling moveable cards. Because this is how life is. Things change or develop or reinforce. You think you know everything. But you don’t. Or you think you know nothing. But you don’t. 

Draw a middle card: this is the advice card!!!!!!!!

*if your lover is closed and you want/need to open him/her
*if your lover doesn’t know you exist (example: you see each other at parties but have never spoken) and you want to get his/her attention
*if YOU feel closed and how to open YOU
*what you need to do FOR YOU, whether or not you attempt to pull your Beloved towards you.

I hope you try this at home. Let me know what you think…
And now, back to my laboratory…. :) 

Love, MP

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The Stars This Week: Wear The Good Bra

You are stronger BECAUSE of it. "pluto opposition sun"This is how I feel right now and you may not feel the same and that’s your right.

ALSO, you may be dog paddling now. You may not be at the shore, the other side.
But this is my PLUTO message, my Sunday Sermon :)

Pluto is an ending but also a beginning. ALWAYS. Death and Rebirth. DO NOT FORGET.
So easy to talk about everything that gets destroyed en route. Sometimes we forget what cannot be killed. I thought some things in my life were over and done. They are not over and done. Some things cannot be killed. 

Which reminds me — an astrologer once described my (the) Moon Pluto conjunction as being “hard to kill.” (And then I wrote a short play about bedbugs with that title).

Consider me your Oracle of the Day, your Moon Pluto message of the day, your catch of the day ;) here to remind you of what is true and enduring. There are ghosts in your house where Pluto is transiting your chart. There are ghosts in that house. You keep coming up for air. And so do they. What is needed in order to cross over and stop the sick making cycles in your life: total break through. Tower card. SMASH EVERY FOUNDATION BECAUSE NEW ONES MUST BE ESTABLISHED. Revealed. That’s the better word here: revealed.

But, yes, I hear you. We are all in different phases. All in good time, little lamb. Your smash-through may be 10 years away. Or 10 seconds.

Which reminds me: please look here for my new post on Beliefnet – Aliza’s “Figure it out Before Nightfall” Tarot Spread
Monday: Mercury enters Libra
Wednesday: Sun trine Pluto
Friday: Venus enters Virgo and Jupiter inconjunct Pluto

We are under these energies ALL THIS WEEK.

I’m not going to go aspect by aspect because that’s not where my head is at right now — instead I want to give you some simple counseling — seeing as how we are in Virgo/Libra Season with a side of Pluto Power. And I’m also well aware that the last two weeks (August overall? July and August?) were hell for many of you and the New Moon in Virgo started a healing process. Getting new skin. 

See, I don’t think anyone underestimated the Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio or Venus square Mars Saturn, and yet we did. We shouldn’t have. We knew better. And I’m not even going to talk about my own transits, including my Saturn opposition… and yet the difficulties gave me the OPPORTUNITY to dredge up and thus release what had been hidden. Classic Pluto tool, right? What needed to be vomited. If it had not come out, it would have festered and destroyed. I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT YES YOU.

Your job now? To play nice. This week. Clean up. This week. Sweep the walk. Talk nice. Wax the floor. Look good. Wear the good bra :)

Love, MP

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Why You Need To Pay Attention To Jupiter In Leo Right Now (and Venus inconjunct Pluto)

"Venus inconjunct Pluto"I felt redeemed today, earlier today. The gift of nectar sweet truth.

Both Venus and Jupiter in Leo trining my 8th Chiron in Aries.
Venus is exact to it now.
Jupiter has a few more degrees but is in orb.
And I was thinking to myself lately about this — looking forward to it, to the Jupiter Chiron trine specifically and forgetting that Venus is there too, deep in my 12th House pounding away at the waves.

Keep your eyes on this one — on your fire trines. On what Jupiter in Leo will bring you.
Jupiter is at 7 degrees Leo now and will get to 9 degrees by month’s end.
Jupiter gets as far as 22 degrees before going retrograde in early December.
This is no small travelogue, right? This is MOST of Leo.
Then sweetie pie J goes all the way back to 12 degrees before turning direct in April 2015.

