Advice For Mars Retrograde: Action Precedes Motivation

"mars retrograde"
Action precedes motivation

I learned this phrase decades ago from a friend who was in a Depressed Anonymous group. I said it to someone today.

During Mars retrograde you may feel stuck, stymied, in prison. You may feel low ambition, low confidence, low self esteem. Anxiety. Existential dread. You can’t get it up. Where did the passion go?


Be slow. Be gentle. Be slow. Be gentle. Plot. Plan. You may not lose sight of your goals at all but getting to the train on time may tire you out. Make more lists and do more dreaming and get used to delay and don’t worry about CRUSHING YOUR ENEMIES 🙂

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Action precedes motivation. Don’t wait to feel it. Do the thing FIRST and maybe (maybe not) you’ll get the urge. Urges may diminish. Urges may feel different. It’s okay, it’s normal under such a sky, and maybe there’s some review/redo/realignment you need to tend to anyway. I’m sure there is.