Big Big Light For Leo Season

I just deleted a bunch of stuff from this blog post. The entire first paragraph! It was about a certain Scorpio. I might tell this story another time.

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The Sun enters Leo tomorrow. This should come as a relief to us all. We are DONE with the Sun Pluto opposition until next year.

And you may say to me: but Aliza! The Sun in Leo means we’re gonna have a Sun Saturn opposition and yeah this is true and what I recommend for this is a hug. And a cup of hot chocolate. I don’t even drink hot chocolate (not on principle or anything but) but that’s how it feels to me. That what we need right now is… warmth. Saturn is a cold planet.

You know what? I’ll tell you. If I could, I would have therapy every day. I mentioned that I’m back in therapy, right? After 15 years or so. If I could I would have it every day and keep mining the past, excavating every corner of every memory, every shadow. Dump it all. Out of my head. Hand it over. HERE. YOU TAKE IT.

I said to him today: for some reason it’s important to tell you every detail. And a week ago I couldn’t imagine telling any of it.

I said to a friend that I was getting ready to leave the house and I didn’t want to wear black. Now that was the weirdest fucking thing. It can only be a sign of the LEO SUN SUNSHINE COMING ON. I mean, I love my black and my grey and my dark dark blue but if my green shirt wasn’t dirty, I would have worn it. I always thought I just liked black and I do! I do! But it’s symbolic too.

It is good, dear friends, to pinpoint those moments when your soul died. Why is this? I was going to say: because soul retrieval but honestly I don’t quite know yet. But as I move along in this therapy process I’ll find out and share it with you. Why it’s good to pinpoint the exact moments when your soul died. You need your soul. It’s yours. It’s intact in there, somewhere.

So the Sun enters Leo this week which is light and bright and fun and we have this big clanging truth telling Full Moon in Aquarius on Friday. What will be revealed? You don’t need therapy to get a message. There are always messages flying overhead. I just heard one now.

I’m thinking this is a perfect intention-setting time. We usually talk about this for New Moons or even Full Moons but I’m thinking the Sun in Leo will bring some big light to your life. It might be flashlight light or candle light or big sun light or hell I don’t know. But some light would be good so let there be light.