SO LISTEN UP YE PEEPS OF EARLY DEGREE FIRE SIGN BECAUSE THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE FOR JUPITER TO TRINE YOU THERE! (Early degree i.e. at least 7 degrees because that’s where Jupiter is now as I type this)

Got it? Jupiter goes retrograde at 22. And then goes direct at 12. So we are right now covering material and experience and gifts of sweet nectar truth and story and Jupiterean abandon that you WILL NOT EXPERIENCE AGAIN until next time. And next time will be different. Yes, it will be different.

"jupiter trine chiron" Venus inconjunct Pluto this week. And Mercury trine Pluto. And I’ll write about the weekend in a separate post but about this Venus Pluto inconjunct:

What is the inconjunct? I call it the aspect of dissociation.
Think of anyone  you know who has a chart full of this stuff. Sagittarius Cancer for example. Gemini Scorpio for example.
You kind of have to wait around until you get the part that YOU prefer to deal with, you know?

Let’s say you like Gemini style but not Scorpio style and you’ve got a Gemini guy or girl and you are grooving grooving grooving on her/his witty vibe AND THEN when you least expect it — or for months on end — all you get is the person living out their relentless surgical analysis of your personality!

Or let’s say you have a Sag/Cancer girlfriend and you love her nurturing caring sweetness vulnerability and home baked pies, but have no patience for her Saggy oblivious distractibility.

See, many of them are just as freaked out by themselves as YOU are. Once they get a clue that they even are this way. And some never do. The inconjunct is not about meeting in the middle (like the opposition is) — a seesaw which goes one way and then the other way and the goal is to have it level. The inconjunct has no such “easy” way out. It cannot be blended. IT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP DO YOU HEAR ME THE INCONJUNCT CANNOT BE MADE SOUP. NO SMOOTHIE HERE, BABY!

We get Gemini intact and we get Scorpio intact and FULL-ON. But only one at a time! And sometimes five minutes apart. Like contractions! It can be shocking like contractions! And I call it dissociation because we get shocked when the “other” sign shows up. And they get shocked too — if they aren’t comfortable with BOTH the energies. Some natives are and some aren’t.

Now, in terms of an inconjunct by transit? We will all experience this. Venus in Leo inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn:

You better worship Venus in Leo (let people have their moments of pridefulness or vanity or glory, earned or not) or she will be PISSED and she will be mean and she will toss her hair and slam the door and #byefelicia.

So let Venus in Leo be and do Venus in Leo. Try not to be shocked or annoyed when she storms in and she storms out with script in hand. Because before you know it, Pluto in Capricorn will show his face too, and he is less pleasant and he is DEVILISH.

Understand, Venus in Leo is ultimately a loving pussycat that you better learn to stroke the right way or she will scratch and bite — but Pluto in Capricorn? Pluto in Capricorn is ccccccold. And is the other face of this transit. Pluto in Capricorn doesn’t care about you at all. Pluto in Capricorn isn’t going to bother hair tossing or storming or loving or making a scene. Pluto in Capricorn is long game strategy silence master builder scorched earth master plan THE ART OF WAR. You think everything is fine until one day: poof. No trace. Not even a hairbrush. Not even a hair.

You have to give them BOTH your time and attention. Can you do that? Can you embody both Venus in Leo AND Pluto in Capricorn for the next couple days without burning anything down?

So we are all under this energy, this unpredictable hide and seek switcharoo and whichever one predominates in your world is anyone’s guess. Or mine! But we’ll all have to deal with them BOTH.

Expect a few apologies by week’s end ;)

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Introducing the TAROT CLINIC (because we are sick and there is no cure!!)

"mercury opposition neptune"Details! 

All my classes take place on Facebook — in a “Secret Group” so no one sees the info but you!

If you are in any Facebook “group” at all — then you know how the class will look. The same “discussion thread” style that is on FB.

I bring topics to the group (a few times a week) and we discuss and share and learn.

