Do You Have Planets In The Third House? The Third Is A Bird

"pluto in the third house"
I want to get to the heart of it

I did a quick Google search for the gals in one of my chat rooms because Jupiter is now transiting my Third House and it’s on my mind. I want to go beyond the obvious although I have noticed that I am WAY more social than “normal.” Third House is CHATTY, ruled by Gemini. Gemini talks. Gemini writes.

In fact, as I mentioned to them, I spent all day with a friend/collaborator and  didn’t get tired! Usually I am desperate for solitude after an hour or two of other people!

So what is the Third? What is inside the Third beside the usual stuff? Siblings, neighbors, immediate environment, all kinds of communications, mind, perception, short trips, cars, business, busyness, whatever else we can find in Rex Bills, et al. 

And I started thinking about people I know with a busy Third House and they are smart and can’t stop thinking. They rely more on head, not heart. In fact, a complete divorce from the heart center and feelings can cause all kinds of problems. The feelings don’t truly get processed. Instead, they get thought about! Analyzed. TOO MANY WORDS. The Third House is not body.

So what is this blog post for? Advice for Too Much Third? The true nature of the Third? Problem planets in the Third? Let’s explore each one briefly.

(And yes now that Jupiter is moving through my Third I feel like blogging all the time which would definitely qualify as a Third House activity! Writing!)

Advice for too much Third House (and “too much” is not a judgement here. Just meaning it’s a crowded house for you!)
Gotta be IN YOUR BODY — but this is different than jittery must-stay-busy kind of energy. It’s PRESENT.
Be present. Is Gemini present? Gemini rules the Third House. Do you know how? How do you know if you are???

Now I’m not saying ALL real life Gemini are one way or another. I’m talking about the energy itself.

Gemini is MIND. An air sign. Mental. Intellectual. Fluttering and flitting. AIR IS NOT EARTH. Earth slows us down. Earth is a tree growing up from the dug in. It can’t go anywhere unless it gets pushed by man or weather. It stays put unless pushed by man or weather. AIR IS NOT THIS WAY. Air is always in transit. Trees are not always in transit.

Too much Third House is a lot of movement and too much Third is a call to S L O W D O W N. If your Third House is packed you probably know what I’m saying here.

Make sense? IF NOT, ASK ME!!!!

(Problem) Planets in the Third:
Sun here: fine be a writer.
Moon here: fine be a writer.
Mercury here: fine be a writer.
Venus here: fine be a…

But seriously.
Too many planets in the Third House = overthinking. You can get scattered, lose direction, be all up in your head.
Saturn here can lead to pervasive depressive mood or anxiety (or give great power of concentration).
Uranus here can be unstable (or a genius inventor).
Neptune here can have really poor reading comprehension (or be a poet).
Pluto here can’t stop thinking about death (or is a psychotherapist taking you to the taboo you wish you could forget).

As I wrote above, the Third House is movement.
It can’t sit still. Always moving and it can lack depth and scatter its vision. Fickle. It may not take the time to finish but instead will move on from conversations, from commitments, from people.

But notice the language skill, the precision, the right word. The flow of language and arms and legs, always on the go. One danger is going in circles and never truly expanding (Ninth House energy).

The Third House is a bird but what happens if you, Third House person reading this, decide to not move so much and so fast but to sit still in your energy like the tree does? Try it and tell me how it goes :)

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INTO THE FIRE: Five Tips For The Sun Jupiter Conjunction In Scorpio (October 26th)

Be courageous. Do something BRAVE. Do something you’re afraid to do. Can you think of just one thing? Don’t compare it to anyone else’s thing. The astrology? Mars rules Scorpio, along with Pluto, and Mars is brave. Mars runs into the fire.

Tell a story. I was talking to a client the other day about speaking her truth, going deeper and deeper into her story, returning to her past to bear witness. This Sun Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio happens in her Third House, which rules words, written and spoken, but Sun Jupiter is always a storyteller no matter the sign. What do you need to say? 

Be yourself. Be yourself boldly and proudly. The Sun is YOU and Jupiter is confident! Jupiter “expands what it touches.” Is there a part of you that you’d prefer to forget? Reclaim it! You wish it weren’t there? Reclaim it! Explore and reclaim it!

Visit the underworld. Visit the underworld with flowers or other gifts while you’re retrieving the lost parts of you. Who do you want to visit? Or maybe there’s an answer you seek. Spend time in meditation, chakra balancing, shamanic journeying. I do not make this list haphazardly or flippantly. These are all things I value and Scorpio Season especially a Sun Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio REQUIRES our attention to the spiritual. Sun Jupiter is happy. Enter smiling.

Return to your magick. Maybe you’ve been away from your altar, your ritual. Maybe you left some practices behind or it all feels dull. You want to reconnect. START AGAIN TOMORROW. This aspect happens but once a year! When was the last time you lit a candle with clear intention? When was the last you had a clear intention or pushed your energy into your desire? Recommit to your magick.

These are just for starters my friends. Of course there’s more! Let me know what you come up with xoxo

"sun conjunct jupiter"

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Vomit On The Veil: On Scorpio Season & The Neptune Sea

Let’s talk upcoming transits. Transits are where the planets are now and how they affect us.

You may think I don’t want to waste my time in this Neptune sea, but I recommend you waste your time in this Neptune sea.

You want to be psychic? Want to “improve your intuition?” Want to talk to the dead? Come to the Neptune sea. It’s starting. Mercury’s in Scorpio. Sun’s in Scorpio. Jupiter too. They will trine Neptune as will Venus and Mars once they leave Libra. We don’t have a choice. This is what happens, it’s what the planets do.

Remember that a trine is the easier energy to manage that we take for granted. Stuff just falls in our laps. Good stuff. We get lucky. We are lucky. We don’t notice it. Important to remmeber this when you feel forsaken and forgotten. There’s a trine in the sky if not in your chart (although you may have at least ONE. I knew a woman who had NONE).

And you may think: I want a guarantee, but you don’t need a guarantee. That’s the work of the trine. It says YES. So we all get a YES under this sky.

Listen closely now: I’m going to tell you the only thing that Pluto has to teach us and Pluto co-rules Scorpio (along with Mars). Here’s your Pluto lesson for the day:  the way you survive this life is by making it okay no matter what you lose. Master that and you’ve got it made.

My mother was a Scorpio. Y’all should know this by now. Sun Mercury Venus Mars. I grew up with this energy. I know how ugly it can be. I know how holy it can be. I am her product. See me? Read me? I speak for her now. Scorpio Season is NOW. It’s ugly and it’s holy. Is it worth it to you? To stay with it? Do you want to? Do you want it? Is it worth it? 

