NEW LEAF: Welcome Aries Season

"sun conjunct venus in aries"
I’m so happy that folks keep finding old blog posts of mine and then reaching out – either to get readings or just connect on Facebook. It’s all good and I’m grateful. So thank you! 

Let’s talk.

ARIES SEASON is finally here, officially. Although we have other planets in Aries it wasn’t until TODAY that the Sun entered Aries which means Equinox and we can turn over that NEW LEAF that I keep talking about. 

What to do with this new leaf? Well, I recommend a short list of course. I recommend “stages.”

But first, this question:

are you in the mood to plan? Are you in the mood to think about what you want?

If so, then continue reading. If not, then drift and dream and get back to me. Neither state of mind is better and there are times to push and times to lay down but if you are in the mood to push then listen to me:

what do you want? 

I predict this week you  feel a little overwhelmed as I was saying the other day — because Mercury, MIND, is intense this week – making all these high energy dynamic aspects and you can get a lot done including the big leaps and the resolutions and high energy planning YES that’s what this week is for…

But, again, if it’s all too much, then drift and dream and know that a week like this will come again and and you can return to all those fire-fused Wands cards you keep drawing. Some days we need to be the Four of Swords, flat on our backs.

I had a mental breakthrough this morning, put some pieces together – and then I set a priority. And that’s what this week is good for. It’s not necessarily for emotionally intense work. Move past all that. Less chance of getting STUCK this week. Live with the times.

The energy will be there either way so I find it helpful to DO something with it. Maybe it means you exercise more. That’s just one example. Do SOMETHING more than usual this week (except worry).

And as I wrote yesterday, we have a Sun Venus conjunction over the weekend so there is a Venus issue in your life that becomes ILLUMINATED for you and YES old loves may turn up at your door or at your phone or in your bed 😉

Yes, I said it. IN YOUR BED.

Or maybe just in your head, my dears xoxo

If you want to talk, we can talk. Just message me and we’ll set something up. 

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