Drama Queen: Venus Enters Leo

"venus in leo" I find it hard to write about astrology these days and “these days” has lasted a couple years now.

Once upon a time I blogged all the time, but no longer. I try to transition to other mediums to talk shop, but those don’t stick either. In short, I’m at a crossroads. There are a couple things I know for sure, and maybe I’ll share those a bit later.

But for now let’s talk Venus. 

Venus enters Leo tomorrow and I’m relieved. I’m relieved because in Cancer, Venus made a slew of hard connections, had hard conversations, and bad feelings no doubt resulted. We got power plays and reality checks. You may have lost money or your honey (Venus rules money and love).

But at the same time, it’s possible you emerged stronger, more certain of what you want, and what you don’t. Did you get taken for a ride? It doesn’t have to happen again.

Venus rules values too and by “values” I mean what YOU find important or meaningful. What YOU desire. Not what they want. Not what anyone wants but you, just you.

Your natal Venus wants you to know what moves you, attracts you, what you find beautiful. My teacher used to say: Venus is your love nature. I used to think this meant how you love and Venus is your style (of love and dress) and your Venus sign (and house) shows something you really really want and need. That relationship of yours will fail if you don’t know what your Venus wants and if your lover also doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

If your Venus is in Leo, you need drama, for example. This upcoming Venus in Leo transit will square Uranus (which can be pretty dramatic) and there will be a surprise in your love life. Someone popping up out of the blue perhaps or an unexpected feeling crossing your path. An unexpected desire. A bill that needs to be paid or a gift from a long lost… friend.

Please note: I don’t mean to suggest that anything I say here is true for all. I mention one thing in a blog post or elsewhere and people hope or don’t hope it will apply to them. I really don’t know. I do know that Venus Uranus can be shocking or interesting or weird or revolutionary and it’s coming to a sky near us very very soon. Venus Uranus can reverse a course and Venus in Leo will make sure it’s a showstopper.

Do you know what you value in love and elsewhere? 

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