Little Lovely Spring Green Ram Blossom Pear Aries Aries Aries!

"new moon in aries"
The Sun enters Aries this Monday
and I want to tell you how I feel about that.

How I feel about that is SPRING (it is the spring equinox in my part of the world) and green and new and fresh and warmer and the Wands of the Tarot and beginning and the intentions you set for the Aries New Moon, a week later, are intentions that you can set for the year. Or make TWO lists, yes two. All you Virgos always have more than one list anyway 🙂

Let me tell you a story. So I was writing about Aries the other day on my Facebook and then I cut and pasted it here — about Aries and the heroic story, how every Aries I know, even the mild mannered ones, have a story of bravery and/or battle, how they slew the giant, how they won, sometimes against all odds.

I wonder if you are feeling this. I am wondering if you were feeling that against all odds feeling all winter (or whatever season you were in since the start of the year) and that you are ready to be reborn as a new green shoot or blossom, that you are ready to emerge even in a small way.  OR MAYBE YOU ARE ON FIRE!!!

And yet. And yet. I’m feeling a gentle vibe around this ingress hmm.

I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’ll tell you about some of my new moon intentions. I am working with my mind. Working with my mind is as important as all the other work. Working with my mind affects all the other work. And another thing: every element grounds differently and I realized this so clearly yesterday. We always talk about grounding in terms of EARTH, putting feet on the ground but I realize that as a water sign, certain kinds of drifting are what I require to ground. I have to float. So I am working with my mind and I drew THE SUN in the class for my new moon card and I am feeling this rebirth feeling and it all starts with the mind, with one’s thoughts.

I am turning over so many leaves, so many new leaves, trees, trees, and more trees. I’m the Hanged Man reversed! Or maybe the Fool with a side of Hanged Man reversed with a touch of  the Pentacle Queen.

I got the windows open to let in the warm hair. It’s been cold in North Florida this week and these houses are not built (insulated) for the chill, especially when the fire place’s mouth has been permanently shut.

I can feel it. The Wheel. Gonna turn.

What about you? What are you feeling, seeing, knowing?
What Tarot card are you today?