Are You Virgo Enough? Thoughts On The Stars Next Week!

"full moon in pisces"
Virgo Season/Pisces Full Moon ahoy

My blog is not dead. I’m still here!

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But I have NOT forgotten you! 

"sun trine pluto"
Sun trine Pluto

Let’s talk astrology: 

Mercury has retrograded back to Leo.
The Moon is in work work work Capricorn as I type this.

This week we have an exciting inspiring passionate Mars Uranus trine (harmonious).
Mercury retro conjoins Mars on Sunday (talk talk talk)

Sun opposes Neptune 
Mars enters Virgo 
Mercury goes direct 
Full Moon in Pisces 
Mercury re-enters Virgo

There are additional “minor” aspects of course but this is the major action and it’s all about YOUR VIRGO/PISCES axis.

You figure this out once you know your birth time which will lead you to your Rising Sign which will lead you to knowing the house division of your chart and THEN you know okay THIS is my Virgo house and THIS is my Pisces.  (Yes you can hire me to help you with this.)

We all have Virgo and Pisces SOMEWHERE even if we do not have natal planets in those signs. Also, we have transiting planets in both those signs so it matters!!! Your Virgo Pisces axis matters! Tis the key to RIGHT NOW. 

Y’all know I’m personal. I’m a personal, spiritual, practical astrologer. YES I talk about the collective and collective energy but your chart is YOUR CHART.

My advice for this week: 

I refuse. I refuse to walk the road I usually do with this: Virgo neat and clean or messy but critical. Pisces la la la Neptune. The interaction between these two sides. Tidy and chaotic. Mercury mind and Neptune bliss and breeze. I refuse. Let me think up something a little more interesting. Give me a minute. 

What I sense is this:
the pressure is on.

And you will have to schedule in your Neptune moments.

I don’t know if this is more of the same old “advice” but it’s what I’m feeling here —

Virgo dominates the week, but that Full Moon in Pisces walks in the room to say:

I matter too. 

And this ignored MATTER of the matter is (in) your Pisces House!

Make sense? 

BEST part of this week is that powerful Sun Pluto trine. Your work takes on a golden hue. You’re not resentful. You’re swimming in Virgoan/Capricornian job-well-done delight.

It feels good. It is good. On top of your game you are!!!

"moon conjunct pluto"
my 2014 creation

Okay folks! I’m out for now. Find me on Facebook! We’d love to see you in the Tarot class! We start on Tuesday – it’s a six week journey into the heart of the Tarot and Tarot deck creation guidance, whether your deck is REAL or imaginary. 

That said, we DO have actual artists in there 🙂 and they ARE gonna make decks. Am I? Maybe someday. For me it’s more about the creative process and the discovery. It always is.

Still, I wonder, what would MY Empress look like?