I am part facilitator, part teacher, part Tarot obsessive :)

My schedule changes everyday so sometimes I’m around in morning, sometimes in afternoon, etc.

Sometimes we have days off. It’s mellow that way but ideally always something cooking in that room and someone to talk to :) I tend to attract interesting, deep people/participants.

And because it’s on FB, people can go at their pace, participate whenever they want.

I am planning to do a month long class, which means the group will be open all month, probably the month of September (or starting late August) —

I tend to overload people with information (so I’ve been told) so I want to go a bit slower! I know folks have busy lives – so they can show up when they want, participate, lurk, etc…

The section below is something I’ve posting on my FB with some more details… about how it isn’t a “beginner’s class” per se but all levels are welcome!!


Beginners and all levels are welcome but we’ll be starting in the *middle*

I want to talk about reversed card meanings (theories of, and discussion of some individual cards)

I want to talk about unusual/off the beaten path card meanings (including some from Kabbalistic perspective)

I want to talk about YOUR favorite cards — ones that particularly vex you

I want to go deep into the Celtic Cross so you can get more out of this classic spread

AND ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Not 78 cards but Mini-Verisions and do readings for each other from these.

YES WE WILL CREATE OUR OWN SYSTEMS OF DIVINATION. And you’ll have guidance on how to do so!

And of course there will be other exercises and signposts and discussion topics along the way but that’s my primary agenda above.

Your Tarot Topics will be welcome as well.

I’m still working on the START DATE. I could go with September 1st — OR if enough interest is shown — a week or so from today. I’m willing to take your preferences into consideration. We’ll see…

Class held in Secret Group on FB
Learn/participate/lurk at your own pace, your own schedule
Month-long class so we can take our time
Probably best if you already have *some* Tarot knowledge (and a traditional deck) but it’s not necessary!

Got questions? Please email me at moonpluto@gmail

I am raising rates a bit starting September 1st. Look here for the latest about my Astro/Tarot readings. 

Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo

This One’s For You, Virgo

"moon conjunct pluto" So many mysteries.

Are you cognizant of this?
All the mysteries in your daily life?
Do you stop and see yourself and your surroundings from above?
This can give you a little detachment. Make you “see” better — even if no answers are available.
This is my crusade now. To stop seeking. Stop looking for answers.
Even though I do this for a living and it’s become second nature.

I get SO OBSESSED with answers. What are they, where are they?
This is so Virgo and I am not a Virgo Sun but compulsively Virgo.
Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo.
Virgo Rising.
Virgo South Node.
Always thinking ruminating chewing chewing chewing.

Venus conjunct Jupiter: give generously THERE right there, from your Leo house (this weekend and into Monday)
Mercury opposes Neptune: this is a BEAUTIFUL poetic aspect. Oppositions require meeting in the middle. Not too much Neptune snow globe. Not too muchVirgo slice and dice. Poetically prove your point :) Caution: foggy glasses and contracts signed in invisible ink. Mercury brings much needed understanding to your Pisces house and issues.
Moon in Cancer opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus. Extra hugs all around. And cake. There shall be cake.
Mercury trine Pluto: your words are dangerous and deep. The trine *should* keep you from hurting feelings but still take care. The Virgo/Cap combo is mega clinical. Point words and brain at problems needing to be solved, not people who supposedly need fixing.

SUN ENTERS VIRGO! Time to harvest. What has grown in your life?

A card for Virgo Season: interesting! It’s the end of Leo Season and I get a fiery card! The Eight of Wands. Brace yourself! Many of you will take flight this fall. This one in this direction! That one in that direction! Life as you know it? Changing. Not for everyone, no, but for enough that this card came through. "sun trine uranus"

I still haven’t posted full details yet but the TAROT CLINIC will happen. Need to announce the fee and start date and more details– we begin either later this month or very beginning of September. Beginners are welcome but we’ll be starting in the middle. I want to talk about reversed card meanings, and unusual/off the beaten path card meanings (including some from Kabbalistic perspective) go deep into the Celtic Cross and ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Probably not 78 card decks, perhaps around 10 cards? We’ll see. And do readings for each other from THESE! Anyway, it’ll be a whole lot of Tarot fun for the Tarot obsessives out there. Also I will welcome YOUR Tarot topics, whatever you are obsessed with! 

