Advice For The Mutables: Saturn In Sagittarius

"saturn square neptune"Oh I do feel for you, Sagittarius Suns and Risings and Moons! Saturn (the teacher) is in your sign, as you know. And Saturn will retrograde at 16 degrees, back to 9 degrees. We won’t be starting the transit over completely but pretty damn close.

I’ve got some advice for you.

You have to grow up.

Maybe you already are grown. Maybe not. But you have to grow up. This is Saturn. Mature. Wise. You have to act with INTEGRITY. You have to tell the truth. Not stories, not tall tales, but truth.

If you, dear Sagittarius Sun Moon Rising, act without integrity, it will only come back to hurt you. This is the astrology! If you are under Saturn, you have to follow the rules, Saturn’s rules.

And this goes for ALL the mutable signs because Saturn is squaring or opposing you – Gemini, Virgo, Pisces – but for Sagittarius most of all because, yes, Saturn is in YOUR sign.

Acting with integrity. Taking responsibility. For your actions, for your life.

I felt I had to say it plain. I’ve got all these mutable sign clients lately and if there is one thing I know for sure, it’s what Saturn requires: that you stop being a whiny bitch 😉

Thanks for that phrase, Annette. You made me laugh. And I share Annette’s phrase with love, I truly do. I love my mutables (I have mutable planets too!!) but Saturn is here for us and Saturn isn’t about the love but about the LAW.  Saturn’s Law. Get to know it and you’ll do just fine.