Safe Raft (The Stars This Week, Part Two)

"six of wands" Em commented on the blog:

I still don’t know exactly, but the raft in the midst of the Seas feels safe. Or at least, it no more feels unsafe. We keep going. Anew.

My Paris friend, Em. Let’s draw a card or two shall we? For the safe raft, for the seas.

I got a card of fire – Wands.
A six.
All Sixes return to the Lovers, the Major Arcana six.

My radiant Rider Waite shows a man on a white horse.
Perfect posture. People walk beside him,
Wands aloft and he too holds. Wreathe on his head like a crown.
Springtime. Horse in green gown.
He’s a winner.




(P.S. And then I drew Six of Cups – again – Six of Cups, the perfect Mercury retrograde card, the past — second time today. Two sixes. RECONCILIATION.)