Torture, Or Something Like It: Uranian Days For Miles


I am feeling it. We are feeling it.

If you aren’t feeling it, you are probably dead, in the afterworld, playing a harp, flying around with the angels.  Or maybe you’re in hell at the bbq. Maybe both! Life, my friends, is vertical. And so is death. Wherever you are? I hope you’re okay.

In my own world: am I moving or not moving? Am I going back to school or not going back to school? What is going on or not going on? If I am going back to school is it fall or spring? If I am moving does everything get delayed? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. And I didn’t even list All My Things, including new Tarot students and how exciting it is for my brain to go there but taxes, passport, applications, the house is a mess, and how will the neighbors behave today? Suddenly I’m inundated with forms.

Sanja said to me: forms are an obstacle for you after I described my form overwhelm. ALL THOSE WORDS and little boxes. And yet I wrote two books and am finishing another. Go figure. Writing a book is not and should never be A FORM. Her smiling face. I haven’t asked her for her birthday yet, her chart. I think I won’t. And I didn’t think I would get attached to her, not even slightly (I knew her 20 years ago in the same capacity) but here it is, creeping up on me. Allowing it. This, too, is Uranian.

So willkommen dear star lovers, to URANIAN DAYS when up is down and down is up and we are all together and we wish we were somewhere else, anywhere but Uranian days. And why are these Uranian days even more INTENSE? Mars. Because Mars. Mars makes it burning hot and fast (Mars is aggressive) and the fact that these planets are in Taurus also makes it SLOW and WTF is that? Fast AND slow? What? It’s torture or something like it.

I don’t know what to tell you (ha) except to make sure you are eating and drinking and making your lists and trying to get some sleep even if nappers are at greater risk of stroke (said the papers the other day) and keep your friends close. You vent. They vent. It’s good to vent. And then get to work. Work is the grounding, stabilizing force at this time i.e. SATURN. Yes, believe it or not that motherfucker Saturn is keeping the whole operation together, keeping it from falling apart, keeping YOU from falling apart. Your friend, Saturn.

So I asked my cards ever so delicately: what do we need to know about this bullshit? What do I tell my friends here reading the blog?  SIX OF WANDS. Something good is gonna come out of this. Yeah, pus and shit and blood and grime (grime?).  But seriously. THE SIXES, harmony. Balance. The Sixes are the suit of getting what you need. Help is on the way.

Listen to the still small voice. That’s the other advice here, today. But you have to relax a little to hear it. You have to focus on something else to hear it. Sometimes you hear it in the fray but it’s usually when you look away from the house of your life burning down that you hear a voice and then you know what to do.

More to come.

"Jupiter retrograde"