I am raising rates a bit starting September 1st. Look here for the latest about my Astro/Tarot readings. 

Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo

You And Your Transits From Hell

"jupiter trine chiron"I’m hearing from a lot of folks — having dark nights of the soul. I can relate. I’ve had a few myself. Dark nights, dark days. Mars and Saturn are opposing my natal 9th House Saturn. This tends to put perspective in a chokehold. “Didn’t want to breathe that air anyway,” says Saturn.

And then some transits are like a long extended scream. Or so it feels. Lack of sleep doesn’t help either. A friend of mine told me that Uranus through her 12th conjunct her Sun was like someone screaming in her ear. She had headaches every day. And, oh, look at that, Pluto retrograde is squaring my Chiron again.

What to do when you’re in hell? What is there to eat? To drink? ;)

How many hard aspects from outer planets does it take to make you wish you’d never been born? I just pulled a card for you: THE CHARIOT. Any Tarot maven or semi-maven knows the Chariot is NOT a card of defeat but one of Victory. Willpower. And that’s often the problem, right? You’ve got no will, power, or willpower left.

My one suggestion for right now (besides talking to a friend who will not judge or silence or “try to make you feel better” — one who will listen, commiserate, not distance him/herself. But be a witness to your pain. Affirm it. Yes, affirm it. “Yes, my love, that really WAS hard. I GET IT.”

My suggestion:

Do your WORK. MARS CONJUNCT SATURN IN SCORPIO. Do your work. Whatever your work is. Even a little bit. A little Saturn. A little effort. A little Mars. A little drive. A little Chariot. You don’t have to have hope. You don’t have to have faith. You don’t even have to fake it ’til you make it. But you have to do something. Some Thing. No big picture necessary. No promises of “it will get better.” But climb out of the grave one teaspoon of dirt at a time.

Mercury is now in Virgo. Take small steps. Small animal steps. Be like an animal in the forest. Eat. Drink. Stay warm. Rest. Remember you are loved. Even if the souls who gave birth to you were inadequate in their care for you, there was a moment of joy upon discovering your (potential) existence. There was a smile when heaven smiled. Even if that moment was a moment cut into 1000, it existed. And it still exists now. It is your life-force NOW.

And that’s the story, for the moment.

I still haven’t posted full details yet but the TAROT CLINIC will happen. Need to announce the fee and start date and more details– we begin either later this month or very beginning of September. Beginners are welcome but we’ll be starting in the middle. I want to talk about reversed card meanings, and unusual/off the beaten path card meanings (including some from Kabbalistic perspective) go deep into the Celtic Cross and ALSO we’ll be creating our own (virtual) Tarot decks. Probably not 78 card decks, perhaps around 10 cards? We’ll see. And do readings for each other from THESE! Anyway, it’ll be a whole lot of Tarot fun for the Tarot obsessives out there. Also I will welcome YOUR Tarot topics, whatever you are obsessed with! 

I am raising rates a bit starting September 1st. Look here for the latest about my Astro/Tarot readings. 

Love and Blessings to all who visit here. Thank you xo

The Truth About SoulMates AND Jupiter Through My 12th House

"jupiter in leo astrology" Your soulmate’s job is not to make you happy.
Although that sometimes happens.
Your soulmate’s job is to help you grow.
And by that I mean — learn truth. Your soulmate’s job is to help you learn more and more truth about life. Every day.
My soulmate does this for me.

Want I want to teach these days is above and beyond astrology and maps of of stars. And I know not everyone will be on board with this. I know not everyone will understand. But that’s always been the case with me and my writing. Some get it and some don’t. Response does not always equal understanding.

I’m embracing more my role as teacher. I always rejected it. Both my mother and father were teachers.

Is there a role you are embracing now? Realizing it is yours? 

