The Stars This Weekend: Questions For Pisces Season

moon conjunct pluto

Throughout the month of February I’ve been running special after special, in part because I have a deadline and just didn’t have time or bandwidth to write here or market as usual – so let me announce this here in case you don’t read to the end of the post. All hour-long readings this WEEKEND are $80. Next week will be something else 🙂 THREE max per person (for those who like to have “time in the bank.”) 


The Sun enters Pisces this weekend and the Moon will be in Sagittarius.

This is “square” energy (a hard aspect, tense) and yet I think these two signs have much in common. Interesting. Signs that square do not signify lack of affinity or compatibility. In fact, the difficulties may arise *because* they have these commonalities.  Jupiter and Neptune lack boundaries and increase excess. So do Pisces and Sagittarius. Few rules and lots of wiggling. Space, spacing out.

What matters most to me, of course, is where this Pisces action will be in your chart, in what house. We have the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces conjunct the South Node and Neptune (keyword DISSOLVING) the following week, on the 26th………

so I think THIS WEEK we are presented with a fact, a case. Illuminated. In that House for you.

What is this fact, this case? Do you know?

Finally. The Virgo/Pisces Eclipses are DONE. The Nodes will move to Leo/Aquarius in the spring. This is the LAST ONE and I’m feeling rocket ship energy, you are ready to blast off.

What did you learn about your Virgo/Pisces Houses and life? What are you leaving behind? What are you going towards? Is there something tangible you can identify? Or is it all too much Neptune haze.

For myself I definitely feel a certain end of cycle but I won’t know for sure until, well, some time passes and I see whether or not I’m freed up in those areas of life.

That’s what the Eclipses and Nodes feel like to me these days — not opportunity but more like a mouse on a wheel in a lab BUT THERE ARE LESSONS YES always lessons. ABOUT THE WHEEL.

Get it?

AND the lessons vary depending on the houses involved and the other transits you are under and what your SOUL wants. Yes, what your soul wants.

What does your soul want? 


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