Jupiter in Scorpio On-Line CLASS Starts October 10th!!

"jupiter in scorpio"
: a secret Facebook group!
When: we begin October 10th. We run 4 weeks (a month)
Cost: sliding scale. Choose a number between $85 and $185 and I’ll let you in to the group!
PayPal moonpluto@gmail.com 

What it’s all about: 

Jupiter changes signs once a year (give or take a month) so THIS MATTERS for us all, collectively, but it matters for each individual as well.

This is why we’ll be talking JUPITER, what this planetary energy means big picture, and we’ll be talking SCORPIO – the sign Jupiter is entering – and we’ll be talking YOUR CHARTS. Mars and Pluto “rule” Scorpio so those energies will get our attention as well!

Goodbye Jupiter in Libra. Hello Jupiter in Scorpio! The THEMES change!!!
And where you need to focus, chart-wise, may change for you as well! 

All my classes are DISCUSSION based although lurkers are welcome! 

I will post videos every week (usually from my phone, directly uploaded to the secret group. No one else can see these!)

I will bring us thought provoking discussion prompts every week.

Each chart will get discussed more than once!

I will maintain a regular presence and be available to answer questions.

We will discuss the nature of Jupiter, the nature of Scorpio, the MAJOR aspects Jupiter in Scorpio will make to the outer planets during its transit!

YOU just need to show up 🙂 talk if you want, lurk if you want.

You do NOT need to know anything about astrology to enjoy this class and to learn, but it’s also suitable for astrology mavens! We will jump right in! 

Got questions? Just send me a message xoxo