Jupiter is the teacher, transiting my 12th so that is what I have to bring you: 12th House knowledge, 12th House information, 12th House spirit, 12th House story, 12th House truth.

I hope you’ll stay with me as I do this–

What is the 12th House? It’s the House of meditation and magic and the witch. It’s a really interesting time to get a reading from me ;) It’s the house of solitude and sorrow — but with Jupiter there? :) Jupiter lifts up his big paw to shake your big paw, licks your face.

Jupiter is a horse made of jasmine. Jupiter is restoration and remedy. Jupiter rules blessings. I suggest you find transiting Jupiter in your chart, the LEO part of your chart, because you have a story there. Jupiter rules wealth. You have more than one story there :)

Really interesting astrology this weekend: Sun and Mercury in Leo trine Uranus and squaring Saturn. Brilliant ideas that you’re afraid of i.e. you don’t trust them.

And then the Full Moon in Aquarius. Uranus has come to liberate you. I suggest you celebrate. The square to Saturn is a matter of respect. Pay tribute to the wise teachers, to the gods. Put something fresh on the altar. Wipe it down. The house is also a body. Take care of your body. Take care of your house (the Moon). Your Full Moon in Aquarius is your body, your house, bursting with a blaze of inspiration and an intuitive vibration that is so high in frequency, and rushes past you so fast, all you see is the beautiful blur like a bright blue crinkling cellophane candy wrapper. Yes, you are right — the gods do wag their finger at you — but not to bring you down, not because you were bad; they are playful in their wagging. They are here to remind you of your DUTY. Both Uranus AND Saturn rule Aquarius. Learn the rules and then break them, my love. It is your duty TO LIVE.

And about SoulMates: just in case my news depressed you, it is truly nothing to be depressed about. And I have a feeling that if you are reading my blog, this is NOT news to you at all but something you’ve already felt many times, especially when wondering why you are struggling so — with the person in your life or with NOT having a person in your life.

To be continued… 

There will be a TAROT class forming in late August. Details to come. What I have in mind right now is a 4 week class – each week with a different focus but also plenty of room to roam and ask questions on any Tarot topic, from individual cards to techniques, etc. I definitely want a week on the Celtic Cross — going deeper into this spread. Details to come.

A few thoughts on the Moon card click here for my latest Beliefnet post

Tarot Talk: You Are The Death Card

I was getting a little nervous because I kept seeing the Death card.

And not just any Death card — but the Death card over and over in certain positions of certain spreads as well as some astrological hints, in the form of Saturn and… I was getting a little nervous.

I didn’t know what it was about, and NO all the usual keywords were not enough. It’s change! It’s transformation! It’s an end!  And a beginning! It’s NOT A LITERAL DEATH. Or maybe it fucking IS.

So I consulted my guides — human and ethereal — and I got some insight BUT STILL… something remained OPEN in me. The question remained open, like a ticket. An open ticket when your website isn’t working properly and you are waiting for the call back team!

AND THEN THE OTHER NIGHT WHEN I COULD NOT SLEEP I HAD AN INSIGHT about the Death card showing up in my life at this time because I thought it was X. And then I thought it was Y. And then Z. And then I WOKE UP TO THE FACT THAT I AM THE DEATH CARD AND I HAVE TO CHANGE. 

See, I was looking at everyone and everything… but me.

That’s ME in the mirror (I wrote to myself). I have to change. I have to die – metaphorically speaking :) It’s ME.

I wanted to address someone I had a reading with this evening. I don’t even know if she reads my blog but she, like many Aries Rising, has Mars transiting her 7th House now — and until summer 2014.

The MOST IMPORTANT THING you can do, for yourself, and for your relationships in 2014 is to make a CHOICE. Not outsource your choice. Not reflect the desires of others. Not create chaos. Not create NO CHOICE situations, where secrets come out and thus you are forced into this way or that way. But instead — BEFORE THAT POINT of no return (and this gal has Pluto in her 7th as well and a Scorpio Moon so you know it ain’t easy for her!)

Maybe she too needs to see Death on his white horse raising the banner and heralding CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE *and* die.

