Jupiter Stations Retrograde: Cheerleader

I don’t think I’ve ever felt a transit so intensely.

I mean, a sky-thing, not a “what’s it doing in my chart specifically thing.”

I felt the world come to a screeching stop, and no it wasn’t literally like that and yet it was, and definitely think of Jupiter retrograde as a KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT transit although the truth (Jupiter) is that when Jupiter in Aries is direct we (sometimes) need to speak softly too, or try to, which basically means…

Jupiter is going to broadcast no matter what, but a little self-control goes a long way or at the very least know who your allies are and ignore the rest. (By the way, I had a great dinner last night of noodles and I slept fantastically well.)

Jupiter Retrograde advice: 
Hermit card slogan: GO WITHIN.

You know what? The more I expand (Jupiter), the more I find myself in the world (Jupiter), the more I see that all the self help reels on Instagram aren’t helping the masses be less obnoxious (surprise!)

Jupiter Retrograde advice: 
High Priestess slogan: stop talking.

Yesterday was a whirlwind. I yelled at one person. Mars in Cancer doesn’t really yell though. It’s weepier. It murgles on (murmur + gurgle) about feelings if/when it can find the words to describe what just happened. And something about yesterday was a reality check which we usually apply to Saturn transits and Saturn moments, but what is Saturn if not Jupiter spinning back around so to speak and suddenly feeling less brave, less bravado, just LESS.

Jupiter is MORE. Jupiter retrograde is LESS. And sometimes it’s a good thing. We need the rest.

Jupiter Retrograde advice: 
In the words of Brazilian poet (and Scorpio) Carlos Drummon de Andrade: don’t kill yourself. Which is something that might cross your mind (ever so fleetingly) if you aren’t feeling the bright lights and confidence of Joooooooopiter!

I remember when I was in the Workshop and we were assigned this book of poets in translation, poets from Eastern Europe and South America, and I read that one by the Scorpio I quoted above and once again I found my tribe in the books, in the poets. I do have a book to finish. It’s true. Once a poet always a poet?

So what else? I just sang a Frankie Valli song into the What’s App of my friend in Slovenia; today is a busy client day; I’ve got to go for a walk before working on a chapter and then it’s appointment after appointment and I just read in the papers that taking naps can increase risk for a stroke so that might be how I’m gonna go, when my time comes, I just hope it takes me out quickly.

Morbid. I know. Good morning!

Yes, my friends, that’s what Jupiter in retrograde is good for: staying alive, finishing a chapter, going for a walk, a song across the miles sung to an ex-boyfriend in a far away land. Slow down a little. Slow down a little more. Think twice. Do it differently. Less straightforward. Less fire. Don’t broadcast your intentions even though every message we get in this modern world is the opposite: share all! Bare all!

And, yet, sing your song, walk your walk, write your words. It’s a delicate balance which Jupiter is decidedly not — balanced, measured, reality.

Do your best! It will be great!!! (says Jupiter). You got this!!! (says Jupiter). We really do need more Jupiter. We really do need more encouragement and love and fewer naysayers and critics. But Jupiter is retrograde and the cheerleader is within.

Did you hear me?

Okay. More to come soon,

"Jupiter retrograde"