I know my mother carried more letters full of secrets than the US postal service and of course I remember her during Scorpio Season and especially November when her birthday is. She didn’t have the Scoripo Pisces trine though.

But we do. We will. All of it can be redeemed over these days, over all these days until the Sun changes sign next month so the question remains like I asked above:

Is it worth it.
Do you want it.
Is it worth it.
Do you want it.

I’ll tell you what I’m thinking. I want it. Whether it’s worth it? I’ll let you know.

"sun trine neptune"

Sagittarius in Hell + The Stars This Week!

"venus square pluto"
Sagittarius is the storyteller.

They don’t stop talking. And I don’t mean this in a mean or critical way.

I’ve always had Sagittarius in my life, especially women. I love them. My favorite priest is a Sagittarius. Even the friendly and fierce manager of my favorite coffee shop is a Sag. And yes I’m sure there are quiet and demure ones, but I haven’t met them yet in real life.

Also as you probably know, Saturn (symbolizing restriction, limitation, wisdom, the teacher) is leaving Sagittarius this December and will enter its home sign of Capricorn.

So please get ready to listen to Sagittarius.

This is my advice: you will need to be patient.

Almost every Sagittarius Sun, Moon, and Rising has been through hell over the last 2 1/2 years and they have a lot to say. So be patient. Listen. Okay okay tune out when you must ;) but then LISTEN!!!!

Sagittarius, believe it or not, has been QUIET all this time. They have not been able to speak their truth, not like they need to, not like they SHOULD!

But Saturn leaves their sign and they will finally be free to speak again and teach again and travel again and roam and romp again. They will be free to tell their stories again, feel hope again.

And it will be worth listening to.


I was about to say it was going to be an uneventful week

UNTIL I saw Venus square Pluto (exact on Friday).

Earlier in the week, while that square is building:

Mercury trine Neptune (Tuesday) is a breeze. It’s BLISS. Blissful. Your mind on drugs except you don’t need any. I have this in my natal. I call it the poet’s aspect! Yes it’s great for writing.

Sun conjunct Jupiter (Thursday) is a full on ray of sunshine, but it’s SCORPIO SUNSHINE this week. We’re traveling through the underworld. The underworld can be dark. The underworld can be steamy. THE UNDERWORLD IS FULL OF DEAD PEOPLE. It’s the underworld after all.


What to do?

How to act?

Who to talk to?

What to avoid?

Honestly I think this week feels GOOD but it feels better for some than others.

For those of us who enjoy intense Pluto undercurrents, we are in our element. This is our sea. We never want to stay on the surface of things anyway.

The Venus Pluto square isn’t bad but it keeps us on edge all week with questions such as:

who really has the power here? Me? Them?

Who? And do I even want it?? Do I want to give it up? Hmmmm???

Problems may arise because Venus’ seduction skills can cloak some of the more nefarious Pluto influences. And you may fall hook, line, and sinker for whatever Pluto offers you.

Listen to me:


Take your time. Evaluate. DO YOUR RESEARCH. Scorpio always does


I keep thinking about this combination: Scorpio Season begins today (writing to you Sunday October 22nd) with Mars entering Libra:

Mars “rules” Scorpio (traditional ruler).

And Mars in Libra hunts Libra people places things. Mars in Libra hunts LOVE.

With the Sun in Scorpio it’s gonna be more relentless. Ruthless even.

So I recommend you figure out what you want and go for it but in a Libra way. Charm it.

Choose your weapon (i.e. strategy) and make sure it’s a pretty one

And this:

Don’t hunt anything you do not HAVE TO HAVE.

These times, these days, right now, are for keeps. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Pluto Opposition Sun: DONE

"pluto oppose sun"

I can’t believe it. I’m in shock.

And I know I’m going to be blogging about this for a while to come. 
Saturn square my Moon DONE. Not out of my Fourth House yet but Saturn square Moon DONE. 


And I first had Pluto Sun when I had Uranus Sun. Same time. YEARS AGO. I was still in NYC. And then came Saturn on my IC square my Ascendent (bad!).

So this is a personal post and I’m here to tell you that I’m on the mountain now. Or maybe I’m in the field. Maybe it’s a dirt road. I don’t know what it is but it’s DONE. I’m on the other side. Pluto promises (does Pluto promise?) death and rebirth.

It’s hard to explain but I’ll try. I feel it. I feel on the other side and yes Pluto has more of my planets to oppose but at the later degrees have more support and the SUN IS THE SUN. There is only one Sun in your chart and one Ascendent and one Moon. The heart of you.

All I can say is… the ending of this transit is so major that… I don’t know anything and yet I know everything (everything I needed to know) and I kept working throughout it all. Rarely did I stop. I stopped for Hurricane Irma. I think I stopped BRIEFLY when I left NYC for Ohio and then Florida.

I feel all this… space. And I’m not sure what to do with it yet or where I’m going. I do know that my book is supposed to come out next year and… we’ll see. Life before the Uranus Pluto square. Life after the Uranus Pluto square. Life before Pluto Sun. Life after Pluto Sun.

To be continued…

What To Do For Scorpio Season: TIPS & TRICKS

"jupiter in scorpio"
I want to tell you what to do for Scorpio Season
without giving you an insipid list of tips and tricks

or tell you that the veil is thinning even though the veil is indeed thinning.

It’s more like a wall for most people. A WALL.

And now even necromancy is getting trendy. Good luck with that. Don’t forget to ground and shield, y’all.

When I tried to reach my beloved Cleo earlier this year, and I did try, it was part veil, part wall, part indestructible determination on my part. Got as close as I could (pretty damn close). 

Scorpio Season or Samhain Season puts us in the mind of dealing with the dead so that’s why. That’s why the “veil thins.” Because everybody’s doing it! Makes the veil weaker. Makes the veil gossamer. 

This week we have a New Moon in Libra opposing Uranus and what is Moon Uranus my friends? Crazy. This week we have Mercury entering Scorpio and meeting up with Jupiter. What is Mercury Jupiter? Crazy.

But seriously: 

Mercury Jupiter is joyful, but in Scorpio? That shit is dark. Daaaaaark.

And by dark I mean not all this death and rebirth transformation romantic sexy phoenix jizz but the lower levels, the lower floors. THE BASEMENT. Basements smell. Basement Scorpio manipulates and the Sun enters Scorpio too this week and…

Let me remind you that I love Scorpio. My mother had her Sun Mercury Venus and Mars in Scorpio and I loved my mother, good Cancer that I am.

Any words here are not ANTI SCORPIO but please don’t think for a moment that there isn’t always something else going on with Scorpio. Always.

