Witch Moon, Virgo Moon (More Thoughts On The Solar Eclipse September 1st)

Let’s talk. Let’s just talk. I feel good. Saturn is no longer squaring my Ascendent YES!!!

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Today I want to talk to you about the rebirth. That rebirth is possible. That you can feel at the very very bitter end but truth is the planets move and we get these fresh chances. They just sprout up out of nowhere like a good song.

Mercury is now retrograde in Virgo okay? This is one of those times. One of those rebirth fresh chance times, good song times. Believe me.

Thursday is the Solar Eclipse at 9 degrees Virgo and both Sun and Moon square Saturn and oppose Neptune. And TRINE PLUTO. OH and square Mars too.

What do you want from this day?
What can you have?
What will you allow? Ask and allow (as Abraham Hicks says).

This Moon is… ANGRY. This Moon wants perfection. MOON SQUARE SATURN, PEOPLE! And it’s an Eclipse. Emotional. Angry Moon. Sad Moon. Pining Moon. Moon Neptune. Moon Saturn. Moon Mars. We don’t want to see ANY of this in hard aspect but it’s what we have.

And then comes Pluto to save the say as always 🙂

Moon trine Pluto. You thought you were dead. Pluto rules death and resurrection. And then someone turned the lights on. The transit passed. The bill got paid. The boy the girl the boy the girl the boy came to talk to you at the party and asked you out and…

We don’t think of Virgo as being a HOPEFUL sign. We think of Virgo as doubting, seeing only what’s right in front of its face. Details. Admin. Miniature. Fault finding. Pessimistic more than practical. They don’t even realize it! How sharp that pin is!

Virgo squares Sagittarius on the wheel, that dumb eternal cheerleader.

But Sagittarius isn’t dumb at all. And Virgo isn’t a shrew.

Virgo is kind, helpful, real, healer. Virgo will help you help you help you.

Virgo is the humble witch, kneeling at your feet with the answer the answer the answer.

And you know what witches do, don’t you?
They ride.


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