Current Obsession: North Node In Leo, Solar Eclipse In Leo (August 21st)

"new moon eclipse leo" Current obsession:

the North Node in Leo and where it is in your chart so I beg you to visit, revisit your chart and the “late Leo” degrees because that’s where the New Moon Eclipse will be and where the North Node is now. Yes there’s an orb but that doesn’t dull my obsession!

Think of it like a treasure hunt. Where the North Node is now, you must follow. Notice how lit up it is. It is! But you have to think about it. Pay attention. So you go into that house and you go look for it, find it, what you need to know now about your path AND the Eclipse is right there too.

Yes for some folks it may be two houses, not one. Depends on your house system. Read it for two if you need to but don’t lose sight of the fact that you must seek and search and find and go North.

In the South? You must pack your bags. There’s an altogether different journey going on in there. Separate but related, the North and South, Leo and Aquarius. Something to release, let go, in the South. Somewhere to travel and discover in the North. IT IS NEW!

And start NOW. Start TODAY. Meditate on it. However you meditate. No wrong way. Just begin.

I was talking to a client today who has the North Node by transit in her 12th House. It’s a gift I told her. But really it’s the same for all of us. The gift is there. The wisdom is there. The treasure is there.

So. Choose an outfit. Choose a light source. What shoes will you wear? What’s the temperature? Do you need music? Maybe choose just a small carry-on or backpack, something easy to carry or maybe nothing at all and begin. Maybe you won’t take anything you know with you. Maybe. Maybe you will start over, spin the wheel.

Let me know how it goes… 
"new moon eclipse leo"
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