Has The Choice Been Made? Tarot For The New Moon Eclipse


Foggy moments, bone tired, middle-aged-ness: my state of mind today. I’m listening to two white skinny people talk about god. No offense to the skinny white people of the world. No offense to those who talk about god on YouTube. Why not? Let’s all talk about god on YouTube.

I’m writing to you in the Full Moon frequency with Pluto now direct. I’m writing to you thinking about how I really should do a YouTube channel tracking my moment by moment entry into menopause. I’m not there yet but someday should I live long enough. But I said on my Patreon today: it’s not who I am. It’s not what I want. I’m still hung up on the written long form i.e. books. Someday we authors/writers will be in vogue again just like the record player and the records. Which reminds me, my second book is on sale on Amazon. Like, a little over six bucks! You could get… a lot of them! Send to your friends!

Today was a busy day of clients and students. I have my list of what I need to do tomorrow, for work and school and a friend asked me about Freud and I got to talk about Freud, about why we need to read him and why he matters.


So I didn’t finish yesterday’s blog post and now my period has come in hard and heavy after a steady trickle and I’m exhausted. Returned to my Patreon and my school reading and it’s almost 5pm. I’ve got rice cooking. It’s Succos. I’m ignoring Succos although I’ve got the windows open and it’s nice out, cool, and I hear the happiness of this particular holiday. Kids playing in the yard across the street. I’m done for the day. Done. Except for this. Except for here. Checking in with you. And I might try to read a little more Freud if my brain cooperates.

Astrologically? Two weeks until that New Moon eclipse in Scorpio. First card drawn for this particular eclipse: the Two of Wands. I saw this earlier today for a client. I often read this card as visionary, as looking towards the future. Sometimes I look up the meaning and I’m always bowled over by what a GOOD card it is and how I forget what a good card it is, better even than whatever words I choose. It’s so… primed? Bold? Ready and steady. Pretty sure Crowley calls the Two of Wands DOMINION and with all my Tarot students we’ve gone over the TWOS. The Two of Cups is clearly a partnership or the attempt at one. The Two of Swords is clearly still (with the waves crashing behind her). Two of Pentacles is circulation, agility, busy. And the Two of Wands clearly oh so clearly shows a choice has been made.

Has it? Has the choice been made?

To be continued…

"Jupiter retrograde"