Why Do We Feel Like We Will Die When We Pursue Our Passions (& The Stars This Week)

To Do ListNo one I know enjoyed yesterday — no one.
And most of us blamed it on the “dark moon” —

We had a New Moon in Leo yesterday which made a good aspect to Saturn the Wise One, Teacher, structure, karma, school of hard knocks behave yourself Saturn.
Moon trine Saturn. I have this in my natal. We are serious sorts.

Also, yesterday, Mars (re)entered hearty-laugh-Sagittarius FINALLY and yet it felt like we were all asleep at the wheel or not wanting to drive the car and yet I keep using that metaphor on my Timeline –

that NOW we can drive. NOW we are free. Mars back in Sagittarius and we can move forward out of the murky depths of Mars in Scorpio. Mars likes being (in) Scorpio so they say but it’s hardly a kick up your heels energy. It’s strategic and plotting. We’ve had to be strategic for far too long. Mars in Sagittarius will help you RELAX and have fun. The conjunction to Saturn in Sagittarius will put the breaks on and admit it 🙂 Sag needs that sometimes 🙂

Moon in Leo, no other exact aspects. Moon trine Uranus and Moon conjunct Venus are highlights. Overall I’d say no matter what you are going through, this is a better sky. Easier to feel better! Do you have time to do something light and bright? My day is low-key, just enjoyable work and the Farmer’s Market.

And on the topic of enjoyable work I was talking to my sister the other day and she said to me: what’s that like? She’s been struggling with work for years. Decades? She is employable to the max but there’s a gulf between what she loves and how she earns her living. Take Nia dance for instance. She has the first level training. She CAN teach. She has the time to teach. But she hasn’t yet and yet THIS IS HER LOVE, PASSION. Home owner, wife, mom, normal-job-person but there’s this block, this fear about it. Fear of the dance? Of leading the dance?

And I was talking to a client yesterday with a similar situation in the sense of – there is this thing she loves and yet…

Why do we feel threatened when we start to pursue our passions? It’s not like she would or has to quit her day job…

More Moon!
Moon enters Virgo and again our exact aspects are only from the Moon. To me this is significant. Feels less tumultuous (good or bad).

Mercury is in Virgo so we’ll have that conjunction but we’ll also have a Moon Saturn square and a Moon Neptune opposition this day thus VIRGO IS STRESSED. Your mind is stressed. Your routines are stressed. Some things may not go as planned. Case in point: the mobile vet just called to reschedule! All mutable signs will feel some stress of some kind.

Virgo likes things in order and I don’t mean the house. The house may be plenty disorderly but Virgo is like…. okay… this and then this and then this and then this. There can be a guarded inflexibility about the Virgo Mind. Like when I try to get a Virgo Person to just give me their GUT intuition and they want to stick to the plan and I’m all FLY BE FREE! Nope! Have to prod.

FRIDAY brings us even more Virgo! Venus enters Virgo and I’ll talk about the weekend before the weekend but the main point I want to stress here is that the Sun is not in Virgo yet but we get a super taste of Virgo this week with Moon, Mercury and then Venus in the sign.

What is Virgo good for?

Listen, the ideal is rarely the real. Just because Virgo rules administration doesn’t mean all Virgos are good at it! But I’d be surprised if you didn’t get your “house” more in order starting THIS WEEK or maybe you have been up to this anyway with Jupiter and North Node there.

I think Mars in Sagittarius square Virgo is a GOOD THING. We’ll loosen up and worry less (hopefully). Virgo makes that sour face. No sour face, Virgo. Go for a drive, a walk, instead.

Getting your “house” in order is part of this energy though and that’s pretty much what the Jupiter in Virgo group has been up to. I told them yesterday: even if you do NONE of the tasks, if you just take one seed with you and plant it, then we’ve succeeded here and there is always a method to my deep madness. Of course I was aware that Week Three of this group would coincide with MORE PLANETS IN VIRGO.


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