Cancers Just Wanna Go Home (Venus Enters Cancer June 16th)

Lately new folks are finding my blog and I was trying to write an ALL ABOUT ME post just now but it was getting on my nerves so let’s get back to the astrology, shall we? (I’ve been blogging since 2011.)

I had a good day. Yes, working on Shabbat. I wrote. I created. I did all the things one isn’t supposed to do. I’m working on my guilt. I was saying this to my analyst the other day, that it’s getting better. The religious guilt. Every time I “break a rule” I don’t feel as disconnected. I feel more comfortable in my skin. I feel so glad that I’m not forcing myself into “girl clothes” and being a Shabbos guest anywhere. I love my religious friends, my Hasidic friends. I just need to do Shabbos my own way these days which is so much more peaceful to me. Shabbat Shalom: Shabbat PEACE.

But about THIS SKY:

My Patrons know I love Venus square Neptune by transit. Every time it happens I’m thrilled. It’s a peaceful, easy, spiritual feeling and it’s exact tomorrow along with Venus entering Cancer. Now I know Venus square Neptune is problematic (delusional) but if you don’t take any vows you should be fine. And as far as Venus in Cancer goes… this is our Cancer Season preview. Pay attention to how you feel tomorrow.

Ah Cancer Season. Are you a Cancer? Got Cancer placements? I got a few ­čÖé but I’m a Moon Pluto person so… it’s been a lot, a long life so far and I’m not dead yet. Oy vey.

Hey, here’s some good news, dear star lovers. This Cancer Season doesn’t include a PLUTO OPPOSITION. Yes, you heard that right. Pluto is retrograde in Aquarius and will remain in Aquarius ALL of Cancer Season.┬á

What’s it like to be a Cancer Sun? I’ll give you a few key words/phrases that are true for many of us (the rest of one’s chart will dilute or expand the list below):

Feelings. Sensitivity. Love babies. Love food. Sentimental. Silly. Funny. Strong memories. Creative. Very intuitive, perceptive. Tendency to withdraw into the crab shell. Soft-hearted. Occasional crabbiness ­čÖé Mothering, nurturing, making sure you’ve had enough to eat. Cancer is a water sign. We need the emotional flow. Cancer is the mother and baby.

I don’t think there were any surprises in that list. Cancers just want to feel safe. Cancers just want to go home. When Venus is in Cancer? Oh that’s a potent Venus to me but more cozy and maternal than any other Venus flavor. You might want to curl up more than usual in the coming days. It’s such a loving energy. Have you really been loved until you’ve been loved by a Cancer? I think not!

Okay, my friends. That’s all for now. Keep passing the open windows.

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