This is not drama. This is not dramarama. This is real life! The Tarot is real life! It is showing us what we need to know, always. But what we need to know is often below below below below and then a little more below the surface.

What cards are YOU seeing? 

Love, MP


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The ALL-TAROT On-Line Course Starts This Monday, November 18th

I’m going to be doing my FIRST All-Tarot course. WE START THIS MONDAY. 

It will be a drop-in format, like my other classes. I don’t lecture at specific times per se, but I post material and folks comment and visit the “chat room” when they are able, and participate as much or as little as they want.

Three-weeks but could go a bit longer, if we need the time. No longer than a month though.

The class will be INFORMATION HEAVY:

card-by-card meanings, spreads (traditional, new, my own, YOUR OWN).

I’ve amassed a little lovely Tarot book collection and I will be sharing words from my fave authors and authorities, as well as sharing my *own* personal meanings for the cards.

THERE WILL BE HOMEWORK (for those who want) and I will encourage you to create your own library of meanings.

Because we will go card-by card, I will be interspersing talk of the elements and Tarot-numerology as we go. Not sure if we’ll have time to go deep into astrological correspondences, but we’ll see.

We will also have designated Q & A times/days so that we can stray from the curriculum and discuss related topics: trusting your intuition, markers of intuition in your natal chart, favorite decks, how to handle your deck, and so on. But then we’ll return to my Virgoan structures! Chop chop!

PLEASE KNOW we will NOT be discussing reversals except the general theory of them. This is also NOT a history of Tarot class. This class is more hands-on, practical, experiential, informational, geared for those who want to be exposed to MORE card meanings and spreads and basically want to immerse themselves in this stuff :)

$125 by PayPal. Will run this class even with a small group so please get in touch with me soon. WE BEGIN MONDAY.

You don’t need your own deck to participate but would be helpful of course so you can practice!

Got questions? EMAIL ME or message me on Facebook! 

Love, MP

P.S. Someone just asked if this is a BEGINNER’s class and I’d say YES, especially because we are going card-by-card.

Also forgot to mention another important topic which we MUST and will discuss: asking QUESTIONS of the cards. How-to. 

Tarot Today: Seven Of Wands!

Cancer is the I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT sign. Moods. We are ruled by them.

And I just don’t feeeel like blogging about today’s Full Moon in Pisces (which everyone is reporting feels heavy heavy heavy) or Pluto going direct (tomorrow) or Saturn sextile Pluto.

I want to write about a Tarot card I pulled today. I’m random like that :)

I asked the cards what the Universe wanted me to know, a fairly common question to start the day or end the day or any old time you DARE shuffle and cut, all the while knowing you could see, um, THE TOWER or DEATH or JUDGEMENT. I love the Judgement card by the way, but before bed? Nah. Despite the nudity ;)

So I got two sweet cards right off the bat, two sweet sixes and then I pulled the SEVEN OF WANDS, a dude I see fairly often and this card is named VALOR (by Crowley) and suggests overcoming the obstacles but of course if we are overcoming then… that means THEY ARE THERE. Seven of them, at least.

And then I thought to myself: hmm, Self, are you sure? Are you sure this card isn’t telling you to CHILL? I know I know it’s not the 4 of Swords but sometimes when I see the 7 of Wands I feel that… I’m fighting a battle that I don’t really have to. Am I sure those Wands are after me? Opposing me? Enemy-ing me?

He does look worried in his green tunic, doesn’t he? He’s surrounded on all sides but… Wait. Behind him is the pale blue sky and–

You know what? He can walk away. Put down his weapon and walk away.

What cards are you seeing? 

Love, MP



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Tarot Thoughts & A Scorpio Season Preview

A gal in one of the chat rooms today pulled the Three of Swords for herself and I said to her:

Notice how you add or subtract from the Three of Swords. S

he asked me what I meant and I said REFRAME. I know this was the card you pulled and thus you are feeling it. And we feel what we feel, but then what? We can add to the story or subtract from the story or reframe. You don’t have to marry the loss.

