Life In The Age of The Dinosaurs: Uranus Leaves Aries For Taurus!

"uranus in taurus"
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Uranus is on the verge of leaving Aries. On the verge!! 

This is a very special time, kids.  A delicate time. Let’s all hold hands and remember life with Uranus in Aries. It’s about to become a dinosaur. Extinct. Until the next time decades from now. YES Uranus enters Taurus on Tuesday and will RETROGRADE back to Aries in November but Uranus in Aries is essentially DONE for us.

The LAST TIME Uranus was in Aries: 1927 – 1935. SEE?

Whether or not this represents a HOUSE shift for you (that Uranus changes houses as it changes signs in your chart), the sign change in and of itself is the MAIN THING collectively. Uranus in Taurus upsets the global MONEY. Uranus in Taurus upsets the global EVERYTHING that Taurus and Venus represent. You do the math! What is Taurus? What is Venus? Uranus is wild, unpredictable.

For you? It’s more PERSONAL of course. Your chart. I’m ringing this bell because it’s what I do – if you want to talk about YOUR chart personally, your life, your experiences, what to expect (as far as its possible to predict Uranus), get in touch. Look here. 

THIS WEEKEND:  Mercury conjoins wild man Uranus and then enters Taurus. Its a relief, right? That retrograde Mercury in Aries was bananas and now we can slow down a little. We NEED to slow down. Put some space in between you and those worries and doubts.

Hang in there. Use Tuesday’s New Moon in Taurus energy to make your biggest sweetest wish yet.
Celebrate Uranus in Taurus. I’ll give you some ideas on how to do that in the next post…