The Sun Is Almost In Virgo Rejoice Little Witches Return To Your Practical Magick!


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"aliza einhorn"
My maternal great-grandmother

So I want to talk about Virgo Season. I have to talk about Virgo Season.

I am a Virgo Rising so Leo time for me is the 12th House and the ascendent is the line between the night of the 12th and the day of the 1st and here we go. At least for us Virgo Risings.  BACK TO WORK. Flow better.

I know for YOU it may be different because your chart is different, but hear me out: 

Virgo rules service, work, the details. Virgo people are always up to something. We are not good at rest and relaxation, especially the Risings, South Nodes, and Virgo Moons WE DO NOT STOP.

And it’s not that Leos don’t work hard. Of course they do. But every sign, every planet has it’s own particular brilliance. Virgo brilliance (some of it) is for work and the truth is I grew into my Virgo side. It wasn’t until I was my own boss that I could start to embody my massively Virgo chart.

And of course there’s more but I wanted to get us started. It is TIME to return to work and school and all the projects you put on hold for whatever reason.

I know Mercury is still RX but Mercury likes a little review! Fear not!

Return, my loves! Return!

What is Virgo to you? Do you have planets in Virgo?

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