Venus Enters Aries: The Choice

I’ve been going through something the last couple of weeks, a journey of sorts, in the emotional realm (OH that’s putting it nicely) and this morning I went back to sleep after being awake and up and fine at 4:30 in the morning, but I’m so glad I went back to sleep. I had amazing dreams, none of which I remember now, but I woke up feeling good (good as hell) and well-rested and I thought to myself that I couldn’t remember the last time I had such good sleep. And I say this even though it’s raining and I might not get to go for my walk. I don’t like to walk in the pouring rain.

But about Venus going into Aries. I like it. I like breaking up the Pisces party. Under the New Moon Taurus eclipse we had Mars, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces. All that Pisces, especially, the Jupiter Neptune, begins a new cycle of good stuff for you (blessing, luck, comfort) but it also brought us loss. Neptune dissolves what it touches and Jupiter expanded that loss. So many tears. SO. MANY. TEARS. You aren’t the only one who didn’t love the rare Jupiter Neptune alignment so hallelujah for more fire in the sky. Venus in Aries means we’re gonna stop wallowing and I don’t usually use such language and I don’t mean it critically. Sometimes the wallow takes over. Sometimes it has to. But now you’ll have more freedom and courage, and, dare I say it, choice.

Talk soon,