What You Need Is To Be Carried (Under This Sky)

"mars opposition saturn" Dear Friend,

I don’t know if it’s your own personal individual transits or the sky itself but basically what you need is to be carried.

I know this is true and I think I know you wish it weren’t true. That you could hold yourself up better. But you can’t, not now. Basically what you need is to be carried perhaps through all of Gemini Season. It’s not entirely clear to me but I feel it. And next week we have that New Moon – on the 25th. At 4 degrees Gemini on the same day as a Venus Pluto square so someone’s not being completely honest here. That’s an understatement. I don’t want to say trust no one, but trust your gut. How often do you tune in. Without the Tarot cards. Tune in.

Next week too is the Mars Saturn opposition and maybe just maybe that’s what you’re feeling now. The Moon will oppose Saturn too of course so next week has its dark moments but if you can just hold on to that New Moon portal.

All these oppositions to Saturn are going to make you feel worthless and lonely and I am here to tell you that even if you are cruelly lonely, you are not worthless.

It’s like we have to rewrite everything. I’ll tell you how it is for me. It’s like… I’m waking up from a dream. A nightmare, really. My exodus from New York and it’s now a year that I’ve been in Florida and I survived the year and Saturn makes sure I’m scared more often than I’d prefer to be and I’m waking up. Seeing my life. This is my life.

So about next week: the hope of something new under the New Moon. Does it aspect your chart at all? And then the Saturn aspects’ gloomy building throughout the week. I’m telling you about this so you know. I’m telling you about this so you don’t drown.

My Patheos Pagan new post is here. I knew it wouldn’t get so many clicks but I had to write about Cleo. I like some of the writing in it. Please check it out xoxo

Talk to you soon,