The Stars This Week: SUN


We have another interesting week on our hands and the SUN is in charge.

I say the Sun is in charge because it’s the Sun making all these aspects to outer planets. And that’s not all. Venus enters Aquarius too. Sign changes are always big news but listen:

we have Sun sextile Jupiter, Sun conjunct Saturn, Sun trine Uranus! Sun square Chiron too.

Sun Jupiter is lucky, Sun Saturn is hard working, Sun Uranus is electric, Sun Chiron yes can be painful, and healing. One by one the Sun touches them all.

The Sun in your natal chart is you but I also believe the transiting Sun in the sky is you too. It lights up that part of your chart. It illumines. Time to discover exactly what. What you need to know.

What I want to say about these is simple: pay attention.

Your Sagittarius House is lit up. Your Libra House. Your Aries House. Yes we have a building Jupiter Uranus opposition with Saturn making good aspects to both!

And here comes the Sun saying: LOOK HERE!!!!!!!!!!