Living With A Corpse: Advice For The Moon Pluto People

And maybe this post is for all the Pluto People, not just the Moon Pluto people. Obviously. But we feel things intensely and for weeks now I felt like I couldn’t write. I would struggle to write. That’s so not me. But it was happening. And just now I was reminded of my book, my novel, that I still hope to birth into the world. I started to cry a little. I said to the lady who was reading my cards: it’s like living with a corpse. It’s like living with a dead baby. My book is my baby.

And I don’t expect or need everyone to relate. But I will tell you this. Once I started not only to cry, but to say those words out loud: IT’S LIKE LIVING WITH A CORPSE. IT’S LIKE LIVING WITH A DEAD BABY I started to feel better. The clouds parted, fog lifted, etc. And I could give you names of people who would hear me say such words and look away. Or challenge my words/imagery/feelings and tell me “don’t worry be happy.”

So. The Moon Pluto People. We have our work cut out for us. We are always living with corpses because we are always creating and not every baby is gonna live. These are metaphors, by the way, in case anyone reading this is unfamiliar with anything but tweets and reels. Once upon a time people used to write and think and create. Things are changing.

I didn’t think I was gonna feel better today, but it just goes to show that it can happen when you least expect it. That some innocuous thing your tarot lady says can lead you to the regenerative dark. This is the truth the Christian mystics knew.  And if Moon Pluto people can’t get to the root of the root of the root of what is hurting them, they will die. We always have to go deeper. Once we go deeper, we feel better and we always want to feel a little better — but the usual stuff won’t work on us. Self-help, non-dualism, platitudes of every stripe. What do you say to the dead dreams? You don’t say anything. You scream.

So, dear Pluto People, the next time you feel stuck/exhausted/immoveable, unable to scream, ask yourself what needs to be said, what needs to be written, what image do you need to describe your experience, your feelings, and you’re not saying it, not thinking it, because someone (past or present) has taught you that it shouldn’t be said. Somebody taught you and it murdered you, but things are different now and you can say what you want you can say what you want you can say what you want.

Alright. I think that’s enough for now. I know you’ve been waiting for these words. It’s 2023. Isn’t it time you stopped being afraid to speak? Oh I know some people won’t like it a bit, but it’ll get you one step closer to… YOU.

To be continued,

PS Pluto is still retrograde in late Capricorn and goes direct October 10th