And NO it’s not the same for all signs and all times. Some signs, like Scorpio, like Libra, are always thinking three four five six steps ahead. Personally I find it exahusting, sensitive teddy bear Cancer that I am.


So here’s your tip, here’s your trick for getting the most out of Scorpio Season and really any time of year when Scorpios are afoot: 

LEARN from the Scorpios who appear to have what they want and need in this life and learn from the ones who are writhing in agony. You get lessons from both. Learn, listen, watch. 

And this: intensity is not the same thing as maturity or wisdom or kindness.

Happy New New Moon. 
Happy Jupiter in Scorpio 
Happy END OF TRANSITING PLUTO OPPOSING MY SUN (it’s been years, in combination with other brutal transits). 

But how are you, my darling?

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JUPITER ENTERS SCORPIO: Bold Assessments & Possibly Offensive

"jupiter in scorpio"
That there will be an increase in everything that is Scorpio.

Jupiter “expands what it touches” and it entered the sign of Scorpio on October 10th for the next thirteen months so we move from the imagery of Libra to the imagery of Scorpio and this is a significant shift.

So we run through the list of Jupiter keywords and we run through the list of Libra keywords (what’s leaving) and we run through the list of Scorpio keywords (what’s coming in) but if I had to pick ONE.

If I had to pick ONE Scorpio keyword right here right now. What would it be? What IS Scorpio? 

I’ll tell you a story which I may have told before about an evening with a Scorpio friend of mine.

I told him a secret. Well, he pried it out of me. Relentless, he was. He pried it out of me and it was something about my family and he called it like he saw it. He called that person I was talking about a piece of shit.

He made an instant judgement call. And he was right. Still, it shocked me. So at the same time he was honest, totally straightforward, harsh, truthful, and yet also supportive because embedded within his insult of THAT person was support of me. Although you might not see it unless you looked closely. And in that moment, that moment of telling, he understood why I was the way I was. The pieces fit now.

To me that’s the best of Scorpio. They see clearly, they see instantly, they support you. No bullshit.

Now, that’s not all Scorpio is. Every sign has its good and bad and neutral but this memory is a good memory.

Jupiter entering Scorpio means there’s going to be more truth, more unpleasant truth, but also more support. Thing is this though… you won’t get that undying support UNTIL you tell the honest truth, the honest story. UNTIL YOU SHOW YOURSELF.

"jupiter in scorpio"

I delayed class. We begin November 1st. Here’s the link. Write me for details!

Pluto Goes Direct + This Weekend Two For One *SALE*

"pluto goes direct"
Some thoughts about Pluto going direct in Libra Season can be found HERE at my Tree City Witch column over at Patheos Pagan in which I don’t actually recommend you do blood magick. Do your craft at your own risk, my friends.

Here’s a taste:

Another way this could play out and this scenario is pretty likely actually: you will become obsessed with love. Libra rules love. You will become obsessed with desire, with feeding your desire, gaining power over your desire. You will feel unstoppable, insatiable, hungry. The result of this I’m not so sure. I don’t know your chart. But I guarantee you this: you will feel your desire multiply and you will want to feed.

The Jupiter in Scorpio class begins October 10th in a private Facebook Group. CLICK HERE FOR INFO or message me at

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That’s all for right now. It may not be Virgo Season anymore but we got Mercury, Venus, and Mars there still. May as well be!!!

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Jupiter in Scorpio On-Line CLASS Starts October 10th!!

"jupiter in scorpio"
: a secret Facebook group!
When: we begin October 10th. We run 4 weeks (a month)
Cost: sliding scale. Choose a number between $85 and $185 and I’ll let you in to the group!

What it’s all about: 

Jupiter changes signs once a year (give or take a month) so THIS MATTERS for us all, collectively, but it matters for each individual as well.

This is why we’ll be talking JUPITER, what this planetary energy means big picture, and we’ll be talking SCORPIO – the sign Jupiter is entering – and we’ll be talking YOUR CHARTS. Mars and Pluto “rule” Scorpio so those energies will get our attention as well!

Goodbye Jupiter in Libra. Hello Jupiter in Scorpio! The THEMES change!!!
And where you need to focus, chart-wise, may change for you as well! 

All my classes are DISCUSSION based although lurkers are welcome! 

I will post videos every week (usually from my phone, directly uploaded to the secret group. No one else can see these!)

I will bring us thought provoking discussion prompts every week.

Each chart will get discussed more than once!

I will maintain a regular presence and be available to answer questions.

We will discuss the nature of Jupiter, the nature of Scorpio, the MAJOR aspects Jupiter in Scorpio will make to the outer planets during its transit!

YOU just need to show up :) talk if you want, lurk if you want.

You do NOT need to know anything about astrology to enjoy this class and to learn, but it’s also suitable for astrology mavens! We will jump right in! 

Got questions? Just send me a message xoxo

You’re So Critical! Mercury & Mars Conjunct In Virgo This Weekend

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"hurricane irma"
three crows

THIS WEEKEND we have a Mercury Mars conjunction in VIRGO.

In very plain English: YOUR MIND WILL BE ON FIRE.

And I mean this in a good way!

I’ll tell you what this weekend is good for.

-working (labor for money or labor of love)
-practical magick
-practical problem solving
-making lists
-making changes to your health or nutrition
-organizing home and/or office
-getting the job done
-making progress
-eating well
-taking about food and health and wellness
-good grammar
-creative inspiration

You *could be* short tempered.

Mercury is your WORDS.

Virgo is critical, analytical.

Mars is energy. Mars gets irritable. Angry.

And a conjunction aspect is when the two energies are FUSED.

So there could be angry words, angry people. Could be you, could be them.

My advice:

do your work, do your thing!
What’s your thing? Do it!!!!

Don’t get up in people’s drama.

Be practical, efficient, effective.

The energy suits the wisdom teachers and writers and ascetics among us the best but you social butterflies may also find some use out of this transit i.e. due to the EXTRA clean concentration you’ll have! FUEL FOR YOUR BRAIN like a good avocado!

This sky energy also suits the ACTIVISTS and public servants. It is VIRGO after all and Virgo SERVES. Virgo HELPS. VIRGO sees the problem and zooms in to fix with alarming amazing clarity and skill. 

We have another interesting aspect this weekend which I’ll just mention briefly:

we have harmony between beautiful charming nice Venus and surprising electrifying URANUS.

You COULD get a windfall of love or money or both.

Venus Uranus is freedom. Freedom in the way you look and love and make your money. I like it. NO I LOVE IT. Love this weekend.

