Why We Need Saturn In Pisces

Think of Pisces as a cloud.

Think of Pisces, ruled by Neptune, as chaos, no boundaries, no limits, too much freedom, too much liberty. You can see, my friends, how this could be bad, how this could go very very wrong.

We need rules. What if there were no stop signs? Think of Saturn as a stop sign. Think of Saturn as a control. We need control. I know some of you are anti-control, but if there were no stop signs, no laws, where would we be? We would be dead. We would be more dead than we already are.

So here comes Saturn in Pisces, and Saturn, the control, trying to place a brace around a cloud. It’s hard to do, but we must do it. All of us, personally, must do it.

What in your life has been cloudy and confusing and nameless, faceless? Well, over the next three years you’re about to put a name and face to it. You’re about to make connections.

I made a connection today through the space, the frame of analysis. I made a connection I’ve never made before, and I used some skills that I learned from a previous therapist as sometimes I’m a quick study and I took inside me the way he thought, his very thought process, and I learned from it. I was the object of study, after all, during my time with him.

But about today with my analyst, what connection did I make? I found the origin, the very origin of my “perfectionism,” which is located deep in the hells of childhood. And here I thought I was “just Virgo Rising” or “just Virgo Moon” or “just Virgo this and that,” but no. Breaking the frame = all hell breaks loose. I said this to him. And frames, breaking them, building them, is always a Saturn matter.

Oh yes I’m having Eighth House transits these days (i.e. Aries Season, Jupiter in Aries, Chiron in Aries) so it makes sense and I’m in analysis multiple days a week as part of my analytic training (although I’d be up for such a pursuit anyway with or without my schooling) so sure sure sure revelations will come, but when they come it can be startling. Shocking. And I have been loved for this quality of mine (my keen perception, insight) as well as punished for it.

We need Saturn in Pisces because we need TO FRAME what has gone un-framed, un-structured, un-bound, UN-ANALYZED, un-discovered. Until now (well, for the last 28 years or so) this part of your life (and natal chart) has grown wild and by wild I mean… dangerous. It was something you could not see, but it could see you. And it preyed on you. And now? Now you get to take that chaos, that cloud, that mess, that no-boundaries, and you get to name it, see it, define it, own it.

To be continued…