The Stars This Week: Be The Heart Sea

"venus retrograde in aries"

I had thoughts about Florida when I first came back to Florida.

That I was going to BE Florida. Be all nature-y and start growing or planting or have a witchy herb garden because witches are supposed to do that–

but the truth is — that’s not me. I don’t want to be Florida.

What I like is being ME in Florida, tourist, mystic, explorer, wearer of much black clothing. I don’t need to understand Florida, but I do like being here.

I went to this lecture today and the truth is I daydreamed through a lot of it, but I liked the experience, being in the room (I’m a meditator), and I wrote down a number of things the writer/professor/speaker said from the Q and A portion of the talk. Inspiring stuff, about how nature rebuilds, rebounds. Just leave it alone, he said, and it will come back to the way it was. This inspired me deeply and wanted to tell it to you. Because it reminded me of PTSD and trauma. That there is a you that existed before life hurt.

I also wanted to tell you, paraphrasing something else he said – about how we don’t define a sea by something terrible that happened to that sea (like an oil spill for example). That sea had a life prior to the terrible and thus YOU need not define your life by any disaster that befell you.

So if you find yourself defining yourself by a day, a year, a decade of a life you’d rather forget, trauma, it shaped you, it did, remember that you existed prior to that, even if only for one day. I’m sorry about your oil spill. You existed before it happened. You.

Now about the stars this week: 

The Sun enters Aries tomorrow and there is so much hope in the air. Do you feel it? Not so much?

Moon in Capricorn hopefully will keep you busy and not just gloomy, Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday. Later in the week we have all this interesting Mercury –

Mercury, the writer and communicator, will aspect Pluto and Jupiter and Uranus and then we’ll also have a Sun Venus (retrograde) conjunction on Saturday.

I wrote on my Facebook that you should set some goals for yourself this week. Keep yourself busy because all that Mercury (a square, an opposition, a conjunction) can add up to irritating monkey mind or scattered behavior/intention. Give Mercury in ARIES something to DO, not just something to think.

The Sun on Venus will illuminate a Venus matter in your life. Love? Money? Desire?

I had a “type” moment at that lecture today. This man caught my eye and I thought to myself (in fine Venus retrograde form) he reminds me of so and so. He’s MY TYPE. Not that I would refuse other types but that type? I like that type. I couldn’t help but notice him.

Often during Venus (or even Mercury) retrograde, we hear tales of ex boyfriends or girlfriends come back from whence they went, but not here, not yet. Maybe when Venus backs into my 7th. I’ll let you know.

It woke me up though. He woke me up. I hadn’t been thinking about that side of Venus at all during this retrograde, and instead have been immersed in other Eight House memories.


Where is the retrograde for you? 


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