This reminds me, this morning I drew THE SUN from Crowley’s Thoth deck and I was posting about it in the class (AND YES YOU CAN STILL JOIN US) and I have his Book of Thoth and this book, this deck, is an entire world, it’s hard to excerpt and yet I liked this phrase of his about the SUN card:


Have a beautiful weekend. Stay safe and dry my friends xoxo

Are You Virgo Enough? Thoughts On The Stars Next Week!

"full moon in pisces"
Virgo Season/Pisces Full Moon ahoy

My blog is not dead. I’m still here!

As I often say I’m easier found on Facebook and I’m working on draft two of my book. My Tarot class launches next week (click here!) and if you want to get my free newsletter this is where to look.
But I have NOT forgotten you! 

"sun trine pluto"
Sun trine Pluto

Let’s talk astrology: 

Mercury has retrograded back to Leo.
The Moon is in work work work Capricorn as I type this.

This week we have an exciting inspiring passionate Mars Uranus trine (harmonious).
Mercury retro conjoins Mars on Sunday (talk talk talk)

Sun opposes Neptune 
Mars enters Virgo 
Mercury goes direct 
Full Moon in Pisces 
Mercury re-enters Virgo

There are additional “minor” aspects of course but this is the major action and it’s all about YOUR VIRGO/PISCES axis.

You figure this out once you know your birth time which will lead you to your Rising Sign which will lead you to knowing the house division of your chart and THEN you know okay THIS is my Virgo house and THIS is my Pisces.  (Yes you can hire me to help you with this.)

We all have Virgo and Pisces SOMEWHERE even if we do not have natal planets in those signs. Also, we have transiting planets in both those signs so it matters!!! Your Virgo Pisces axis matters! Tis the key to RIGHT NOW. 

Y’all know I’m personal. I’m a personal, spiritual, practical astrologer. YES I talk about the collective and collective energy but your chart is YOUR CHART.

My advice for this week: 

I refuse. I refuse to walk the road I usually do with this: Virgo neat and clean or messy but critical. Pisces la la la Neptune. The interaction between these two sides. Tidy and chaotic. Mercury mind and Neptune bliss and breeze. I refuse. Let me think up something a little more interesting. Give me a minute. 

What I sense is this:
the pressure is on.

And you will have to schedule in your Neptune moments.

I don’t know if this is more of the same old “advice” but it’s what I’m feeling here —

Virgo dominates the week, but that Full Moon in Pisces walks in the room to say:

I matter too. 

And this ignored MATTER of the matter is (in) your Pisces House!

Make sense? 

BEST part of this week is that powerful Sun Pluto trine. Your work takes on a golden hue. You’re not resentful. You’re swimming in Virgoan/Capricornian job-well-done delight.

It feels good. It is good. On top of your game you are!!!

"moon conjunct pluto"
my 2014 creation

Okay folks! I’m out for now. Find me on Facebook! We’d love to see you in the Tarot class! We start on Tuesday – it’s a six week journey into the heart of the Tarot and Tarot deck creation guidance, whether your deck is REAL or imaginary. 

That said, we DO have actual artists in there :) and they ARE gonna make decks. Am I? Maybe someday. For me it’s more about the creative process and the discovery. It always is.

Still, I wonder, what would MY Empress look like? 


How To Get Unstuck Using Astrology (And Tarot)

"sun square pluto"
2014 Hanged Man

This is exactly what astrology is for. Getting unstuck.

You have a birth chart. You have to learn your birth chart.

You need to listen to a competent astrologer or other guide that you trust. One who will tell you what your strengths are and what your weaknesses/defaults are.  Doesn’t have to be me, but that’s a big part of my job. I admit not everyone wants to hear about their shadow or what holds them back. But if you want to get unstuck, don’t you need to talk deep? Talk real? Not saying it’s easy.

We all need someone who will tell us the whole compassionate truth. Me too! It will do you no good to have only a YES-man in your life. You need the TRUTH. That’s how you get unstuck. 

This is on my mind because I asked on my Facebook Timeline today what are you struggling with the most? And I was surprised. Most folks had existential struggles or spiritual or psychological struggles. A couple people said money and a couple people said love but most felt STUCK. How to get unstuck.

you have to know your chart and what will send you running for the hills and what you can rely on to move you forward

you have to know your transits – HAVE TO. Transits are REAL. They have a real affect on our daily lives and create larger landscapes of luck, connection, difficulty, sadness, etc.

you have to have someone you can bounce these ideas off of (someone you pay, or a good friend, perhaps both. I think this is why my chat rooms are so helpful to people!)

you have to, sometimes, surrender to stuck. There are absolutely times in life when there is NO moving forward. That’s when we see the Hanged Man or High Priestess over and over. Also some charts are predisposed to getting stuck but that leads us back to no. 1 — know thyself

I think it’s helpful to think about the nature of existence and reality and I mean this in very practical ways. How do you define forward movement? How do you define stuck? What do they both feel like. If you don’t like what you have, WHAT ARE YOU DOING DIFFERENTLY and why or why not are you doing or not doing it. And about the nature of existence or reality: is it true that we are always in flux, in motion, and ANY stasis at all is an illusion? 

Do you use the Tarot? Do you  consult with any oracle at all to track changes? How do you track these changes?

How do you even KNOW if you are stuck? Are you stuck or simply unwilling? Are you waiting to be taken out of your situation rather than making a move yourself? Because I wouldn’t call that necessarily stuck. See? It’s a deep topic. We must UNPACK IT like an everlasting suitcase.

I’ll tell you a secret. I’m hoping to start my on-line school in 2018. Yes I’ve been doing classes for years but times have changed and I want to create more formal offerings, with videos and a different kind of structure than many of my students have become accustomed to. Like the class I’m creating with the Sequential Artists Workshop (my Tarot class). 

It’s funny because I feel like I’ve been “threatening” this for years, saying: hey you guys, you won’t have this kind of access to me forever!” But who knows… that part of it may stay the same. I enjoy it.

In either case, this topic of getting unstuck is pretty similar to procrastination which is another one of my favorite topics – and why we often are not doing what we could be doing – even when we have the time or the energy.

Tell me what you think about this in the comments or on Facebook. 
Are you stuck? 

xoxoGetting Unstuck with Astrology

The Sun Is Almost In Virgo Rejoice Little Witches Return To Your Practical Magick!


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"aliza einhorn"
My maternal great-grandmother

So I want to talk about Virgo Season. I have to talk about Virgo Season.

I am a Virgo Rising so Leo time for me is the 12th House and the ascendent is the line between the night of the 12th and the day of the 1st and here we go. At least for us Virgo Risings.  BACK TO WORK. Flow better.

I know for YOU it may be different because your chart is different, but hear me out: 

Virgo rules service, work, the details. Virgo people are always up to something. We are not good at rest and relaxation, especially the Risings, South Nodes, and Virgo Moons WE DO NOT STOP.

