Pluto In Aquarius: The Awakening

Time is a bastard and we all get robbed. I’m only six months in to my analysis, and I’m ready to talk about things that I’ve never talked about before. I don’t mean the usual old traumas seen in new ways (or the usual ways) but new thoughts about my present and how time is a bastard.

I remember saying to someone, either my Tarot reader or an old therapist or my new analyst that… I feel like I’m waking up from a very long sleep and that very long sleep (which wasn’t really a sleep) covers all of Pluto in Capricorn (16 years).

There’s something about waking up. It’s painful. And it’s not about blame because at a certain point it doesn’t matter why things are the way they are. What matters is the present and the future, and mourning what will never be.

My new book (yes, I am agent hunting) isn’t about this mourning, but is a journey of the pre-mourning landscape. It’s before the mourning settles in. It’s an escape from mourning. But we all know that life, and time, catches up.

So now what? Pluto enters Aquarius in March and… ???

I went on and on and ON in a series of videos this morning about BAM Pluto entering Aquarius and squaring the Nodes and BAM what that might mean on a personal level and BAM if you too are waking up for maybe the first time you might not recognize the land in which you find yourself and you might realize… all kinds of things. Pluto squaring the Nodes is THE radical departure, THE death and rebirth transit.

Disorienting. That’s how Pluto in Aquarius is gonna feel to many of us. At first. Get used to it. It’s not a bad thing actually. It’s a good thing actually. Pluto in Aquarius is awakening, liberation, freedom, all those keywords, and not only for the collective, but for you personally. You are part of the collective after all. And I get it, yeah I get it, why someone wouldn’t want to wake up and see where their life had taken them. It had an (unconscious) mind of its own, indeed.

Pluto enters Aquarius March 23rd.

To be continued…

PS The analysis I am referring to in this blog post and in recent blog posts is the analysis that I have to be in (not that I mind; I love it) in order to train as a psychoanalyst. I’m in the midst of my second semester and am in analysis three days a week and hoping to add a fourth session once his schedule opens up. Telling you this just to give you a sense, if you are new to my blog and my world.

"Jupiter retrograde"