Early Morning Astrology (Plus Gemini Season)

Dear Friends,

"saturn trine uranus"

From my Facebook page
as I was thinking about the Saturn/Uranus/North Node in Leo trine

Early Sunday morning astrology:

Perhaps it’s more obvious with fire than the other elements (water, earth, air)

That they, and the fire, can also destroy, nature can destroy

Thus these fire trines of right now

What light will they bring
What damage will they do
What shocking clarity

So these fire trines are touching my Venus and one may think …
any number of things

But mostly I feel a burning
and no it’s not acid reflux or a UTI … 😉

It’s on the spirit level

But once it starts where does it stop

A fire can destroy it all with its rage.

A fire can make you unrecognizable because the burning, it disfigures.

Which reminds me of a line from the Bible:

That God was not in the fire

So basically you cannot be irretrievably damaged because the Holy One, essentially, will retrieve you

Do you believe it?

Are you fireproof?

And this: 

So we’re supposed to write about Gemini

because now the Sun is in Gemini

And I do believe that where the Sun goes… it lights us up and makes us fantastic

that part of our chart-
begins to glow a little

I know I’m supposed to talk about the twins and information and communication and siblings and travel

and spy craft

But what I really want to talk about are the questions for which there are no answers why why why

and Gemini energy usually has an answer or two or three.

I want to talk about these questions because they are the ones that I have why why why

And when I can’t find the answer, I keep asking.

That’s my Gemini Season – the refusal to be mentally subdued.

The mind does not stop and Mercury is a Messenger and a trickster:

another word another thought another sentence. Sleight of hand.

We water signs, we emotional ones, we benefit the most from seasons of air because we are more able to put our emotional intensity into words.

Gemini season thus is a gift for writers.

What will you write and who will you write to?

What will you say and what needs to be said?

Love you,