And it’s not that Leos don’t work hard. Of course they do. But every sign, every planet has it’s own particular brilliance. Virgo brilliance (some of it) is for work and the truth is I grew into my Virgo side. It wasn’t until I was my own boss that I could start to embody my massively Virgo chart.

And of course there’s more but I wanted to get us started. It is TIME to return to work and school and all the projects you put on hold for whatever reason.

I know Mercury is still RX but Mercury likes a little review! Fear not!

Return, my loves! Return!

What is Virgo to you? Do you have planets in Virgo?

"saturn goes direct in sagittarius "

Here Comes The King: Solar Eclipse In Leo


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"when is the solar eclipse in leo"
What you have to do is be strong.

Sometimes I advocate kindness and compassion. Well, I’m not NOT advocating kindness and compassion, but today I’m advocating “be strong” because I keep seeing this guy.

The question is: strong for what?

And I feel my age truly. Turned a year older not long ago and everything is different now.

The eclipse is well-aspected, trine both Saturn and Uranus.
Why this King of Swords warning?

Because such strength and maturity is asked of you at this time, as it always is during the eclipses and not just because it’s a lot of churning energy in the air. You’re being asked to step up. Do you want to step up? I don’t want to step up. I want to nap. But I step up. Trying!!!

Whatever you’ve avoided you cannot keep avoiding. Eclipses have this way of removing any veils or hiding places and this goes for the Lunar AND the Solar.

It’s a changing of the guard. Breakthrough. Endings and beginnings.
Say so long to what was.

For some it may be scary. For others, exhilarating. You are flung from one end to the other. Think about it. Think back to recent eclipses. You’ll see. Where you were. Where you are.

And maybe for you there is SO MUCH that needs to change that you welcome such energies. I like that. I like that a lot. I wish you smooth passage.

Okay my dears, I must go for now. Best way to keep up with me is on Facebook 

"when is the solar eclipse in leo"

The Stars This Week: RUN


"sequential artists workshop"

This week is bananas so basically I’m here to tell you to be kind to yourself. That’s the entire message of this blog post. 

Mercury is retrograde. The Solar Eclipse is a week from today. AND we have a cardinal t-square this week.

You KEEP trying to take control of the situation. YOU CANNOT CONTROL THE SITUATION IT IS OUT OF YOUR HANDS. But you can run so run.

I’m sitting here in the a/c, trying to cool off. I’ve BEEN sitting in the a/c trying to cool off. And let me tell you what else is on my mind.

Perfection and imperfection. How it never gets finished. It never gets done. We will die undone.

Mercury is retrograde in VIRGO. Virgo keeps fixing fixing fixing or trying to. Thinks it’s making things better when really it needs to just, sometimes, let it go.

The only thing I can think to do for you right now is draw a few cards. How to deal with Mercury. How to deal with eclipse energy. How to deal with the Venus Jupiter Pluto THING. Cardinal monster.

I was writing on Facebook that Venus Pluto IS NOT CLEAN. And y’all with Venus Pluto in your charts KNOW THIS (if you dare be honest) more than anyone and here comes Jupiter gassing it up, inflating it and I was saying that Venus Pluto is seduction but she doesn’t really care. Well, she cares about power more than love.

So what does this say about me? I’m not Venus Pluto but Moon Pluto. The house matters. I just made an astrology joke without realizing it. THE HOUSE MATTERS. Moon = house. The house makes all the difference in the world with this one. Is the Pluto party in the house of self or the other. Who are you trying to subdue? Over whom do you need power? Over WHAT?

Not sure we have the energy for such questions. Let’s just draw a few cards and I apologize I don’t have a photo of this spread for the moment so imagine it okay? Just imagine it.

Ten of Wands 
Seven of Swords 
Knight of Swords

Don’t just walk away fom the burdens, my friend. RUN. 


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Mercury Retrograde Through The Eighth House

"mercury retrograde 8th house"
from the 4CP deck created by the Sequential Artists Workshop

I feel in the post-Eclipse eye of the storm and this morning returning to the charts in my current class and just posted this so if you will be having MERCURY backing into your 8th House for the retrograde, this may apply to you.

Did you know Mercury goes retrograde this weekend?

For Miss X:

Mercury retrograde is an 8th House transit for you.

It touches your 9th House cusp but that’s it. Runs right back to your 8th House.

And this feels like dredging. You have to go back to this house, to the underworld, to dredge and to examine SOMETHING. Review SOMETHING that you may not want to review. I say this because the 8th House is not comfortable AT ALL. The 8th House is spooky on a good day. And is the reservoir of pain on a bad day. So you return to that 8th House to FACE something – old, possibly uncomfortable – about your needs, their needs, family legacy, the dead, dead parts of you…

How can this be good? Much to be learned. It’s a depth transit. It’s not time wasted. But you could feel lost in the dark for a bit. You could feel: why am I in here? Do I have to be here? Good news is that Mercury doesn’t stay retro forever but I get the sense of –

slinging and swinging in the deep blue dark. And if you want, just whistle. You can pass the time that way. Just whistle in the dark and ask the ghosts what they want to tell you

so yeah it’s not lighthearted fun Mercury here. It’s mediumship. It’s walking between worlds. It’s asking the dark questions and maybe being afraid of what the answer will be. It’s questions that you probably don’t even want to explore.

but think of Mercury as a light. Mercury ferrying you to the land of the dead and then back again. Virgo is the Hermit in the Tarot and the Hermit always has a lamp, a lantern, a torch. He/She always has a light.

I hope to post more chart thoughts today in blog posts

"mercury retrograde 8th house virgo"

News about my upcoming class if the Eclipses don’t kill me first. There is a FREE TRIAL for you (which means you can see a couple videos, read Week One course material, download a free lovely Tarot PDF) THERE WILL BE NEW VIDEOS EACH WEEK. The video for Week One isn’t up yet…

The course is a combination of the videos, the reading material, and our discussions in the private chat. However the FOUNDATION is your work and your exploration which I hope you will share. Weekly drawing and/or writing exercises get us there! Learn by doing. Explore by doing. You are free to enroll and lurk but those who DO will get the most out of it and dive deeply into their own psyche, creative processes, artistic vision, AND the Tarot

Love & Enemas + The Wound That Can’t Be Healed + Empress + Eclipse Portal Just Walk Through

"sequential artists workshop"

I’m not gonna say LOVE AND LIGHT. Eclipses are not LOVE AND LIGHT. You will not find LOVE AND LIGHT here. Apologies to anyone who has the phrase LOVE AND LIGHT in their brain because I’m here to tell you that Eclipses alert us to what needs to be shifted in our lives. And that sounds awfully nice for the enema I’m talking about.


