Truth & Consequences Under Saturn Neptune

Good Morning.

So the truth has already been revealed — or is in process – of REVELATION.

I got mine early in the week (was it MONDAY?) under the SATURN NEPTUNE SQUARE:

reality thoughts pulsating out of my Piscean 7th House as I discovered the truth about a relationship (7th House), this Mercury Neptune opposition person telling me “bold-faced” lies for MONTHS. It was obvious but I couldn’t hear.

(ASPECT WARNING in general: okay not 100% across the board BUT hard aspect Mercury Neptune people find it easier not to tell the truth. I promise you this is true. And if you are a Mercury Neptune person angry that I am writing this, well… I cannot help your astrology but I can warn other people 😉 I didn’t say you are a compulsive liar. But I am saying it is ***easier*** for you not to tell the truth or the whole truth. Or to SSSSTTTTTRRREEEETTCCCCHHHH the truth. I have a lot of clients. Not singling anyone out.)

You will get a reality check if you haven’t already under Saturn square Neptune. Sagittarius House to Pisces House. BOTH. Maybe one better than the other i.e. truth you are happy with, truth you are sad with but truth either way. TRUTH!

REALITY IS BETTER I was shouting on Facebook. Reality is better.
This aspect was exact yesterday, Friday. Now it is Saturday. Time has passed.

WE ARE UNDER THE WAXING MOON my darlings. Full Moon on Monday.

Stay tuned..


PS Mercury in Gemini will square Jupiter. And Neptune. And Saturn..