The June Special Is Here :) Jupiter Goes Direct June 9th!

"venus opposition jupiter"
I know some of y’all don’t follow me on Facebook so…

I was gonna wait until tomorrow but I’m excited so here it is:

I’m offering TWO different Reading specials until JUNE 9th.

June 9th is when JUPITER GOES DIRECT!!!

These are in honor of Jupiter <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 and my Jupiter Return 🙂

Choose one. Choose both. Get olives and pineapple and extra cheese 🙂

Option One:
TAROT ONLY. 60 minutes. $75.
Phone or FB Messenger.

Option Two:
TAROT plus looking at Jupiter going direct in your chart!
Why? Because it matters! (In my humble opinion)
Also 60 minutes, $95

And someone asked me and YES it’s fine to give these as gifts (altho please do make sure your person is open to this kinda thing)

LOCAL PEOPLE we can meet in person for these.

Any questions?
My PayPal is moonpluto@gmail


Talk to you soon!