What Saturn Through The 4th House Feels Like (+ Mars in Scorpio Again)

Has your life fallen apart? Let it grow around you. Let what remains, or something new, grow around you, to protect you. I’m thinking about a house. Maybe this is a metaphor and maybe it is the real deal for you. You’ve moving into a new house. Or an old house. Or a new relationship. Or an old relationship. Let it grow around you. It’s okay to admit you need this, that you are too weak to stand on your own, that this thing, whatever it is, can support you, that it is a living breathing thing, entity, thing, and it will… trying to find the words… it will merge with you. It wants to. Let it grow around you. Does this make sense to you? This is what Saturn through the 4th House feels like. Becoming one with a structure. But to become one with a structure you have to be flexible, you have to bend, and this is the gift of Saturn through the 4th House. That you allow yourself to bend, crumble, and be held.

Next week Mars retrogrades back into Scorpio and I am grateful for this transit, for Mars is happy and focused in regenerative Scorpio and there is something we, you left there, in your Scorpio House, which needs to be returned to you. I’ve spoken about this before, in another context, about the cosmic Lost and Found that happens when planets dip back into the previous sign. You left something. You lost something. Someone took something from. Well now you get it back.


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