Love and Enemas, y’all.

So today I did a slew (A SLEW) of mini Tarot Readings and I have this to report (and YES the readings continue tomorrow, Sunday, so sign yerself up!):

OVERWHELMINGLY things are slow. Slow. Sluggish. Stuck. Stalemate although interestingly enough I did NOT draw the Two of Swords today for anyone but oh my lord I kid you not: slow. And here comes the first eclipse. Aquarius. Lunar Eclipse. Monday.

One person, one young lady, and I think she is nearing her Saturn Return or had it earlier this Saturn in Sagittarius, SHE got the Death card. SHE got the Tower and NO she is not dying but she is leaving a job mostly likely she’s had for over 6 years which is a lifetime in the life of a pre-Saturn Return Sagittarius Sun. SHE. Got ALL the major arcana cards today pretty much. 

Meanwhile back at the ranch:
EVERYONE else got these subtle moves or contradictions or no moves.

BUT MOON PLUTO, you say: I thought the Eclipse was a PORTAL we could walk through.

Let me tell you a story. I have something that I’m trying to wrap my mind around from my childhood. My CHILDHOOD. I just turned 47. I’m trying to wrap my mind around a childhood memory and I’ve grappled with it for years and forgotten about it kinda for years and now it’s back and I can’t wrap my mind around it.


I draw Empress today. For WHAT TO DO about this. Is there something I can do?? I draw cards for everything, yes.

The other topic is love. SO many clients, mostly female, various ages, all interesting and hard working and deep and beautiful, looking and longing for love. I wish there was something more I could do. More on this as it develops and I’m thinking the ONLY way is energy healing. This cannot be “solved” through mind or chart analysis ONLY energy healing which is part conversation and part body work. I can help clear you and/or at least see HOW BAD THE PROBLEM IS, the accumulation of blockage. 

But about this EMPRESS and this Eclipse EMPRESS: SHE WHO IS NOT BLOCKED and truth is we have to think big picture. We can’t just think this lifetime, and we can’t just think the meaning of life, the meaning of OUR lives, is only about romance, sex, and life partner.

I’m sorry. I’m really really sorry. But this is the truth. Some of you have ANOTHER more important path (for you) and adjustments have to be made to INCREASE your chances of life partner-ness. NO LOST CAUSES but adjustments to the energy. Yesterday I was talking to a client about this, instructing her, hoping she will listen and DO so she can increase her chances because CHIRON 7th and SATURN 8th IS NOT WELCOMING TO LOVE especially when other chart matters are not so welcoming in this regard either!!!!!!

There’s a lot of topics here and I just wanted to drop in and say hello because I want to be there for you during these Eclipse days but the truth is I want you to THINK BIGGER. And if you can’t think bigger, go out tonight and look up at the stars. Start there.

"venus oppose pluto 8th house"
Mini Moons this weekend PLUS new Tarot Class (and Free Trial! Download the PDF! It’s FREEEEEEEEE)

I AM doing the Mini Moon Tarot this weekend.
15 minutes by Facebook messenger. $35 to my PayPal at moonpluto@gmail and we’ll find a time. I’m here for you. Just please note I don’t go overtime with these Mini readings. If you want more time, then purchase a 30 or 45 or 60 min reading or one of the bundles for deeper work. 

My new class beginning Sept 5th:

Here are two blog posts. Please take a look.

The first is from Tom Hart, director of the Sequential Artists Workshop. My new Tarot class is in collaboration with SAW

and the second blog post is from me.

Both are about Tarot deck creation and the creative process.

This link here is to the class information itself and there is a FREE TRIAL you can sign up for. I have been planning to upload another video to the Free Trial but haven’t yet. HOWEVER there is a free lovely PDF download you can print out, read, meditate on. I would love for you to join us. A couple videos too that talk about the method to the Tarot madness.

Most of all, for me, this class is Tarot YES but it’s “applied Tarot” — using the Tarot to access **ourselves** deeply through the act of pondering, writing, drawing, conceptualizing our own Tarot decks.

Please note that every week will include a new video, new material to read, and new discussions in the private Facebook group!


Lunar Eclipse Support Center + New Tarot Class (Free Trial!)

"sequential artists workshop tom hart"

My darling, I’m here to talk you off the ledge. It’s lonely and cold out there. Bring you IN from the ledge. Come in where it’s warm. Have a glass of wine. Decaf? Tea? Caffeine Free Diet Coke okay no problem my darling. Whatever you want. We got snacks. We got Paleo, Keto, vegan, vegetarian, and full on processed American food full of sugar. I know you love your sugar! Whatever you want, my darling. Times like these call for extreme snacks.

The first eclipse is Monday and you may be feeling TOO MUCH.

This morning I posted in my class that I was at my favorite place about to do my favorite thing and it felt like an arrow in my heart. I wanted to run right home.

Intense sudden sadness out of nowhere! That is *not* usual for me. Especially not at the cafe, heaven forfend! But it happened and I felt it and went onwards to foodshop and wondered if I should just cry, just let myself cry but I did not. As I was waiting for my Uber I realized that I should check where the moon was and sure enough there it was!! MOON IN CAPRICORN. Opposing my Sun and Mercury and on the way to opposing my Mars.

Beloved, over this weekend YOU MAY FEEL TOO MUCH.

And that’s okay. Just stay aware of why it is. The eclipse is coming, the full moon is coming and you may feel struck down by moods and intensity and HOWLING at the moods and moon and intensity and maybe you shouldn’t make plans.

I am breaking a plan I have for tonight because I am STILL fighting this cold and don’t want to make anyone sick and should probably stay in and SLEEP. Sleep. Sleep. And yet I fight with myself because I am in the mood to see people! But my BODY is saying no no no.

Now, an eclipse can’t force a cold virus upon you BUT if you are not used to running THIS MUCH ENERGY you could get sick. That’s just how it is. 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this Monday in the sign of Aquarius at 15 degrees and it’s the Full Moon not just opposing the Sun but also MARS. It’s a lot of fire, a lot of energy, a lot of emotion in the water bearer’s stone cold vessel. We are up to our necks in mood with no reason, no name.

Frankly I am sick of resting. I want to feel full of vigor but the only way we get back to that vigor land is through rest and not pushing when rest is required. Sigh. I know. It’s boring. But Beloved, THE ECLIPSE.

It would be foolish to imagine we are not affected by such cycles for we are, so completely and even more so if you have planets or points at or around 15 degrees in your chart! Do you? 

I’ll try to keep blogging more often this month to support you. To support you. To get under you, protect you, help you, guide you.


