Venus Sextile Jupiter: Beautiful Blessing (October 26th)


What to do when you’ve lost so much and you want to die.

Good question, eh? This came up in consult today…


I wanted to talk about why tomorrow is a good day.

I’ll tell you.

Venus is sextile Jupiter tomorrow. 

In the most plain of plain English, sextiles are GOOD.

There are just a handful of what we call “major” aspects in astrology. The sextile is one of them and it’s one of the good ones. Aspects are… how the planets in your chart (if we are looking at your natal) talk to each other. Similarly, this is the same word we use to describe the planetary interaction in the sky itself or from the sky to your chart. Transits are concerned with where the planets are now and how they may affect you and what I’m talking about here is happening up there, in the sky. Astrologers must know these basics, at the very least: signs, planets, houses, major aspects.

So we have Venus in the sky and Jupiter in the sky in this harmonious sextile and it MAY make a good aspect to your chart as well (which I cannot tell from here because I do not know your chart). Venus is in Sagittarius (adventurous fire sign) and Jupiter is in Libra (in love with love). Take a chance on love? Could be.

Venus and Jupiter – the two benefics – are the planets and planetary energies we tend to think of as good.  Venus concerns herself (to name just two things) with pleasure and love and Jupiter rules luck and abundance and blessing. How could we possibly go wrong?

I know this post can’t apply to everyone on the earth and yeah your day tomorrow may be crap BUT this energy is there in the sky and available to you. Get it? It’s happening no matter what kind of day you have. You can access it.

You know, whenever I talk about good days, my mind always remembers that for many on this earth, tomorrow will not be a good day no matter what  so all severe situations aside – for the rest of us – who are mostly not suffering, tomorrow is a BREAK and what pours down is honey.

This reminds me – of a short play I wrote – it got a production some years ago, was a One Act and the name of it was taken from the Book of Job: And I Alone Have Escaped To Tell You and this play is in part concerned with the idea of what/who is there even in the moments of greatest suffering.

I don’t know why I have to bring this up in a post about a happy optimistic Venus Jupiter sextile. Maybe because I’ve been blogging for so long I know I’ll get people here or on Facebook tell me that Venus sextile Jupiter brought them shit and their life is shit well I’m sorry your life is shit.

If you aren’t literally in prison or being tortured on a daily basis (which happens as we all know), what steps can you take to make it better? Moon is in Virgo tomorrow too. Small steps. To make it better.

And THAT, my friends, is Venus Jupiter, having a little faith in tomorrow.


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