Pluto In Aquarius: A Series (Part 7593024 Of Many)

Pluto comes to change you. Pluto comes to change us all.

Listen, I’ve been through Pluto opposing my Sun, my Mercury, my Mars. I was born under a Moon Pluto conjunction (in my First House).

You know what Pluto does? Pluto gives you depth you didn’t want.

Now, the details of that will be different for everyone. Like I wrote in the previous blog post, I haven’t had parents in a *very* long time. I know what it is to have friends and God and that’s it.

One of the best transits ever for me was when Pluto made a trine to my Ascendent. I started my astrology business then. Pluto built me. These are stray thoughts. I’m circling around a Pluto in Aquarius topic. If we think of Aquarius as ruling innovation and revolution then we need to remember that Pluto will be asking that of us. No, not asking. We won’t have a choice. Forced to reinvent.

The other day there was a leak in my bathroom. It was dripping from the ceiling. Every thirty seconds DRIP. Thirty more seconds DRIP. Not such a big deal. Call the super. The super will call the plumber.  It wasn’t a burst pipe although what it was we didn’t know yet. What was alarming though was that it smelled like pee. There was urine dripping into my bathtub. FROM THE CEILING. It was like the entire bathroom was engulfed in a pee-cloud.

I was, to say the least, horrified, although I think I handled it particularly well.

Notifying the super and my landlady but there came a moment when I really had to let him know. I REALLY had to let him know that my bathroom smelled like urine (and I don’t have any pets and I don’t pee on the floor) so this was a particularly important leak to solve asap. Now, if he had said to me: you are right! You are right this is a biohazard. If he had acknowledged or validated what was TRUE (that my entire bathroom smelled like pee) I would not have felt the need to tell him I might have to call the city (311) or that I hadn’t called my landlady yet but I was about to (I mean, of course she has to know).

My point is: there was something missing in his response and I needed him to understand. That was my Pluto. Because dude if you aren’t going to verbally respond to THIS part of the problem? I will keep mentioning it until you do. MY BATHROOM SMELLS LIKE PEE. I NEED TO KNOW THE STEPS RIGHT NOW BEING TAKEN TO FIX THIS BECAUSE MY BATHROOM. SMELLS. LIKE. PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT IS RAINING PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

I am exaggerating to make a point. The point is, as I keep saying, we all have a Pluto somewhere. Pluto is your POWER. Someone (heh) once accused me of “throwing my weight around.” What I actually do (when people are fucking with me) is call it like I see it so if you’re a manipulator/liar/pass the buck/projecting type of person then yes the time will come eventually when I call you out. I will give you rope but then I run out of rope. I’m *not* saying the super was fucking with me. He wasn’t. He did a great job. Perfect. No complaints. But if pee is falling from the sky I’m gonna ask you to take off your covid mask and give a sniff so you KNOW so you REALLY KNOW that this needs to be fixed NOW.

Pluto is your WILL. It gets the job done. If you need something done, get a Pluto person. Have I done the impossible? Yes. And I got it done through sheer will (and magic).

Somewhere in your chart is where Pluto in Aquarius is going to live for the next couple decades. You will die and be reborn there. Pluto is finishing up a long time in my Capricorn 5th House and I’ll say one thing about that now — my love life was turbulent to the extreme. If I ever have a love life again? It won’t be that way. My love life will no longer be The Night Porter meets In the Real of the Senses meets anything by Lars von Trier. As I say in my Mystical Practical Magic book: TRANSITS END.

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Where’s your natal Saturn and your natal Uranus? Those areas of your life are about to die and be reborn.

To be continued..