Not Quitting (Plus, Mars and Mercury and Uranus are Retrograde)

I have NO plans on quitting astrology or tarot or doing readings/consultations/tarot lessons/everything else that I do, mystically speaking.

This came to mind this morning. I got a message. The message said keep focusing on astrology and focus MORE on it.

And I know I’ve been hyper focused on my third book (waiting or worrying about getting it out into the world) and my studies (looking forward to next semester!) and then today I got the message. Mercury is retrograde. I needed to hear it. In the meantime I had already gone back to sending out weekly newsletters (well, two weeks in a row) and I can’t stop thinking about Pluto in Aquarius and also Saturn in Pisces.

I need to stay human. I plan to stay human. Middle-aged and getting older! I say this on my readings page in a sense — that as things get more and more “artificial,” as platforms proliferate, as social media does what it does and we get more isolated/fake/regurgitated/hateful, I don’t see the need for me, or what I do, decreasing. I think it will increase. Because the world is about to get… colder and weirder? I’m not sure how to put it yet. Right now it’s just a feeling.

So I’m just letting you know. I’m not planning to quit. Besides, it’s my living and I need to make a living. And some folks had written for me for readings, prefacing it by saying: “I know you’re busy but…”

Let me remind you: this is what I do! I’m not going anywhere. Believe me, if I close the store, you will hear about it!

To be continued…