And then it got interesting :)

Adding and subtracting, I said. If you add ONE, you get the 4 of Swords. Rest.

And if you subtract ONE, you get the 2 of Swords: she’s not 100% sure but she’s solid. She’s okay with that. 


Other things on my mind: the idea of this year’s Scorpio Season as SOUL RETRIEVAL. I am just beginning to delve into shamanism and soul retrieval and mildly obsessed :)

Venus (what you value) is already in passionate Scorpio.

Mercury (your mind) enters Scorpio at the end of the month. Goes retrograde in October.

Venus is already trine Neptune and will trine Chiron and Jupiter. Your passion is supported. Venus will conjoin Saturn (the teacher!) and the North Node (who you must become).

What I think you should do with this energy: commit to what you value most. I think you have a chance here to… abandon what, to you, is meaningless and to kidnap your desire.

What does your soul WANT most? No way to know unless you are whole. That’s the soul retrieval part.

Scorpio Season can be the journey itself for you STARTING NOW with Venus there. The rescuing. The rescuing of who you truly are. The coming back together of YOU and then it fans out into… the rest of your life. And hell’s bells, Mercury was the messenger! Back and forth between the living world and the dead world AND Mercury will be going retrograde in the sign of penetration and REBIRTH.

Are you feeling this? More to come as my obsession grows :)

Love, MP


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Tarot For Your Week! Airlift!

The feeling that you want to be AIRLIFTED out of your life.

That’s what the sky-energy feels like to some of my clients right now. Is it their transits? Or the sky itself? I’m not going to tell you. But I do wonder if you are feeling the same.

Oh and another theme I’m seeing is courage vs. cowardice: the courageous thinking they’re cowards. If you are reading this, if you are still here, you are not a coward.

When you feel overwhelmed by life, the best advice I have, at the moment, is to take a step back and observe. React less. Watch. Watch the other people. Watch your emotional intensity. Take a step back. Prepare for airlift :) How easy is this? Not easy.

I’m in the middle of a really groovy Saturn book and the author was saying (paraphrasing) that awful feeling of feeling stuck means changes that are coming are delayed. It will happen. It is going to happen. It is ON THE WAY.

But to me, right now, it feels like a shaking machine. Shake shake shake shake shake shake shake.

One card: THE STAR.

What are you wishing for? 

Love, MP

Notes From A Tarot Reader: Do You Believe In Fate?

When I say something is “unwritten,” it means you have a choice. Free-will. Yes, I believe that sometimes we have free-will and sometimes we don’t and I feel that I can feel this at times. What is yes, what is no, what is UP TO YOU.

I was thinking about this while washing the dishes just now. Whether I am going to move out of my current apartment soon or not and I couldn’t really feel it either way until I realized, until I had my AHA MOMENT, that it wasn’t written yet i.e. I would get to choose. I wouldn’t get thrown out (long story).

What are you experiences? As a Tarot Reader or other reader? As one who gets readings? What do you see? What do you feel? And do you believe in FATE and/or FREE-WILL?

Love MP


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Tarot Topics: No Bad Cards

These days when I do Tarot for myself, I tend to hold my breath, even if I’m just asking for advice.

I drew the following, looking for general advice, wisdom, but then as I was laying them out, my love life came to mind.

Knight of Pentacles, then the Ace of Cups, then the Ace of Wands (in the middle of those two). Followed by The Star.

And then I had to draw again, another 3-card spread (and maybe one extra) with my love life in mind 100%. Again I held my breath. Page of Wands. And then the Sun. Knight of Cups in the middle.

Doing Tarot readings for oneself is controversial. The man who taught me the basics of Tarot believes that one SHOULD be able to do it. But I know plenty of folks who don’t. It frightens them. You draw and then you must face the draw.

Two good spreads. No bad cards. I haven’t put my head to interpreting them yet and I also wasn’t asking for specifics. Just general energy or… if anything leapt out at me (i.e. a bad card!).

There is always more than meets the eye though with Tarot. On a different day, I drew three cards and completely misunderstood the meaning. It wasn’t clear to me until days later. The “real” meaning was much darker. And that spread also had no bad cards!

