The Stars This Week: An Angel And A Saint

"moon conjunct pluto"I’m assuming astrologers are talking a blue streak about this week.

We’re in the midst of Mars action: Mars entangled with both Saturn and Uranus and I’ve gone live a few times on Instagram and made podcast episodes about it and my final answer is this:

DO NOTHING. Wait. You actually don’t *need* to do anything. More information is coming out. Uranus is that “more information.” Maybe it will be a sideswipe. It’s entirely possible. The car crashing into you, an angel of revelation. You’re about to make the connection. Uranus will make sure of it. Uranus rules electricity and spirit tends to hitch a ride on those currents. And I’m thinking of Saint Teresa. Isn’t that your face these days?

Regarding the weekend: mostly a Taurus Moon and mostly squares. The blanket is scratchy and needs to be washed. The contents of the bottle isn’t mother’s milk. Sun squares Chiron and this is an ego bruise, an essence bruise, shame. I can’t promise you that the weekend will feel good but like the angel and saint I mentioned above, great art can be made from this trauma. Mars and Venus are in Leo after all. Leo is associated with the Fifth House and the Fifth House, we are taught, is creativity and self-expression, and FUN.

And you may say to me: but Aliza, what you are describing doesn’t sound the least bit fun. You are right, my friend, if you stay on the surface which I don’t advise under this sky — because this week is the ultimate “make lemonade from lemons” vibe. And yes the lemonade appears to be made from the most thorny, angry, poisonous fruit but you get that fruit open and you squeeze it and what drips out is super gold. You know it. Somewhere deep inside, you know it.

"saturn in Aquarius"