Full Moon in Gemini On The Way

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Dearest Star Lovers,

Every once in a while we get one of those Full Moons, a Full Moon to remember. I feel that way about the one coming up, on Monday, and I’m writing to you about it because it makes me pause. Why? Because Saturn. Saturn is intimately involved with this Full Moon. And there’s other factors, true, true, but it’s the Saturn factor that’s making me hmm!

In astrology land, Full Moons reveal, Full Moons are emotional, Full Moons speak the truth. There’s no going back on a Full Moon.

But a Full Moon with a Saturn factor? It’s a test.

Do you like tests? Do you hate tests? Multiple choice? Essay question? And it feels like a one-two punch to me. In other words, you’ll see things for how they truly are. And then you may have to do something about it. Or not. You’ll see.

The Full Moon will be in Gemini.
The Sun (and Mars) in Sagittarius.
Saturn is in Pisces.
Virgo is the “empty leg” of this configuration. Virgo is the one holding up the sky. Virgo is the DO. Err on the side of Virgo ways and means. Precision. Detail. Exacting. Kind. Healer. The Virgo part of your chart is where you need to push, where you need to show up. (Can you read your chart? Want me to teach you?)

I know I’m talking in riddles a bit, but I know some of you will relate. I know some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The least you need to know? Let’s Tarot for an answer. Try this at home.

A short spread:

Card One: What do I need to know about this Full Moon?
Card Two: What do I need to know about this Full Moon?
Card Three: What do I need to know about this Full Moon?
Card Four: Anything else?
Card Five: The Secret
Card Six: What next

Happy Full Moon, dear star lovers,