And maybe you are one of those people who doesn’t mind seeing The Tower (hi Beth!) or Death or the Devil, which reminds me, I was seeing the Devil quite a bit back in March and those meanings were not clear to me either until recently.

I know I know I’m being evasive but I’ve told so many life stories lately, it’s good to take a break from the deep down, right? :)

Do you get bad cards? 

Love, MP


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The *What Now* Tarot Spread

This spread is for when you feel blocked in some area of your life. Or blocked in MANY areas :)

We look at the past, briefly, but mostly examine the present moment. What you need to do as well as what you haven’t yet noticed yet. The final card gives advice for how to get unstuck.


Card One: the recent past (possible cause)

Card Two: the present moment (right now, give or take a month)

Card Three: what to do about it (could be an action, could be a thought process)

Card Four: what/who is keeping you stuck (FOR REAL)

Card Five: clue #1/secret knowledge (pay attention)

Card Six: clue #2/secret knowledge (pay attention)

Card Seven: how to light a fire, how to move forward


Saturn is retrograde in my 3rd House and I’m not blogging/writing (3rd House) as much as I used to. I keep thinking to myself that I *need* to write horoscopes but that interests about as much as describing the planets through the signs (ugh) and yet Saturn calls for discipline. Maybe this spread will shed some light! I am going to try it now :)


Wow. What an intense, accurate (I think) and moving spread. Do try this one. Let me know how you like it.

Love, MP


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Weekend Love Tarot (And A Poem And Saturn Retrograde)

Saturn retrograde: structures collapse.

This is what I was thinking as I was on the treadmill the other day. Saturn is a test. Saturn retrograde is also a test. I know others are feeling the break. I am feeling the dissolve. Not that Saturn retrograde becomes Neptune but fixed water “in reverse” becomes sloppy water. Not that Scorpio, literally, goes retrograde but… do you get what I’m saying here? We may need to hold ourselves together more. Put in new structures. Maybe this sounds counterintuitive. Maybe it sounds perfect. You tell me what your experience is so far. I don’t always comment on every comment but I read them all and the readers here benefit from your wisdom and expertise.  Suddenly there’s a free-fall and we must re-inflate the raft. Or swim to shore.


One of my Twitter pals was wondering where the poems went. Well… I only did half of my 30 Poems in 30 Days project and right as I was reaching the middle point, I heard back from that literary journal who is taking one of my poems. The truth is, I miss it too :) Here’s a poem from the Archives for the Glossy Queen from Twitter :)

Jesus of the Subway

You act like someone else is holding me up,

when really it’s just myself.

Afraid of the marketplace,

I move slowly through crowds

to the train,

and by chance the rain

has drowned no one I know—

only made puddles where I wait with the others

for the Number 3 and here it comes

so fast I want to fall down

or lie down.
All of us get in,

all our limbs are safe,

even the babies in the baby carriages,

even danger is safe in Brooklyn,

in the summer,

in this doggone weather,

when I’m here.


So when you act like someone else

is holding me up,

I tell you no,

it’s my own strong arms.


Cards for your weekend in LOVE (we do jump around a lot here, don’t we?) but first a little astrology:

The Moon is in Leo Saturday and Sunday. I give this a THUMBS UP for love in general because Leo is generous and warm and… dramatic :)

Leo also loves a lavish meal which could be fun whether you are dining in or out :) The problem is that the Moon isn’t well supported by this sky. We get good aspects to Uranus and Jupiter but otherwise… the audience (which Leo needs) is missing which makes a big cat sad. On the other hand, this lovely Leo Moon could be well aspected in *your* chart and that counts!

Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces on Saturday and the past becomes present again. Far as love goes, you could hear from past lovers or be dealing with past issues or just… past the point of no return. This is not the time to cut. Wait.

Astrologically speaking I give this weekend an “eh” for love. Tzuris.

Advice from the Tarot: 

Any move you make now would be a false move. Nothing is clear so do nothing.


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