"lunar eclipse aquarius"
eclipse thoughts

In the meantime: 
I AM doing the Mini Moon Tarot this weekend as I will be home relaxing. Today and tomorrow. 15 minutes by Facebook messenger. $35 to my PayPal at moonpluto@gmail and we’ll find a time. I’m here for you. Just please note I don’t go overtime with these Mini readings. If you want more time, then purchase a 30 or 45 or 60 min reading or one of the bundles for deeper work. 

My new class beginning Sept 5th:

Here are two blog posts. Please take a look.

The first is from Tom Hart, director of the Sequential Artists Workshop. My new Tarot class is in collaboration with SAW

and the second blog post is from me.

Both are about Tarot deck creation and the creative process.

This link here is to the class information itself and there is a FREE TRIAL you can sign up for. I have been planning to upload another video to the Free Trial but haven’t yet. HOWEVER there is a free lovely PDF download you can print out, read, meditate on. I would love for you to join us. A couple videos too that talk about the method to the Tarot madness.

Most of all, for me, this class is Tarot YES but it’s “applied Tarot” — using the Tarot to access **ourselves** deeply through the act of pondering, writing, drawing, conceptualizing our own Tarot decks.

Please note that every week will include a new video, new material to read, and new discussions in the private Facebook group!

"lunar eclipse aquarius"

Uranus Retrograde, Jupiter Square Pluto + Tarot Class Thoughts

This is what I posted on my Instagram this morning about my upcoming Tarot class.:

I may just draw the Hanged Man over and over when I create my Tarot deck.
72 Hanged Man.

Already I’m starting to think visually. And I’m the kind of person who will say: I don’t think visually. But already it’s starting and in the middle of the night I had a thought and the thought had an image that I wanted to draw.

This is what my upcoming class is for. Bloodletting. Self expression. Creation.

And this is not so much a commercial but wanted to talk about my process and how making pictures is this other form of self expression that I’ve been alienated from for decades except for two versions of Tarot cards that I drew in 2015 which was a very bad year.

So I’m thinking there’s a missing piece here. So I’m thinking that maybe I found something. And I got up just now to draw what had been in my head overnight. My head cut off floating in the water, just above the waves.

There is a poem I love that begins: I know there is a worm in the human heart. I like to quote it every so often.

That too is my Hanged Man. Sometimes our lives are one card and one card only for years. And other times we shift between two or three. Sometimes maybe the whole deck. And maybe other times our lives go so blank we are that No-Thingness card from the Osho Zen Tarot. Black canvas. Pitch.

What I know is this: Life is a constant process of falling apart and coming together (or the illusion of it )and there are waves and drawing along with writing can take you deeper into the waves which is ultimately healing. Why? Because it makes you feel. Which is different than not feeling. Maybe someday your head won’t be bobbing on top of the water. At the very least, take a picture while it’s there.

So basically the class is to crack open your heart but I didn’t know that before. 

I’ve been drawing a lot which means three drawings this morning after two (?) years of none. I’m one of those “I can’t draw” people.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"
The Hanged Man

My drawings are simple as you can see here! I don’t know if I’ll ever make a deck-deck. You know, have it printed, etc. In the meantime I like doing exactly what I’m doing and I like having IMAGES spring up in my head. It’s using a part of my brain (soul? body?) that’s been asleep for a very long time.

AND I’ve decided that my Tarot deck will have a Major Arcana but it won’t follow the Fool’s Journey. It won’t be Fool through World. And I don’t know where it’s going yet or how it will change, but I’ve begun and it’s a purgative. Here’s Woman in the Waves. Major Arcana card no. 2.

"lunar eclipse aquarius"

A couple weeks ago in my other class (the one that keeps getting extended, the one that’s gone on for months now) I drew cards about my stuckness and all these Cups came up, including the King of Cups, Mr Stuck himself. Has to master those emotions, right? Yeah but. Squashing and repressing and pushing away is NOT mastery.

Stuff is coming up now. Starting to. Through the waves. Taking an axe to the ice.

Uranus retrograde is a magical marvelous transit. Think I’m crazy? I may be. Uranus is crazy too. Uranus retrograde stops this damn hurtling from hurtling so much. We get a break from the tireless tiresome invention. Isabel Hickey (who I quote often) wrote: Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. Aquarius is ruled by both! And our Monday Eclipse is in Aquarius with Uranus retrograde! Something from long ago. Something from the deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep past is leaving your life. You won’t miss it. It’s an old deep tired pain. Retire it. Return it. Ground it. Give it away. It probably wasn’t yours to begin with. You borrowed it. Give it back. Hand it off. Let it go. Goodbye goodbye goodbye.

In other news, Jupiter squares Pluto tomorrow (exact) which I wrote about the other day and your Pluto is EXPANDING.

What is Pluto to you? 

I’ll tell you what Pluto is to me although I speak as a First House Pluto person. Pluto is regeneration. Intensity and volcanic passion. It scares people. Depth. Intuition. All this is good Pluto. We don’t stop searching for meaning.

Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto tomorrow and yes bad Pluto (manipulation, coercion) can show up but good Pluto can also show up. Probably some of both will show up. You may feel overwhelmed at times if you aren’t used to this much Pluto, but there’s also much to enjoy about this aspect. Sex, for example.

As for me, I’ll be using my Moon Pluto conjunction to help clients find their way home and then it will be the weekend AND THEN THE ECLIPSE so rest up, my friends.


Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius + New Tarot Class + Stop Time

"lunar eclipse aquarius"
eclipse thoughts


Monday August 7th is the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, which you probably already know and probably have already read about and are thinking about, what it means for you.

15 degrees Aquarius and it’s got me thinking about the past because these Eclipses, for us astrologers and astrology lovers, are always rites of passage. We mark time this way.

“Oh yeah I remember THAT one!”

Like the way Floridians remember hurricanes. Hurricane Eclipse on my progressed IC and I moved how many times that year? Too many. ANY is too many.

So I’m thinking about the past because the Eclipses separate us from the past and push us forward into the wild unknown. They do this twice a year. Goalposts. Crossroads. Rivers and rivers of departure and finishing.

Here’s the least you need to know, not in terms of astrological details (which honestly you can find anywhere), but details of the soul: 

I tend to follow the usual poetry of Full Moons: they bring endings, culminations, news, revelations, AND new starts.

And all the more so when the Full Moon is an Eclipse. That’s the keyword here: MORE.

So it’s not just a little bit of news or a little bit of an end it’s a BIG news or a BIG end and as I say over and over, an Eclipse is not just one day.

There could be an event the day of or near the day of, but it’s over time that the real meaning of the Eclipse for you will unfold. Months. Maybe a full year. Year and a half. And then you’ll know.

