New Moon In Cancer: Homeland Security

Yes the New Moon in a certain sign will call to mind the themes of that sign. When the New Moon is in Cancer (and it will be, tomorrow, 7:01 am, in the Eastern United States) we talk about feelings and family. We talk about home. We talk about wanting to hide in the shell. But of course we have to mix in the personal chart details. The Cancer House in YOUR chart.

So, for me, for example, it’s not just issues of home and family purely — we cross it with the 11th House (Aquarius’ natural house) where I have  my Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Cancer. For you it may be something different (unless all my readers are Virgo Rising, which is entirely possible I suppose but would be odd!).

But about tomorrow: I do not think we feel safe under this Cancer New Moon. Yes it takes many good aspects, many! But the Saturn inconjunct and Pluto opposition are heavy energy, and a bit scary actually. You may not feel safe in your home, in your feelings, in your family. Or you may, you may. It may be playing out for you differently. Everything could be perfectly fine but you just want to cry – for no reason! Cancer does that!

One thing is certain though – mamma is under stress, under duress. Pluto is a threat even if only for a moment — and it only takes a moment to feel afraid.

Folks familiar with this energy know how to navigate it – for example if you have a hard Venus/Sun/Moon Pluto aspect in your natal chart. But for the rest of us? There will be mood swings. You may feel vulnerable. You may have all the power but not realize it. You may outburst emotionally. And you may hide from the storm you helped create.

My advice is to stand your ground with integrity – Seven of Wands – whatever that ground happens to be. No one has the right to invade your shell time.

Oppositions are stand-offs, sieges, and for some of you Pluto may trump all the good aspects the New Moon is making and yet think of those good aspects as weapons in your arsenal if you need to talk yourself, or someone else, off a ledge. Appeal to Venus. Appeal to Jupiter. Beauty and truth is how you get your way out of any Pluto messes tomorrow.

And if you want to set intentions? Go for it.


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