Full Moon In Gemini! December 13th (And Otherwise An Uneventful Week)

Even though the liberating SUN URANUS trine still exists over the early part of the week and MORE TRUTHS COME OUT (very true for my day!), the rest of the week is without major aspect, just the Moon.

A FULL MOON. In Gemini. 22 degrees. 

Okay everybody CHECK YOUR CHART. I’m not sure why I’m yelling today. It’s an all caps kind of day actually in the sense of EMPHASIS and TRUTHS COMING OUT as mentioned above and this theme will continue because that’s what Full Moons DO. They reveal. They expose. They SHED LIGHT. Are you ready to shed light? There shall be light. Let it be. And TALK about it.

This Sun Uranus trine by the way is part of the Full Moon energy so extra extra light and this Full Moon includes a somber opposition to Saturn but also a trine to happy Jupiter. There’s that sextile to Uranus, square to Chiron, trine to Mars.

Yes it’s not your imagination. This Moon is all over the place and mostly in a good way. The emotions may be a little muddy but I still think you can move forward.

The most important thing really is to find that opposition in your chart because it’s balancing. Know what I mean? You’ve had to focus crazily on your Sagittarius house due to Saturn being there and now it’s Sag Season so we have the Full Moon in the opposite sign of Gemini so NOW right now exactly now you are balancing. You can take a break from the over emphasis on Saturn and Saturn work and instead mix in some of this Gemini dexterity and fun.

Any questions?