If the Eclipse is on your junk (a planet or point in your chart) it’s likely that you’ll get a sign sooner, faster than the rest of us.  Yes, a sign FROM THE UNIVERSE. That kind of sign. Big and bold and possibly neon like your favorite diner and mine.

Are you used to feeling? Do you want to feel? Do you avoid it? Full Moons feel us and we feel them, but Aquarius is an AIR sign, not a water sign. The water bearer not water itself. Aquarius is electricity. Electricity is not rain. And when you combine the two? You get shocked. The feels that come up? They may shock you. The revelations that arise? Shock you. OH. I SEE. OH. 

So think of that as a theme for this Eclipse. That what happens over the next year (because Eclipses create an energy pattern, a landscape you must walk through) is SUCH A DEPARTURE for you. You cannot imagine it now. Or maybe you can. Maybe you are getting flashes. I imagine many of my students and clients have some idea of what’s to come. Fuzzy around the edges maybe. Distant field of vision maybe. Eclipses bring change to the House it transits in your chart. ALWAYS. Always. Whether you realize it or not. Subtle or wild. It’s the Death card and the Tower card in one. And hopefully something sweet too. Yes. Lovers sweet. Ten of Pentacles sweet. The good life. Ten of TENTACLES I thought to myself.

Quik astro detail:
I know some folks may be troubled that the Full Moon opposes Mars in Leo
. Oppositions are fights, conflict in the energy which manifests as conflicts between humans. The Aquarius Moon in my experience is unpredictable (understatement) and Mars, as an energy, is in charge. Assertive. Aggressive! And that’s the problem. Aquarius doesn’t recognize anyone’s authority – least of all pushy Mars in “adore me” Leo.


It’s time to stop running. Let the Eclipse stop you. And I think you don’t even notice, day to day, that you are. Come to a full stop and see, really see, what you want to release (which is a Full Moon activity, this kind of thought process and scrutinizing) and what you want to keep, and what you want to do differently. From here on out. Because everything’s about to be very VERY different.

Make sense? "sequential artists workshop tom hart"

Tom Hart, who runs the Sequential Artists Workshop wrote a blog post that you can find here — about my September Tarot class (which is a collaboration with SAW).

This isn’t a class in interpreting cards although there may be some talk of that. It’s about creativity and Tarot deck creation. Come draw and write and think and be with us.

The Stars This Week: You’re Gonna Need Your Magick

"jupiter square pluto"
You’re gonna need your magick this week

It’s a pretty intense week my friends, and I’m feeling it already. Why so intense you may wonder? Because listen: 

Venus entered Cancer today. Cancer is a cardinal sign. 
Uranus in Aries goes retrograde on Wednesday (or Thursday depending on your time zone). Aries is a cardinal sign. 
And then on Friday Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. CARDINAL SIGNS.

They all square or oppose each other. TENSION. And cardinal signs, they say, are CONTROLLING.

All four cardinal signs are ACTIVE this week and even though Venus is brand new in Cancer, BY sign she is already squaring Jupiter and squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto. Anyone who has studied astrology with me KNOWS I do my astrology BY SIGN first. Degree, second. (And if you don’t know what I mean by that, I can teach you.)

You want your nurturing mama bear Venus in Cancer? Not this month. She’s more likely to spit in your food with aspects like these on the way. Not that Venus square Jupiter will be bad. She may over sweeten the cookies. Not that Venus square Uranus is bad. She may forget she left the oven on. Not that Venus opposing Pluto is bad but we all know what Venus Pluto is about don’t we. On a bad day. Forget about spitting in the cookies. How about a darker deeper nectar, more wicked than spit magick (been there done that).

My recommendation for this week besides BREATHE. Keep your mouth shut while you observe and gather intel so you can strategize when the time comes and the time WILL come when lovely Venus in Cancer makes all those aspects BY DEGREE as she moves through the sign. Time to dust off the altar, my friends. Our first Eclipse is a week from today.

For the moment, if you want to have a little fun and take your mind off the Eclipses (yeah right), you can meditate on this Uranus retrograde thing. Sounds funny I know. Uranus and meditation in the same sentence. But hear me out. As always, there is something to discover/REdiscover in a retrograde and now it’s Uranus’ turn and that 28 degree Aries mark is where you need to be looking. The Leo Solar Eclipse is also at 28. Guess we can’t take our minds off of the Eclipses after all but think about it: Uranus retrograde is part of your Leo Solar Eclipse story. Think about it. Think about it.


RIP Sam Shepard. I was, am, a fan.


You can sign up for a FREE TRIAL of my September class – Every Picture Tells A Story which is a Tarot class with an emphasis on the thought processes/creative processes that go into creating your own deck. There are a couple of intro videos + a downloadable PDF + a peek into the Week One material. New video will be uploaded this week.

Six weeks! Weekly videos, writing and drawing prompts, a secret Facebook group to discuss our findings, and weekly reading material as well (not too much – I won’t overwhelm you). Another video will be added this week to the Free Trial! 

Current Obsession: North Node In Leo, Solar Eclipse In Leo (August 21st)

"new moon eclipse leo" Current obsession:

the North Node in Leo and where it is in your chart so I beg you to visit, revisit your chart and the “late Leo” degrees because that’s where the New Moon Eclipse will be and where the North Node is now. Yes there’s an orb but that doesn’t dull my obsession!

Think of it like a treasure hunt. Where the North Node is now, you must follow. Notice how lit up it is. It is! But you have to think about it. Pay attention. So you go into that house and you go look for it, find it, what you need to know now about your path AND the Eclipse is right there too.

Yes for some folks it may be two houses, not one. Depends on your house system. Read it for two if you need to but don’t lose sight of the fact that you must seek and search and find and go North.

In the South? You must pack your bags. There’s an altogether different journey going on in there. Separate but related, the North and South, Leo and Aquarius. Something to release, let go, in the South. Somewhere to travel and discover in the North. IT IS NEW!

And start NOW. Start TODAY. Meditate on it. However you meditate. No wrong way. Just begin.

I was talking to a client today who has the North Node by transit in her 12th House. It’s a gift I told her. But really it’s the same for all of us. The gift is there. The wisdom is there. The treasure is there.

So. Choose an outfit. Choose a light source. What shoes will you wear? What’s the temperature? Do you need music? Maybe choose just a small carry-on or backpack, something easy to carry or maybe nothing at all and begin. Maybe you won’t take anything you know with you. Maybe. Maybe you will start over, spin the wheel.

Let me know how it goes… 
"new moon eclipse leo"
Three things: 
My latest on Patheos Pagan is here.

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