Love or Lone Wolf? Jupiter Opposes Uranus (and other radical minutes this weekend)

That weekend is here – the one that everybody is talking about. It’s so shiny.

We have a Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus situation happening. It’s harmonious for the most part. In the midst of the harmony is a Jupiter Uranus opposition (oppositions are disagreements) and honestly some of you may still consider Pluto at 16 degrees squaring both Jupiter and Uranus at 20 degrees (do you? let’s leave Pluto aside for a moment though).


Venus making a lovely link to ALL those outer planets. Venus is in Aquarius. Isabel Hickey called them the “mental pioneers” of the zodiac.

Venus is love and art and self worth and money. Jupiter is lucky. So far so good. Saturn is your teacher. Saturn gives homework. Uranus wants no rules. I was looking at someone’s Solar Return yesterday who has this sky in her chart!

What do you have at or around 20 degrees? Do you have planets in the mix here?

You know me. I’m a house-based philosopher. You need to know your chart to really see how this will play out for you although yes we can still look at the bigger picture.

I do want to add though – if you do not have any planets or points at or around 20 degrees you may observe or feel this activity from a distance but you may not get a new story or culmination here. It may be business as usual. Whatever your working on is going on. Sorry about that if you are looking for something more dramatic. I have planets around 20 degrees but they aren’t so much benefitting from this sky. My air and fire is at 26 so I have to wait until next year.

There is much to recommend here though – tons of flow. Saturn Uranus flow. To quote Hickey again: Saturn builds, Uranus breaks.

What do you need to build or rebuild or break down and renew (remember Mercury is retrograde!!)? YOU CAN DO IT. This aspect is wonderful for any creative project, for any LIFE project you’ve got going on particularly in your Sagittarius and Aries Houses. I think many of you are clarifying what you want to dump, what you want you want to keep, and the shock of the new. Are you alive enough? 

And then the Jupiter piece. Jupiter is the faster mover of the slow movers here. Jupiter in LIBRA (don’t go it alone) and Jupiter is this huge blessing BUT…

Okay here’s one challenge I see and I probably wrote about this already but it was so long ago now —

Uranus in Aries is a freedom fighter, mental pioneer, independent. Jupiter in Libra needs a collaborator. You may swing between these two extremes. Desperate for love and then certain you won’t find it and that you need to go it alone because URANUS IN ARIES is a soldier and a solider is married to country, the cause, willing to die for it, not bound to any one man or woman. You have a mission. But what is it? That’s the key. That extreme vacillation. Love or lone wolf?