Chutzpah: Mars and Venus in Aquarius

A good friend of mine sent me a shidduch resume. Let me translate for you. My friend is a religious woman. That’s the word I use. She would use a different word. I also like the word pious. She’s a pious Jew and I’ve known her a long time, she’s a good friend, and she wants to see me happy, and happily married. She’s sweet.

So she sends me a shidduch resume by email with some formal/bland/nondescript/wet noodle details about a guy who is looking for a girl for marriage, a religious guy (who I actually met many times twenty years ago — we had Mutual Friends and would see each other on Shabbos, at Mutual Friends’ Shabbos table, I mean this guy sat across from me,¬†and he wasn’t interested then, twenty years ago when I was a younger, riper 33 year old, maybe he knew I was a WITCH)

and I say to my friend: thank you so much for thinking of me, but I’m not so religious. And furthermore he’s been IN THE LIFE for twenty years! Never married. What’s he REALLY looking for. I mean, this bland wet noodle generic resume says NOTHING. It’s bullshit. (I said B.S. to my friend. Remember, she’s very religious). And I’d love to see the long list of women he said NO to over the years and why he said no because something’s up here. I said all that to her. Chutzpah, I said. He’s got chutzpah (nerve/balls). He’s 63 and he won’t date someone older than 55? Seriously? Chutzpah.

What does he really want? What is he really looking for? What do YOU really want? What are YOU really looking for? Do you know? I just had a guy disappear on me, block me, but you know what? First night I knew him I drew the Emperor and the Two of Swords for him: BLOCKED.

But about the sky at this time:

Venus and Mars are in Aquarius these days. Something weird or unusual or unexpected (Aquarius) in the love (Venus) department might be happening for you and I don’t mean to disparage love or those looking for love or traditional Jews or nontraditional Jews or Aquarians but the truth is Aquarius does indeed have a reputation for, well, doing their own thing. Aquarius rules awakening and revolution and innovation and genius. Stuff like that. So with a sky like we have right now, if you are looking for love, expect a little something different!

Much love to you all

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