URANUS IN TAURUS And The End Of The Uranus Pluto Square

"uranus in taurus"
Dear Star Lovers,

Even the strongest gets tired of being strong.

I’ve seen it. I’ve seen grown men collapse under the weight of life. I don’t want to be strong anymore, they cry. Let me go. I think that’s what happened to my father. My brother said that he said he was done.

My father the Taurus. We tend to think of them as… what? My father was an angry man, a funny man, a sick man. Literary. A reader. Religious. Teacher. Loud booming voice. His students loved him. I’m thinking of the older ones (senior citizens), the handful who came to his funeral.

Uranus in Taurus now doesn’t mean that all the Taurus you know will go crazy or off the derech (off the path, whatever path they need to be on) but it does mean that some of that famous Taurean stubbornness will get challenged.

Because that’s what Uranus does. Makes us free. Sometimes we want it and sometimes we don’t and sometimes we don’t know. Uranus MOVES. Taurus prefers not to.

And Uranus in Taurus changes the whole sky. Instead of a “hard aspect” to Pluto in  Capricorn, we get a soft one. This is not to be underestimated. We lost SO MUCH under the Uranus Pluto square. Now we can put our lives back together. Many of us got hit over and over. Maybe one piece of us remains. An eye. A tooth. A finger.  Do I sound too optimistic. That there’s hope for us yet? I’m not the same person I was either.


think about it this way and forget the degrees for a moment. Just focus on the SIGNS. Uranus in Taurus. Saturn in Capricorn. Pluto in Capricorn. Which earth sign is missing?


Virgo fills in a GRAND TRINE IN EARTH, my friends. If you have damn near ANYTHING in Virgo you will get a reward.

Some of you know I’m obsessed with the show Survivor and watching old seasons. And if you are a fan of survivor then you know that the castaways sometimes compete for REWARD and sometimes that reward is FOOD, after days or weeks of eating just white rice and coconut.

But it’s not just Virgos who will benefit and get a tasty meal. Uranus in Taurus ends not only the era of the Uranus Pluto square but brings with it A PUSH. Not the push towards my way or the highway fire sign ARIES but towards love. VENUS RULES TAURUS. Love, food, sustenance, self-love, security, solid ground, beauty, comfort. Your isolation and separation is about to be broken up.

And you may say, but Aliza, won’t Uranus in Taurus destroy our security? Our money? Our solid ground? Our food and our love and our things of beauty?
Not quite.

Think of it this way:

there is some part of your life (or more than one part) which has become very FOUR OF PENTACLES. Very unchanging. Very safe. Very powerful. VERY STRONG. You are fortified there. You are a WALL. No one can get to you.

MAYBE it’s your misery. Maybe it’s some illusion you have about your relationship(s). It could be a belief about your life and who you are. Find where Taurus is in your chart. Uranus energy isn’t about passing tests. That’s Saturn. You didn’t fail Uranus in Aries. Just move on.

And this:

do you really think Uranus in Taurus won’t bring you more love? More love and food and beauty? Of course it will. Of course. Because it’s going to storm that wall and breakthrough to you and it’s going to release you from your fortified Four of Pentacles life. So say hello. Say hello to your wrecking ball.