Requiem for the Full Moon in Gemini

Everything reminds me of everything I’ve lost.

A good friend said this to me the other day. She gave me permission to quote her. And I think it’s how this Full Moon might feel to some of us. There’s just so much… Saturn. Reality. But, remember, today is also Mercury Neptune so you can slip away when the glare of what is, the Saturn reality, gets too blindingly bright. Also, your perception, your mind, might be playing tricks.

What to do? Well, I drew the Ace of Cups on Instagram and the Sun just now and the Celtic Cross I did for my Patrons was bizarrely optimistic and bizarrely major arcana. Might we be at the threshold (once again)?  Might we open out onto a clearing? (My Patreon is here btw)

And another friend said: when you’re in a hole, stop digging. I wrote it down with the date and I hung it on the fridge. I don’t think you need to worry. This is one Full Moon out of many and Sagittarius Season is nothing if not the open road. Is there someplace you need to go?

To be continued…

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